Kate Gosselin’s panties. This is happening.

July 21st, 2009 // 145 Comments

Well, this was bound to happen. Here’s Kate Gosselin sitting outside her home in Reading, Pa. yesterday giving the paps a clear shot up her skirt. For those of you keeping score at home, all that’s left for Kate now is a nipple slip followed by a sex tape. Which is why at this juncture I’d like to point out that I live in Pennsylvania and drink a lot so kids don’t really bother me. They’re sort of like happy little kickballs on my way to the fridge. Or the bedroom… (Kate, call me.)

NOTE: Pics link to LSFW version of an area that thanks God everyday for whoever invented the C-section.

Photos: Flynet

  1. kiki

    not news. certainly not hot. why do we care about her? gross.

  2. timbo

    She now resorting to Spears/Lohan antics? Soon she’ll be busting out the coke and Starbucks.

  3. Ananana

    @1, because this isnt a porn site.

    jesus leathery christ, lady, 8 kids came out of there, put it away!

  4. Randal's Dick

    Don’t let these media hounds flabbergast you Kate. You have mass appeal now and have the right to look sexy, you go girl. On that note, what in the fuck are you wearing?

    My best,
    Randal’s Dick.

  5. mckinzzzz

    Agreed – Who cares…blah

  6. Ananana

    oh, and TSW, there are things that should NEVER be zoomed. this is a great example.

  7. fearsarewishes

    Now we know who has the balls in this family.

  8. ae

    How do they get these shots? I thought they owned a huge private property

  9. The Jerk

    Unfortunately I have to wait till I get home to see her mangina.. Would anyone be willing to do a MSPaint drawing of what is down there and send it to me while Im eating my roast beef sandwich, Id appreciate it!!

  10. DP Trainer

    She’s got full panties.

  11. Ananana

    @8, yea, they do, payed buy The TV People, who are entitled to take pics of her crotch.


    Do you guys generally find panty-flashes interesting after having already seen celebrities in bikinis?

  13. #11 – What the fucking huh? Ahm knot evin shure ur naym iz spelt rite…

  14. dk

    @eva Its something to look at, just like watching your father ass fuck you. Harmless entertainment. Oh, and tell your mom I lied, I never found either condom Saturday night!

  15. Holy Skull-Fucked Mohamed Batman!!!

    Now I’ll never be able to finish my pork rinds!

  16. Yes Eva, panties >> bathing suit bottoms. Except in this case.. lol granny pannies!!!

  17. Polk

    Granny panties.

    Bitch, stop parading around in front of the cameras and raise those frigging kids.

  18. Eva

    @14 DK: Wow, I guess you are speaking from experience.

    @16: I guess I would never fully understand why flashes would be more interesting than seeing the whole panty altogether.

  19. karma


    I bet having sex with this woman is like throwing a HOTDOG down a HALLWAY.

  20. Ananana

    Hey #13 – Shut The Fuck Up. Do you understand that?

  21. sam

    Crap post, who cares about panties, who cares about Kate Gosselins panties. Am I missing something or is the superficial giving this more attention than it deserves (it deserves none, non-story, non-issue, just some old moms underwear).

    Pictures like this are the reason that paparazzi contribute nothing to society, should all be put on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic and have the boat sink.

  22. Somebody out there thinks she’s hot, I guarantee it. There are a lot of men that would love to take her hubby’s place.

  23. JustAnotherCracker


    Alright I feel a little better…but really please stop man, please! These people are just like any other “reality” stars…if you don’t encourage them they’ll go away.

  24. #20 – Whoa there sweetcheeks… don’t get mad at me during your moment of clarity… you’ve wasted what could have been a productive few seconds.

  25. dk

    @18 Yeah but the video was a little grainy maybe you and your pops could reshoot and maybe incorporate a fist or two! Ill pay!

  26. I often feared I would not live to see this day. Kate Gosselins ratty bloomers.

    @ 12 Eva – I guess the panties are supposed to be a secret. Or they used to be. They show you the bikini on purpose. @ 16 – Yeah, ideally the wind just blows their skirt up over their head for 10 minutes.

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  28. fearsarewishes


    “payed buy”??? FUCKING “payed buy”???

    You are too fucking dumb to live you filthy cunt. I command you to die now. Sorry, I meen, i komand u two dye new.

    Thank you.

  29. Serwin

    SOOOOOOO what. Everybody has a comment on her panties while Jon her soon to be ex is acting like a stud in heat instead of a dad of eight. It seems to me shes the one who is doing everything while Jon can go wild. And by the way Jon no one feels sorry for you. You deserve to get BURNED and i am looking forward to that day and Kate you deserve a REAL man. Your a beautiful lady and your taking care of your kids and dogs. my PRAYERS are with you and the kids.

