Kate Gosselin’s Magical Marriage Contract

May 20th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Kate Gosselin apparently loves her reality show gravy train so much, she gave Jon Gosselin a contract allowing him to date other women provided they act like a happy family on TV. Her own brother Kevin and wife Jodi are disgusted by the arrangement and came forward to Radar Online:

Kate had presented Jon with a contract that laid out the aforementioned circumstances in explicit detail. She said Jon was taken aback by Kate’s bluntness in terminating the relationship.
Kevin Kreider said Jon has told him he can have girlfriends, do his own thing and has the freedom to do what he wants [on] certain days — so long as he fulfills his professional obligations in regards to the show.
Jodi said both ignored their marital problems to keep the show’s ratings high, and that it takes many people to pull off the ruse of showcasing their dysfunctional marriage as a happy one for the cameras.
“This is a train wreck,” Jodi said.

Based on these photos, it looks like Kate’s taking full advantage of the agreement. Shit, she’s taking her kid to the dentist in a leather jacket and mini-skirt. I thought these were simple, God-fearing people from Pennsylvania, but more importantly, where do I get one of those contracts? The date anyone I like dealie. Not that I plan on getting married or anything, I just like having an ace in the hole.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Mr. Jones

    I’m shocked. I’m shocked that the characters of a “reality” show end up, in real life, as being vapid fame whores who totally shrivel up in the limelight. And then they complain about people making comments about them, and not respecting their “privacy” (ummmmm, you sold your “privacy” like a prostitute a long time ago, morons). I’m shocked that they lack the mental and emotional capacity to live life as normal human beings.

    And have I made the point yet that trading your dignity in for money is something hookers do? But then I would be disrespecting street walkers who actually make an honest living and don’t pretend to be anything else than what they are.

  2. meg

    “Having an open marriage is not always a bad or gross thing. I just wish they would be honest about it on the show and not try to pretend that they are something they aren’t.”


  3. It’s gonna cost a fortune in therapy for all eight of those little cloned fuckers.

  4. fran

    This bitch who grew up daughter of a minister in a trailer park knows where the easy money is. It’s in the naive middle class churchgoer’s hands and it’s like taking candy from a baby to get it……. Get the kids to sing “Jesus Loves Me” a couple of times, drop Christianity here and there, mention that you go to church, play ” poor me”and the Jesus freaks come running with wads of cash to give you. She’s played them like a fiddle from the start when the children were born at her 1st house . Her scam is completely calculated. She’s always on the road hustling money from those who do not know any better.

  5. Father Timothy

    I want to see her sell Open Marriage to people who like to sit in thier own pew.

  6. Nate

    @54 You hit the nail on the head! This bitch saw a gravy train in the making and she cashed in on it. She pimps her kids for cash and they should all be taken away from her sick ass. Make no mistake though, Jon isn’t any better. He’s a piece of garbage too. I hope all her devoted supporters now see her for who she really is. It disgusts me to know that there are so many people that work hard to raise their kids and never ask for a single handout. That is all this bitch has been getting since the start of thes how…free shit. I hope they pull the show off the air and I hope she loses every cent. Kate you’re nothing but a fucking douchebag and a shitty mom!

  7. Beavis

    who gives a fuck what she’s wearing. she’s still a sick bitch.

  8. Good for her

    Their marriage never appeared happy, and she came off as a high strung witch.

    Besides all that, good for her kicking him to the curb. With a family of that size they are undoubtedly under stress. If he can’t keep it in his pants when times get tough then I really don’t blame her. She doesn’t need another child to watch over.

  9. Rebecca

    I so called this months ago! Watch ten minutes of the show and you know they hate each other and she loves the cameras. Of course she’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her happy family appearance on TV and keep the dough rolling in.

  10. Io

    that woman is bat shit crazy. and greedy. and a bitch. no wonder he wanted different pootang

  11. I agree with #19

    For the people who say she is exploiting her children and husband…. ummm, what the — …?? Is it not BOTH her AND her husband exploiting THEIR children?

    As for this little contract she drew up… this has been their livelihood for however many years, and both Kate and Jon are benefiting from this new arrangement. As single parents how else are they going to support 8 kids and still maintain their lifestyle? I’m quite certain Jon’s day job won’t pay for their educations and spousal support for his unemployed wife.

  12. Jamie's Uterus

    This was the best thing to happen to them and this show. Its generated ratings for TLC and revenue for all the crap sold. Its a win win for everyone.

    I think this is all a marketing ploy. And if its true, who could blame Jon for wanting a little strange on the side…..

  13. Jasmine

    please put that big ass kid down && let her walk. that is all.

  14. bitch for sure..but great legs!

  15. bitch for sure..but great legs!

  16. Mai-Tai

    Hellooooo? Did you ever see their body language? Kate frequently has her arm up in “guard” to him. What happy couple is so separate? I feel sorry for the children. What will happen after the cameras are turned off, since they have been in their face since birth?

    Unfortunate, money grubbing.

  17. same 'ol same 'ol

    How does Kate differ from the moms on ‘Table for 12′ or ’18 Kids and Counting’? Do you really think that these are perfect families without issues or controversy?

    Divorce or no divorce, the show must go on.

  18. Kye

    Pfft, I seriously bet most of you would do the same thing, but of course you sit on your high horses thinking you’re somehow morally superior then her. Money brings out the worst in people. I fuckin hate it. It pretty much destroyed my own family and my relatives families.

