Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson split

June 5th, 2007 // 68 Comments

reports Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have broken up. A source close to the couple says they split just before Memorial Day weekend but that “they’re still friends.” And in case you’re wondering, yes, this is just about the most boring news ever. You know what news would’ve been shocking though? If Kate Hudson ate Owen Wilson. Like with a fork and knife. Because, you know, she doesn’t seem the type. I’m just saying.

kate_hudson_gym_sports_bra_01-thumb.jpg kate_hudson_gym_sports_bra_02-thumb.jpg kate_hudson_gym_sports_bra_03-thumb.jpg kate_hudson_gym_sports_bra_04-thumb.jpg


  1. maxxjedi


  2. Lobo

    Kinda flat chested. first?

  3. Jet

    This is my first time so I’m going to say it.


  4. maxxjedi

    Now she is HOT.

  5. titsonsnack

    I forgot these two even existed, let alone the fact that they were seeing eachother.

  6. Aura


  7. gooniesneversaydie

    For the sake of humanity, please do NOT run any more pics of Britney in a her thong today.

  8. tina

    I think it’s good that she accepts her chest size and hasn’t gotten implants like all the other insecure superficial hollywood bimbos. She’s beautiful.

  9. maxxjedi

    She doesnt have a big chest but she still looks good in almost everything she wears. She was good in skeleton key.

  10. I’ll take boring over the last post any day. I’m just curious–who HASN’T Owen Wilson done?

  11. There is nothing wrong with cute little titties like that. Especially when you have a nice tight tummy, and those legs. Mmmmm, and that ass… Ohhh, she’s so…………


    Be right back. I have some cleaning up to do.

  12. Oliver Platt

    If I have to choose between reading about the Holy Trinity (Britney/ Paris/ Lindsay) and Kate Hudson, I’d go for Clorax labels. That’d make a far more interesting reading.


    GOD SUPERFISH..I think you need new writers…the whole story about eating Owen with a frork just wasn’t funny at all…

    You’ve used the same kind of stint with Brittney and her kids and some others…getting olddddddd. SNORE

  14. one792


  15. I’ve already banged her, so I don’t really care.

  16. meh

    the whole thing about her eating him had me almost falling off me chair here.

  17. I didn´t even know they were together. She is very pretty though.

  18. StarFish

    I’m glad she dumped him. His nose looks like a penis.

  19. frenchie

    Aaaw…it’s the itty titty committee. Those don’t look very fun…unless you like 14 year old boys.

  20. Adrian

    19th Wha hoo, i feel so honoured, anyway I thinks shes damn cute id give it to her if nothing was on t.v, you know what I mean uh……

  21. Fluffy Butt

    With a beak like his, I can see why she left him. Christ, I wouldn’t even be able to get through dinner with the dude without craking a nose joke.

  22. French hater

    She needs to be mouth banged with a bottle of “catchup”.

  23. RichPort

    She gets calls from every Dr 90210 in the area… just dying to shove silicon sacs under her man boobs.

  24. wedgeone

    Chris Robinson gets the last laugh today. Now who does she turn to next?

  25. giblets

    She had to break up – Owen has much better boobs these days.

  26. or, “Kate Hudson Sold Owen Wilson to Japanese Goant Squid Researchers to Be Used As Chum.”

  27. they should of stayed together,
    who wantz either one of them..
    they R so ugly, she needz to
    eat a little, maybe her titz
    would grow a bit…he needz a
    new noze, God..iz that thing
    for real? Either way, we don’t
    need either of them, their moviez

  28. Chauncey Gardner

    Wow, who would have thought that these two would ever run out of interesting things to talk about?

  29. Roop

    Kate woke up to suprise Owen with a morning hand job, it was a nosebleed to end all nosebleeds.

  30. jsimon

    I’ll say this, those abs look intense! I could bounce a quarter off of them. I mean, not that wouldn’t be the only thing I’d do, but it would be cool!

  31. wedgeone

    A little Deet and she’d have no breasts at all.

  32. Victor

    She needs tits though. Her chest looks like my 10 year old cousin.

  33. imran karim

    wowww those abs

    imran karim

  34. Jimbo ∞

    If you need to play out that one pedo fantasy that all guys have, Kate’s definitely your “girl”

  35. Josh Lavarn

    I heard she aborted his kid without telling him. Pretty classy broad.

  36. I don’t think she’s even remotely attractive. Get a boob job already.

  37. lambman

    She’s like a one-hit-wonder of acting and has been riding the wave of “Almost Famous”, and her mother’s coat-tails, for years.

  38. anonymous

    You would think that after having a couple of kids that she would have a bigger rack. She is still one hot MILF!

  39. Must be a slow pointless news day…

  40. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Hey Kate your tits just called, they were wondering how you are getting by without them.

  41. Berm maybe one day she can be on DMBS? I’d donate $1 to help get that started.

  42. Berm = Bern

    Amgry Ferret Jomes

  43. Mr. Nice Guy

    Owen and Kate had a great time.

    But then Owen had a problem. His nose was bigger than his prick and Kate’s boobs put together… and Kate could not tolerate his “Sneeze” as Cum in her….

  44. Wow! Now those are some big tits!

  45. Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Omg, she’s wearing a training bra! I had one of those when I was 11.

  46. Anexio

    Nice boycicles

  47. Anexio

    Nice boycicles

  48. lollypoop

    Ok, lets be adults now. Theres nothing wrong with small boobs.

  49. lalaland

    wooow that is one HOT tummy!

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