Madonna terrifies Kate Hudson

June 1st, 2009 // 55 Comments

Thanks to her new relationship with Alex Rodriguez, Kate Hudson cowered in fear from Madonna when the two attended the Veuve Clicquot’s Manhattan Polo Classic on Saturday, according to NY Daily News:

“Kate was completely intimidated by Madonna,” said one guest. “She clearly didn’t want trouble and decided to keep a low profile for the rest of the match.”
Said a second guest, “I didn’t even see Kate Hudson again after Madonna arrived. She ran away! But if I were dating Madonna’s ex, I’d be scared, too!”
While Hudson hung out in the back of the tent, Madonna rocked her royal status. After showing up in a black Mercedes-Benz with several NYPD escorts, she held court with boy toy Jesus Luz, her kids Rocco Ritchie and David Banda, as well as pals Marc Jacobs, Lorenzo Martone and photographer Steven Klein.
“Madonna literally didn’t care,” said a third eyewitness.
“She showed up with no makeup, a dowdy [denim] outfit and her hair pulled up in a ponytail. She doesn’t need to compete with Kate, because she will always be Queen Bee.”

Of course, it’s completely understandable to be terrified of Madonna. I mean, Christ, one look at her death hands, and I not only shit my pants, but the pants of everyone in our office. Which wasn’t easy. First, I had to get a gun, then wait forever for people to drop trou, then convince everyone I have an evil twin. Freaking annoying.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Gerald_Tarrant

    Madonna terrifies me just by looking like a living mummy.

  2. Richard McBeef

    Why would she be afraid of that old tired crypt keeper? you pretty much got madonna beat as long as you have nice tits and an ass. oh wait…. nevermind.

  3. lizspy

    I’m pretty sure Madonna is a member of the undead

  4. That little sneaky slut Kate Hudson needs a good probe, wonder if Nimrod can put that lip gloss down for a minute to execute…

  5. I would feel sooooo fucking gyped if I ever took off Kate Hudson’s shirt…

  6. Some dude

    Comparing these two is a crime. Madonna looks like she is living on borrowed time. Kate Hudson is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful women on the planet.

    Kate Hudson = Drink her bath water

    Madonna = Kill it with fire

  7. Lloyd Johnson

    Obviously while she was shooting up A-rod some of the steroids spilled on her hands.

  8. Lloyd Johnson

    “She showed up with no makeup, a dowdy [denim] outfit and her hair pulled up in a ponytail.”

    I dunno. In Jersey that means “ready to fight”. I don’t care how rich she is, you know the phrase, “You can take the girl out of the ghetto…”

  9. chango666

    RichPort’s Ghost @ #6 . . not to worry, you never will . . .

    Next, Madonna is such a skank ho that who gives a flying f*## what she does . . .

  10. Crabby Old Guy

    Again I ask, where are the snipers?

  11. I Am Canadian

    WTF happened to Madonna’s face??

  12. mikeock

    She has hands like a brick mason, only less feminine.

  13. meee

    i think you mean “drop trou” not stop.

    jesus get an editor

  14. What’s up with Madonna’s hands? FREAKY

  15. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Until Kate starts stealing babies from Africa, she’s OK with me. Madonna’s a fucking freak who ought to be locked up. This is what happens when not so talented people make shit tons of money from a fizzled out career, so the only personal gratification they get is to steal the babes of Africa. Hey Madonna, Angelina and you other rich bitches… try taking a kid out of Philly and raise him as your own, better yet how about right down the street in South Central LA. Stay away from Africa, believe me, better people are taking care of the children there, instead of fucked up in the head celebrities.

  16. Jeb

    those are 60 year old farmers hands.

  17. Tad Bit Psycho

    Yo #16 the “people” in Africa are starving and dying of AIDS you hyper-melanic retard.
    Why are our police escorting celebrites now? Oh yeah, that’s how capitalism works, they are the new royalty. The hereditary/ethnically indigenous royalty has been replaced (by the swine) by the new chosen. Awesome!
    Let it burn!

  18. She's BOOGLY

    OH. MY. GOD. That’s maWHOREa? She looks like a pudgy, nasty ass 65 year old man. No wonder her ex wanted out of their marriage; I’d kill myself if I had to wake up to THAT every morning…

  19. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Yo #18 I understand kids are dying in Africa I’ve been there, all I’m saying is there are organizations there that are helping, why not just donate. Taking a child out of its home and heritage just sounds detrimental, so what if it saves them from starvation. Although I still believe in what Sam Kinison said “Don’t send them money, send them luggage because its a fucking desert, you see this… this is sand nothing will ever grow here…”

  20. alex

    If her hands are any indication, her pooter must look like a sharpei….sexy

  21. kingofbeer

    Hey it’s Christopher Walken… oh wait… Sorry Chris my bad.