  19. nelson hahan

    The bitch is crazy and she won’t stop begging at churches until the last drooling Christian whackjob has caught on to her scam..&.. .that could be a while.

  20. Shinaz

    All the adults involved in this fiasco are fucked. EVEN JOHN. He is so dense at times, and yet everyone is rallying behind him like some kind of god. Both him and Kate messed up. Even stupid Jodi, who is doing nothing but compounding the issue. Maybe Kate needs to back off John and maybe John needs to grow a spine. But honestly, if John has a problem with the marriage, he really should not be bar hopping and fucking around with other woman. He has a family to raise, and he shouldn’t forget that! Even if he thinks Kate has turned into a huge “bitch”.

  21. justifiable

    #70 For all that she’s a controlling bitch who rags on him for feeding the kids pizza and not the compartmentalized and labelled organic meals she wants them to eat, he seems like a massive tool. She made some good points in the “People” article – he had a chance to work and have a separate career from all this – he couldn’t manage to get motivated and quit, leaving the benefits behind. He considered going back to school – that never happened. Then he wanted to bail on the speaking engagements – because she did it do much better.
    Look, if he wants to stay home and be a nanny, he can’t give the kids pizza every day. He also can’t bitch about his wife not letting him do anything when it looks like he doesn’t WANT to do anything with his life. He doesn’t want any responsibility, but he also wants to get paid for bitching about how sorry his life is. Looks like she was dumb enough to marry her 9th kid.

  22. cheryl

    this woman is a money hungry bitch. go away.

  23. so the truth is out: AMERICANS LOVE TO FOOL OTHER AMERICANS, folks!!

  24. After so many seasons of the show; they should have enough $ to live off of. It’s time to quit the show and focus on fixing the broken family unit. The most precious gift Kate and Jon can give their children is an intact, loving family…where mom and dad are loving towards each other.

  25. JC

    Greedy Kate needs her uneducated bitchy mouth wired shut + a muzzle + a brown bag over her head . Then I’ll watch again.

    I don’t blame her husband for wandering.

  26. KS

    It’s appalling how quickly one forgets the people that were there for you when the cameras and media weren’t around. Kate, just remember, what goes around, comes around. I refuse to watch your sham of a show and I hope others do the same.

  27. KS

    It’s appalling how quickly one forgets the people that were there for you when the cameras and media weren’t around. Kate, just remember, what goes around, comes around. I refuse to watch your sham of a show and I hope others do the same.

  28. oldestchild

    She’s off the hook narcissist. She does have cellulite above her knees though but she is 32 yrs old and a mom – she should dress like it. She is older than John by 2 yrs. I don’t think he had an affair – I believe the man – I think he just needed someone to talk to – I also think he wasn’t thinking exactly brilliantly is talking to his child’s teacher – but people who are verbally abused and berated for so many years don’t always make good or sane choices.
    He wanted to stop the show last year. She didn’t. She says she “has” to do book tours. Nooo they end too – she is just gearing up for her new talk show in the works. This woman is like some kind of disgusting heartless robot. NONE of her family has anything to do with her and it’s been that way for years…does this not tell us anything? She is looking out for Kate and Jon is one beaten man. I have witnessed him trying to stand up for himself to no avail – I’m sure he (unlike her) was at a loss of what to do because of the children. She is just short of getting away with child abuse here (in my eyes she is getting away with spousal and child neglect) She calls herself a “Christian Woman”…but when I look up Proverbs Wife …she ain’t it…lol
    She is cold and fake fake fake and really has a lot of emotional or mental health issues that apparently TLC has decided to bank on at the expense of this family and all of these children. If TLC had a conscience and not just after the almighty dollar – they would have canceled this show and not given Kate G a new one in the works. What have we “Learned” here at “The Learning Channel”….Greed turns you into a raging monster that will turn it’s back on it’s own husband and children for some fame.

  29. Brian

    I’ve been thinking…..after all those kids…..sex with her must be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Her boobs are probably like socks hanging with sand in the toes…GROSS. Maybe she can also squander her kids college money to get that shit fixed! Oh yeah…..Kate can suck my sack! Don’t watch that f’ed up show and give her any more money. Don’t buy her stupid book! Stop the madness NOW!

  30. Brian

    One more thing….someone above mentioned that money is the root of all evil. That is exactly true! Why is our economy so fucked up? Well, there seems to be an abundance of Kate Gosselins out there who would sacrafice everything for money or status. The housing crisis is simply from idiots buying things that they couldn’t afford and lucky me gets to pay the bill. I also find it amazing that Kate is (or was) a nurse since one might think of a nurse as being a caring person. It was obvious even in the early episodes that she doesn’t possess that quality. She seemed more concerned with the kids wearing matching clothes and not getting dirty. Was that for the kids or for the image that she wanted for herself…..you be the judge! The problem is that we are still sending her money every day by watching “her” show. Hell, I’ve even geen guilty of it from time to time…but not anymore. Fuck You Kate Gosselin!

  31. Brian

    I wonder if Kate would do some lesbian porn for some money….I might actually start watching that!

  32. abby

    IS THIS THE JODI SHOW? Why are we hearing so much from Kate’s brother and his wife Jodi? Sounds like jealous hillbillies. I honestly think this women JODI spends her day trashing Kate. Every bit of garbage comes back to Kate’s brother and Jodi. NICE FAMILY!!!

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