Kate Hudson and Dax Shephard break up

October 15th, 2007 // 62 Comments

If you decide to watch paint peel off the wall instead of reading this post, I won’t be offended. Anyway, it appears Kate Hudson is done with Dax Shephard. NY Daily News reports:

“They weren’t working out, and she got bored,” says the friend. “She’s telling people it’s a clean break.”

Uh oh, somebody put Dax Shephard on suicide watch. Aw, too soon? No? The timing is just right it’s just that nobody cares about Dax Shephard? You present a solid argument. I stand corrected.

Fun Fact: I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for granite abs and the ability to fire proton torpedoes from my nads. Yep, he was feeling generous that day. Turns out he’s got a thing for Jessica Biel bikini shots – and oddly enough Zac Efron as well. I have no idea what that’s all about.

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  1. jrzmommy

    FIRST! you smegma gulpers!

  2. RichPort

    I swear her tits must be growing backwards. She makes Hillary Duff look busty.

  3. Mr.Love

    She’s hot if you like your women to look like 12 year old boys.

  4. gotmilk?

    yeah, the weird part is that she was at the Patriots game yesterday sitting in Bob Kraft’s luxury box. I guess she’s going for the ridiculously rich old dudes now.

  5. Shallow Val

    WHORE! Fucking tramp fucking whore. I hate fucking HOLLYWOOD! GOD!!!! Nothing, NOTHING there is real. And we have dumb shits on this site that want to BE these people (albeit mostly teenagers, like Miss Universe).


  6. Ted from LA

    I never tire of the abs of steel comments… nor the chicken crossing the road joke. She’s cute. Not every small breasted woman looks like a “12 year-old boy.”

  7. P911GT10C

    Hasn’t everyone gotten the hint yet that you’re a total loser if you’re the first poster and you write “First” in it?

    #1, I’m lookin at you.

  8. Samantha Hayne

    Kate – Don’t need go for plastic surg… Juz get a pair of Good Bra to do the work. Why put yourself under the knife. If your BF or hubby complaints about your body, then he’s not a true love deer for U.

    Don’t torture yourself. U are God’s Creation. U are already beautiful, cuz U are His Creation.

  9. veggi

    8- oh for fucks sake.

  10. shes pretty

    she still looks better than whoopi goldberg… she is busty

    kate is pretty

  11. gotmilk?

    uhhh did anyone notice that skirt? just asking.

  12. David

    she is super pretty.
    i like all boobs, even little
    people that just want big sloppy ones to breast feed from maybe have sick mother issues,
    or ugly girls with big boobs who are told they are the best so they will get down on their knees.

  13. Splooge

    It has been established time and again that the biggest losers are not those who put “First” in the first post, but those who repeatedly (and I’m looking at you here) create posts about how those who post “first” are losers.

  14. isitin

    Take a look at pic 5, you can see that she is one helluva beautiful woman. Always thought she was fantastic in Almost Famous.

  15. 1MILF Hunter

    #10 – who the hell doesn’t look better than Whoopi Goldberg? She’s brutal. Kate Hudson still isn’t as good looking as her mom and she’s 60.

  16. kate is great

    she isn’t super short, has a cute round girlie butt, and a pretty feminine face.
    small tits doesn’t always mean the female looks like a little boy. i would take this over a fat big-busted lunch lady anyday.

  17. classic

    i think she looks absolutely stunning

  18. sportsdvl

    Actually, #13 you are even more lame than #1 for defending the idiotic practice of being excited about being the first poster. But, then again, your name “splooge” says all that needs to be said about you.

  19. gino

    I like Goldie in ” Death Becomes Her ” that was a fun movie
    kate is cute

  20. gotmilk?

    14, after taking a look at picture #5, i noticed she she has on more make up then Xtina, it’s just made to look natural.

    i love the pictures of her without make up. it looks like a different person than the Kate Hudson we see all the time.

  21. classic

    i think she looks absolutely stunning

  22. love her

    she looks like an angel,
    she might not have big sloppy ones like most average joes like to ogle, but shes prob doesn’t care about being ogled by the average joe.

  23. Sam Hain

    I’ve always thought she was hot. Does that mean I’m secretly attracted to 13-year-old boys? Maybe, maybe not. Doesn’t matter, I don’t have hangups like all of you.

  24. what xtina what?

    uuuh what #20???? no one could ever wear more makeup than that clown rat.
    kate has had close ups in many movies in which her makeup is very minimal… she is still pretty unlike that bow-legged wigger ho.

  25. classic

    before her nose job, though, she looked more like supermodel gemma. the round and relatively flat quality of her nose complemented the wideset, slightly puffy eyes. maybe head-on a globular nose looks better than an angular one, but at 3/4 profile, there’s no comparison.

  26. classic

    i said that in reverse order…

  27. SouthAfricanHottie

    NOLLYWOOD has more interesting people than hollywood

    Nollywood is the nigerian;s hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i like her face

    i think wideset eyes are a good thing. it is a feminine feature, good for beauty models.

  29. Janice

    It’s funny that people are finding “FIRST!” to be the possibly objectionable part of #1′s comment…

  30. Britney S.

    #28 then you must think I’m the most beautiful!

  31. isitin

    #27, you I think are brain dead. Name a “Nigerian” prettier than Kate.

  32. PunkA

    I’d hit that hardcore. She has a wild streak I’d love to see. Bet she is a tornado in the sack.

  33. gotmilk?

    24, yeah that’s called “special effects”

    i merely made an observation. you can’t deny that’s a lot of shit on her face in picture #5.


  34. Nikky Raney

    she is my favorite flat chested actress ♥

  35. Nips

    Sure she doesn’t have on as much eye make-up as Christina, but Kate is definitely giving her a run for her money in the foundation department.

  36. jiltedjlover

    ….and I don’t give a shit. Nice to know you inherited your Mommy’s “good-god-shoot-her-in-the-head-if-she-doesn’t-stop” annoying fucking smile. Kurt must have finger banged you while your old-assed Mother napped again.

  37. can't beat xtina

    uuuh no way in hell anyone could TOUCH Christina in the excessive foundation department. i saw xtina get her makeup done on mtv diaries a while back. xtina mess is orange tooo. ick.

  38. Chip N' Dip

    Why does she have makeup on her chest? And why does she look like she’s aged 10 years since the last few pics I’ve seen of her? Anyways, think I will go watch paint peel off the walls ‘cus she is pretty boring…and her taste in men is awful! Blech!

  39. TS

    How has that been established time and again? I wouldn’t go as far as calling them losers, but I would say they are completely unoriginal.

    But honestly, why would you defend citing the obvious?

  40. Miss Universe

    She looks so lady-like and elegant. God, I want to do her so bad!!

  41. yesteryear

    She does not have to have breast to be pretty!

    This girl looks more natural then a lot of girls I see everyday!

    Good for her for not indulging Hollywood & going with implants!

  42. They were dating?

  43. havoc

    LOL…..who the fuck is Dax Shepherd?


  44. geek

    I think Dax Shepherd is a symbiot that accidentally joined with a dog.

  45. Is he from Dax and Jackster, cuz my kid has that playstation game.

  46. Auntie Kryst

    I bet Chris Robinson is laughing his ass off. She just can’t find a dude better than he was. Black Crowes, I dig ‘em, a very good band!

  47. Riotboy


  48. igroovin

    she goes through men like their nothing…how does she do that to her daughter?

  49. hahahaha

    Haha! Her daughter. good one.

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