  30. The Jerk

    @28..leave Ananana alone!! Just because she’s from a 3rd world poverty stricken country who still uses Prodigy dialup internet and only has access to two websites to help streghten her english skills; superficial and porhub doesnt doesnt mean she needs to be judged for her shitty spelling and grammar, it just means shes a fucking idiot…hehe.

  31. sunshine

    @28 ~ I salute you!

  32. #28 & 30 – Caaaaaaaaareful… she’ll reply to your snipes with errant capitalizations and potty mouthedness…

  33. The Jerk

    Oh boy I need to proof read my shit before I click send while Im watching midget porn..got a little too excited on that joke I wrote.

  34. Maggie

    Does this woman ever eat inside?!

  35. big teeth

    @23 it’s the law of supply and demand… as long as people are buying magazines (or visiting websites) with these photos paps will be able to sell them.

    Normally bad things happening to stupid people make me happy.. but in this case the dark future for those kids kind of takes the fun out of it.

  36. lolaphalangee

    Are you freaking kidding me??? The woman is NOT parading around, ignoring her kids! She’s sitting on her own front step WITH her child!!!!! Talk about ridiculous. She’s not my favorite person by far, but she’s at her own home, she could walk around outside naked if she wanted! You people need to get a life!

  37. BH

    Why, oh, why is she sitting on her front steps, her stoop, when they have such a lovely back patio (as we have seen) and acres of land? Could it be that she just wants and needs that attention? Oh, I think so. It would not surprise me a bit if she was giving a little panty shot to the paps on purpose. Not your upstanding Christian-type modesty-filled mommy. Yes, Lola, she could walk around naked on her own property if she wanted to…and almost has (noting that awful butt shot in her bikini we saw) and so could you or I. The thing is I probably wouldn’t do that, would you, if I was soooooo very concerned with the paps sitting at my front gate and was very much aware of how many pictures were being taken of me. Just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    She’s sleazy, she’s greasy, both personality-wise and looks. I used to be a fan of Jon’s because he seemed to actually like his own kids, but now…. I’m sick of all of them.

  38. I’ve isolated one of the problems. Her cankles are making me nauseous. Looks like stuffed dummy legs.

  39. What the fuck..? I just realized she’s feeding her kids dog food, and not even the good shit! At least some Iam’s would make their coats shiny and keep their breath from smelling like dog biscuits… I mean, what does she use if they get fleas? A fucking flame thrower???

  40. Wow!

    Boy are the boys on the prowl today or what?

    Or is that prowel?



    C’mon guys, help me out here!

    HEE HEE!

  41. manoaboy

    Is her wedding ring still on?

  42. Dread not

    There are few things as sweet as watching somebody get a taste of the fame drug. They find out they love it, get hooked on it and will do anything to keep it… ANYTHING! And if there is even the slightest inkling that that sweet, cloud 9, mind numbing, emotion massaging, reality softening nectar will dry up, the tactics some will resort to to keep it flowing become more and more extreme. So go on, Kate, break out the thong bikini bottoms and the cotton white t-shirt. Your mini-van is awfully dirty. He, he, he.

  43. Jooosh

    Why did you star out her underwear? Why don’t you star out her whole body when she’s just wearing a bikini?

    Is it possible to make less sense?

  44. You know what I hate? I hate that everyone is so media savvy, they know how to manipulate the media in order to create buzz…who the hell is trying to peek into a butcher chop….

  45. Clamhammer

    Nope, didn’t do it. Didn’t unstar the picture, and I’m a better man for it, I can feel it in my heart. Wait, what’s this? A delivery for me? A box of chocolate and some flowers? How sweet, lemme read the card..” Thank you for sparing my life, You are truly worthy of many years of my services. Yours truly, Penis.
    You’re welcome penis.

  46. Wow!

    (That was me LOL’ing) That was great.

  47. Dread not

    @ 44. ROUGH daddy – July 21, 2009 1:36 PM

    You know what I hate? I hate that everyone is so media savvy, they know how to manipulate the media in order to create buzz…who the hell is trying to peek into a butcher chop….

    Agreed. Though it’s not trying to necessarily get a glimpse of Kate’s clone chute. It’s watching the crazy antics that those who want “the buzz” will engage in. Between the fame and the money at stake for The Gosselin’s, the really crazy/entertaining and wild shit is still to come.

    For the record. I was serious about the thong and white t-shirt.

  48. Marsha

    Seriously, this is just a mama eating outside with her children. This is sick. If I had cameras around me and my children, you’de see a boob slip out doing laundry or a bad angle running after children.

    Leave her alone. Take down this post. I get the joke but this is just a mama in her day, leave her alone.

  49. It is obvious to me the poor gal is on her period… she is wearing a belt and pad…

  50. so many people can down kate and talk bad about her. well I think she is a good mom and jon is a big Hoooooo. To the people who talk about her panties I think you wish you had what shes got. I say she is a hot ass mom of 8 and jon is a low life dad.

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