  22. whatthehellisgoingonhere


  23. Truth Doctor

    Madonna is a crazy whacked-out bitch. I’d be scared of her too. It’s always the insane ones that have super human strength and need to feed on flesh.

  24. dontlooknow

    Let’s consider for a moment that maybe Kate was just avoiding Madonna as a precaution against ugly infection.
    You can get as much botox and lipo and tummy tucks as you want; but so far I haven’t heard of any operation to take that grandma look out of your hands.

  25. The Plastic Surgeon

    I gave her and Rourke the same chin.

  26. grover

    “Madonna’s always changing and reinventing herself”

    - this time it’s a hag

  27. LPB

    You have to remember to get the same chemical peels on the backs of your hands as you do one your face.

    Madonna obviously forgot.

  28. Kate

    Holy shit this posting and all the reader comments are hilarious! I have tears rolling down my face right now. You are all awesome!!

  29. RaraAvis

    “Madonna…will always be Queen Bee” – hahahaha! Hilarious! She’s never been a queen bee, just a pop singer who will do anything for attention. Oh, and by the way, Kate, if you’re going to be skeered of every woman A-Rod has ever f**ked, you might want to move out to a different continent.

  30. I think Madonna has done a good job. I never seen such a lady who still can dance and full of enthusiasm. I think we should appreciate her for whatever she is doing.

  31. yep, I’m sure now.
    IT’S GONE TO HER HEAD, folks!!

  32. Kate Hudson is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful women on the planet.

  33. The other plastic surgeon

    Picture #3 cheek implants clearly visible…

  34. Of course, wearing tons of makeup, Madonna , but doing the no makeup look. So old. From last summer. Kate Hudson needs to go away, Hollywood nepotism as it’s finest.

    In real world, cashier at local book store or TGIF. Not special.

  35. William

    Looks like she left her choppers in the glass on the nightstand

  36. Lisa

    Madonna is a gross and nasty looking 50 yr old woman.

  37. His Huge Greatness Himself

    What a pussy whip this Kate Hudson! I have my ways to grow such kind of girls balls.Normally i’ve these girls thrown from an 60-store building.Having them land in a small bathtub,always unharmed.

  38. Nero

    @38 He’s not always as bad as you might think! Many time he shows his mercy!

  39. Quinn

    She’s going all whacko Jacko on us. Soon her nose will be falling off.

  40. Mr. Jones

    Manos – hands of fate

  41. bo

    oh shut up,and stop photoshoped madonan pics in the bad way.i have thispic and madonna doesnt look like that at all.u guys are ridiculous.madonan doesnt care about kate.she just doesnt care.she was always like that.and madonan is sexy not kate.kate is so so,adonna is fierce,full of energy and i garanty that her hands doenst look like that or her face.she had cheeck implants but when she decide she will remove them .madonna has amazing eyes at least she looks good for a 50 eyars old woman that doesnt uses make up.natural,madonna is rebel,she always was,thats because of her cool atittude that she still so relevante and breaking records all the years.kate sucks,she is ugly,madonan was sexy and still ahve a nice body and she has no wrinkles at all.she is making an expression and u guys post the worst pic.i saw her live and she looks young and fresh

  42. brunoo

    her hands are not like that at all,and she works out,and everybody taht works out have veins in their least her face and her bodyyyyyyyyyyylooks fine.look at her last clip give it 2 me or 4 minutes

  43. boADS

    women are so jealous.ur getting ridiculous.everymen wants to do madonna.she is sexy as hell.she has attitude,she is hipnotic eyes,kate????she is disgusting,ugly.madonna is more interesting.and she doesnt look like that.she has a perfect body.stop saying bad things about not her fans but i saw her and she looks very young and cool.and poeople should respct her

  44. robert

    I hate Kate Hudson, no talent, no sex-appeal. Madonna owns greet career.

  45. robert

    I hate Kate Hudson, no talent, no sex-appeal. Madonna owns greet career.

  46. ll

    the over produced baby voice bubblegum music and Madonna’s senior citizen face no longer go together.

  47. def

    madonna is the best.well done madonna.donr waistur time with kate

  48. jes

    ahahaha this post make me laught.kate is such a loser.weak woman.yeah madonan kick her.

  49. james

    akhaha.kate kate!!u are such a weak woman.well done

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