Kate Gosselin’s panties. This is happening.

July 21st, 2009 // 145 Comments

Well, this was bound to happen. Here’s Kate Gosselin sitting outside her home in Reading, Pa. yesterday giving the paps a clear shot up her skirt. For those of you keeping score at home, all that’s left for Kate now is a nipple slip followed by a sex tape. Which is why at this juncture I’d like to point out that I live in Pennsylvania and drink a lot so kids don’t really bother me. They’re sort of like happy little kickballs on my way to the fridge. Or the bedroom… (Kate, call me.)

NOTE: Pics link to LSFW version of an area that thanks God everyday for whoever invented the C-section.

Photos: Flynet

  1. John Holmes

    I’d hit that.

    …what? who?….ummmm….I change my mind.

  2. John Holmes

    I’d hit that.

    …what? who?….ummmm….I change my mind.

  3. dink squeeze

    I see she bought her kids the “game called LIFE” since they have never had a real life they might as well play the board game version.

  4. quake

    Farewell lunch, it was nice knowing you.

  5. Randal's Rectum

    Good to see divorce hasn’t kept our Kate away from her journey to “fashion forward”, with this simple, but elegant frock accentuated by that hat! Can you say “groovy”? Don’t get my started on those kicky sandals!

    Well, gotta go. Bleaching appt. at 4!

    Ta Ta for now!

    Randal’s Rectum!

  6. Kimberly

    I think that’s a very pink penis.

  7. Annie Likes Anal

    Hey 49. could you imagine what Kate’s period would be like, with all the little brats she shot out of that meat hole. Reminds me of that elevator scene from The Shining.

  8. Kelley

    OK, let me clue you in, Phish … every day should only be one word when used as an adjective.

    1. Shopping is an everyday thing.
    2. I go shopping every day.

    Sites like this, although I enjoy The Superficial, aren’t made any better by trashy editing …

  9. Kelley

    And besides … has anyone EVER seen this fame-whore smile, ever ?? once ?? The way she’s always looking right at the paparazzi out of the corners of her eyes ?? I think she loves the sick attention.

  10. gotmilk?

    3, do you honestly think she popped those kids out of her vagina?

  11. abby

    Kate- drink your expensive water and be glad Jon is gone. xoxoxo

  12. Rupert

    Why none of the hottie sitting next to her?

  13. mary

    She has pink panties on you idiot.

  14. Someone help me with this concept. Why does a picture with a woman’s panties slightly on view rate a censorship star and a picture of the same woman in a bikini not rate a star?

  15. Ananana

    @20, fucking don’t use my name!! what the fuck??

    @all the rude douches: not that owe any of you an apology, but yeah, “payed buy” was VERY VERY bad. I’m very embarrassed right now… Will the fact that I was at work and distracted make it better?

  16. budashes

    nobody wants to see this.

  17. Green Is Good

    1) At least she has enough class to wear panties; and

    2) I actually like that cute sun dress she’s wearing.

    *Flees for the exit*

  18. dirk

    I’d like to get a peek at those milkers.

  19. Walter

    Behold! Vagzilla.

  20. misuse of stars

    Has fish lost his eyesight? First who cares, but second is Fish just putting stars on things now for the hell of it? – Stars for T-shirts and armpits!

  21. Kristen

    I really don’t understand why they continue to hang out in front of their house where the paparazzi can see them when they have a HUUUGE backyard and acres and acres of land. Why not go somewhere that they can’t see you? They must really love the attention even if it’s negative.

  22. Oh no you ditint. That girl has some stuff goin on!

  23. Kate who? You might as well just start posting porn.

  24. Lightw8t

    STOP posting Kate GROSSelin

  25. Schadenfreudelicious

    Who gives a shit about Kate’s panties..and all you “eight babies came out of there”. posters…..um. noooooooo…do you really think she pushed 6 plus 2 outta the ole vajayjay???…its called a c-section people!…no one gives birth to 6 babies naturally…..that said, she is still a bitch…:)

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  28. Rose

    I don’t know who this celebrity is (even though I see her face on magazine covers while in the supermarket); however I am very interested in the identity of the person writing this site. There is no way of saying whether or not he is joking or truthful on his claim of living in Pennsylvania, but it would not surprise me. Leave it to an east coaster to be clever and and at the same time vicious in his observance of pop culture entertainers. I barely care for these celebrities, but I read the site for his witty responses (though some comments are outlandish and down right cruel.) Okay, this is my Sherlock Homes research result on the writer of The Superficial. He is a man in his 30′s, a former Catholic, of Asian decent, and has a serious relationship already. And he is not joking about drinking often (or at least when he does he binge drinks.) He majored in journalism but this site is so successful that consumes all his time. And I deeply enjoy his charisma. He keeps me laughing. Post more on Uma, Johnny, and even though rare stars with that allure of old Hollywood glamour. I’m loyal to your site; keep it above the belt though. These people are human too (douches and whores, but human none the less.)

  29. DCMikeRotch

    Like a bulldog in a burlap sack.

  30. Really?

    Hey is all that true Rose? interesting. He must enjoy all of the negative Asian comments posted – cause there are a lot! Ha – he’s making money of all the ethnocentric troglodytes – Sweet!

  31. itdontmatterbut

    Alright, usually I don’t care about posting stuff because who really cares? But this is just a woman sitting outside with her kids. Jesus H, she’s not giving anyone a shot of shit, just sitting outside with her kids.

  32. Really?


  33. .

    OMG check in the bag!! she bought a life!

  34. Guy Rossi

    I don’t care what anyone says shes atrractive. I’d do her. Its prob why shes such a control freak. She just needs a good one.

  35. yup

    I agree with 83 – I mean she’s just sitting on her front porch for god’s sake, can’t people do that without getting jumped on? – I would hate to have to monitor where I go ALL the time b/c of the paps,and she’s just eating – big whoop

  36. Oscar

    Who is this homeless yunkie?

  37. fred

    FIRST to call CAMEL TOE

    Do you see it?

    or is it a MOOSE?

  38. yo

    The homeless junkie is in front of a mansion… I want to be homeless like she’s homeless

  39. Beavis

    Oh… *heave* good fucking lord… oh god *heave* Why would you do this to us, Superficial Writer? ugh *heave*… giant flapping beef curtains slung up only by granny panties. Fuck! You’ve ruined barbeque season!

  40. Beavis

    oh, and @ 80, die.

  41. Kill Fish Dude

    I love this site, and I come here everyday to look at the pixs, but Fish Dude you have stooped to an all time low with this picture. Now, go and get your head out of the gutter and repent.

  42. anyone else notice?

    Hey the Gossleings must get great or rather a lot of responses b/c I’ve seen this pic b/4 on this site and Fish keeps moving it up to the top of the website interesting.

  43. Annie Likes Anal

    Christ. Texas Tranny must be creamin’ in her pretty panties right now.

  44. Anexio

    Bitch has had like 64 children and they all have slantty eyes and eat with sticks.

  45. Ljutefisk


  46. sandra

    If the media would leave her alone we wouldn’t be looking at her under wear, at least she wears some.Kate you keep up the good work.

  47. thenastyone

    I would lick and beat that puss up for hours and I would love to be kissin and suckin on those sexy ass toes and feet also

  48. ReallyObeseBlackMan

    Why they keep on showin’ dis beezy? I mean shit, she aint done a damn thing but pop out eight kids and my girl Shenequa already done that….and with ten different guys!!

    Oh…and my name is not ReallyObeseBlackMan it’s ReallyBlackObeseMan!!

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