Kate Hudson & A-Rod? Okay, sure.

May 19th, 2009 // 41 Comments

Kate Hudson is apparently cool with Madonna’s leftovers. She was spotted helping Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez work on his batting average. In her vagina. (Sports humor! Catch it!) Page Six reports:

The blond, Los Angeles-born actress — who met A-Rod at the reopening of the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach last November — was photographed at Friday’s game, cheering on the Bronx Bombers at the new Yankee Stadium.
But the real action came later that night at Mustang Grill on Second Avenue. Our source said a bartender at the Southwestern joint at 85th Street “was asking patrons not to go in the back room around 1 a.m. because A-Rod and Kate Hudson were back there making out.”

I love how Page Six reports about celebrity hook-ups like they’re talking to you in study hall: “A-Rod and Kate were totally Frenching, you guys!” I mean, Jesus, just once I’d appreciate some realistic, honest reporting. Something along the lines of “Alex Rodriguez was caught dry humping Kate Hudson on a salad bar last night forcing them to drop gold coins on the floor and fly out the window on a magic carpet because they’re stupid rich.”

See? It’s like you’re almost there.

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  1. nugs


  2. whatever

    Boring. Liv Tyler is gorgeous.

  3. Jay

    What a beauty!! Jeez she cleans up nice. What could she possibly see in A Rod?

  4. So he gave her “a rod”? HAHAHAHAHAHA…

  5. Jammy

    “if it moves, fuck it!”

  6. Youknow

    A-Rod has hit a home run in every game since Friday, so it is safe to say this rumor is totally true.

  7. Galtacticus

    I start to understand that this celebitchy world is just a dating club.

  8. dirk

    That titless little whore sure gets around.

  9. I guess A-Rod is not a boob man….

  10. alex

    Wow, A-Rod is really overcompensating. all those steroids must have shrunk his nards to the size of raisins so he’s trying to bang every white girl he can lay his fingers in…er…I meant on.

  11. Poor Little Ryder

    She ought to just go ahead and tie a mattress on her back for convenience.

  12. Yeah

    Does this mean Rod’s going to try to kill himself soon? ‘Cause while I might have welcomed such an attempt during, say, the ’06 playoffs, now would really not be a great time.

  13. Uh

    Wonder if he’s taken her backdoor slider deep yet.

  14. A-rod? thats kinda tacky aint it! so when does she move him in with the kid?

  15. Nice pic

    I thought it was Bar Refaeli at first, they look quite alike from this angle

  16. Krassy McKrass

    Well, apparently A Rod has bigger boobs than most because of the steriods so I guess he doesn’t need large ones on his lady. I also heard that steroids shrank him so it’s like dropping a pebble down the Grand Canyon.

  17. dirk


    What gave it away, her complete absence of tits?

  18. Good skin. nice smile too

  19. Good skin. nice smile too

  20. alfalfa

    I knew A-Rod was gay. First Skeletor Madonna and now the titless lady.

  21. She's a parent?

    She’s helping the economy by employing a stable of nannies to take care of “my love, my reason for being” (Kate’s words, not mine) SON.

    Awesome mommy.

  22. mike

    This chick gets around.

  23. Jeff

    man this chick has been tagged by everyone.

  24. This has the potential to be so interesting.

  25. grobpilot

    Who’s the dead-eyed troll dressed in black?

  26. he’s moving on up

    from his ugly wife to madonna to her

    he got the hint

  27. She is a dirty little whore in my opinion. She had one good movie. Where is her kid btw?

    He is a hopeless, closeted homo, overcompensating for something.

    He should date a batting coach.

  28. smarg

    So, she likes ‘roided negro pee pees now? Eew.

  29. Duke Steele

    With the way they screw around, I can’t decide whose the bigger whore, Hudson or Douche Barrymore

  30. Howard Johnson

    Isnt that Claudia in the background?

  31. zognor: ruler of lizards

    That photo of the threesome is absolutely horrifying. Also, zognor questions the chickdowntown shoe sechs going on in all the ads. Why the human females liking the oral with their shoes?

  32. skankees

    That can’t be true. A-Rod is a total turd burglar.

  33. Anyway we must recommend the biggest LOSER in hollywood for her, folks!!
    ………………..WHO’s NOT?

  34. click for more fun

  35. lizzy

    ah i love her, she’s so beautiful.

    but… quite an eclectic taste in men.

  36. idoancare

    Man she gets around. Owen Wilson and now this? Whose next , Pee Wee Herman?

  37. Just_As_it_Is

    Can’t decide who’s the ugliest bitch in Hollywood, if this one right here or Sarah Jessica Parker. But they can get the 1st place prize anytime


  38. Tripod

    Just don’t get the appeal

  39. K-Kool

    The rumor is true. My wife and I were out eating dinner and saw the two paired up. No making out though :-). Oh yea……. We were @ a resturant (Al Biernat’s) in Dallas !!!!!

  40. goldie

    she scrapes the bottom of the barrel a little harder each and every day

  41. It is to help the economy by employing a stable of nannies to care for the “Cause I love my country, for being” (Kate words, not mine) son.

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