Kate Gosselin’s Magical Marriage Contract

May 20th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Kate Gosselin apparently loves her reality show gravy train so much, she gave Jon Gosselin a contract allowing him to date other women provided they act like a happy family on TV. Her own brother Kevin and wife Jodi are disgusted by the arrangement and came forward to Radar Online:

Kate had presented Jon with a contract that laid out the aforementioned circumstances in explicit detail. She said Jon was taken aback by Kate’s bluntness in terminating the relationship.
Kevin Kreider said Jon has told him he can have girlfriends, do his own thing and has the freedom to do what he wants [on] certain days — so long as he fulfills his professional obligations in regards to the show.
Jodi said both ignored their marital problems to keep the show’s ratings high, and that it takes many people to pull off the ruse of showcasing their dysfunctional marriage as a happy one for the cameras.
“This is a train wreck,” Jodi said.

Based on these photos, it looks like Kate’s taking full advantage of the agreement. Shit, she’s taking her kid to the dentist in a leather jacket and mini-skirt. I thought these were simple, God-fearing people from Pennsylvania, but more importantly, where do I get one of those contracts? The date anyone I like dealie. Not that I plan on getting married or anything, I just like having an ace in the hole.

Photos: Splash News

  1. all_lies

    That’s not a mini skirt. And those aren’t heels.

  2. Those Poor Kids.

    The love of money is the root of all evil.

  3. Those Poor Kids.

    The love of money is the root of all evil.

  4. are you blind?

    neither heels nor a mini skirt. she’s taking her kids to the dentist in long shorts and sandals. totally reasonable. she needs the money from her sham tv show reality to pay for her kids. at least she’s not pouting into a latte with it like other sham tv reality show relationships. if your marriage were in shambles, would you decide “that’s it. my marriage is over. my love life is ruined. i guess now would be a good time to QUIT MY JOB AND BE A SINGLE UNEMPLOYED MOTHER OF 8″ this is how she makes money. until she can get another job that allows her to raise 8 children while doing it, she is going to do what she needs to do to keep it.

  5. Deacon Jones

    What a cunt.

  6. Yeah ...

    … And she spent her kid’s birthday tanning. ‘Cause it was important.



  8. UH

    @ #6 — Are YOU blind? Look at the other three photos. Those are not shorts.

  9. idoancare

    Those “heels” are fugly. You’d think with the money she getting from popping them out like a crackwhore bunny she could afford better.

  10. michelle

    it is definitely a skirt; it just looks like shorts in the first picture because of the kid’s shoe.

    i cannot wait for the season premiere so they can fake that they care about each other.

  11. evan

    @10 It’s not shorts but it sure isn’t a miniskirt.

  12. Money Ho

    Gee, those are nice shoes Kate’s kids bought her by having their young lives perpetually exploited … and nice jewelry … and nice sunglasses … and a nice outfit … and a nice house …

  13. Dr. Phil

    Mother of the year, for sure.

    And I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to stay in that relationship. A nasty wife who doesn’t even clean up good. A dopey husband. EIGHT kids underfoot.

    Sounds like f’ing “Leave it to Beaver.” What more could a human ask for?

  14. Just Askin'

    Is anything being set aside for the kids’ college expenses, or is it all dropping into Kate’s expensive-looking purse?



  16. We dont have too many of those in our time, but that woman (if true) is a visionary!

  17. respect

    Unless any of you are Jon or Kate, no one here should have a sound basis for passing any kind of judgement on the husband or the wife. Shit happens, and it is rarely the case that it is the fault of just one person when in a relationship. Separation/divorce is the result of a tragic cascade of events caused rarely by just one person.

    The ones who truly suffer are the children, so have some quiet respect for their sake. The media will always be the media–letting us know what’s up–but you all as human beings, as individuals, have the decency to at least feel a little compassion for the family before you transmit words of hate and ignorance.

  18. no respect here

    Sorry; I have no resepct for Miss Kate. I find her to be abusive to her husband and kids (by using them for money), as well neglectful of them — just my opinion.

    She’s awful.

  19. Tanzarian

    I’ve never seen this show – about a week ago I broke down and searched who the hell Jon and Kate are. Wish I hadn’t, it’s the most useless piece of knowledge in my brain now.

    So is it America likes watching a ‘happy family’ on TV – or that they enjoy watching white trash?

  20. Dr. Phil

    Dear #19,

    I respectfully invite you to read the f’ing URL. You have evidently pressed the wrong link. This isn’t Oprah, it’s THE SUPERFICIAL.

    People don’t come here for reasoned discussion about private matters. We come here to see tits, crashes, and flames.

  21. respect

    #20. Forming ideas based on what you see on television is a very misleading process of thinking and feeling. But, to each his own.

  22. Nanotyrnannus

    A mini-skirt is defined as any garment that possesses a hemline that falls a minimum of five inc– OH WHO FUCKING CARES. It’s yet another fake TV Christian relationship presented as the perfect family for all of us heathen/pagans to learn from. “Just follow Jesus and your marriage and life will be as perfect as ours” is what we are supposed to take away from it. When she gets to Hell, Vulcan is going to have his glorious way with her.

  23. respect

    #22. Being a douche is your choice. Not mine.

  24. bb

    so… can their show even be considered REALITY now?

  25. wifey

    Having an open marriage is not always a bad or gross thing. I just wish they would be honest about it on the show and not try to pretend that they are something they aren’t.

  26. ktb

    “…it takes many people to pull off the ruse of showcasing their dysfunctional marriage as a happy one for the cameras.”
    Who in their right mind thought their marriage was/is happy?
    Kate is a WITCH and Jon is passive agressive, this was never going to end well.
    I LOVE those kids and would watch a show that didn’t include Jon or Kate, at all.
    It’s just sad that they have to grow up listening to their parents treat each other the way they do.
    All 8 are going to grow up and be just as dysfunctional as mommy and daddy…

  27. Hypocrite Much? (Just Like Kate)

    ‘respect,’ you aren’t being very respectful.

  28. viewer

    Yea,the kids getting it’s teeth cleaned while Kate’s getting her canal routed

  29. respect

    #29. I’m not a doormat either: you disrespect me, you lose my respect. See #19 comment prior to my comment.

  30. 'respect' is a silly ass

    Go take your meds and watch the show …

  31. respect

    “hypocrit” check out #22′s comment. Respect ends when some douche goes dropping F-bombs.

  32. reader

    #25. now look at you being disrespectful of someone who was just stating an opinion. i agree with #22, this is the superficial–a snarky gossip site. if you think you are going to make people see your way on a site like this, you are clearly mistaken. that family opened themselves up to be judged the second they sold out their kids and decided to exploit them and rob them of a normal life so they can make millions. i can understand if they agreed to one or two specials to get extra cash to scrape by, but they let this go on and tun into a money train. it is sick.

  33. respect

    #32. What meds? What is up with all the hostilities and anger towards absolute strangers on this site? I think most of you need meds. WOW.

    I’m out. Peace.

  34. exploiting children is just soo much fun for them.

  35. My2Cents

    Kate aint perfect BUT neither is her brother.
    Kevin and Jodi are blood suckers…getting paid to rip on his sister.Cant stand when vultures come out of the woodwork to cash in on stories, let alone loved ones.Pitiful!

  36. Who the fuck cares!!!

  37. Buh-bye

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, ‘respect.’

  38. Dr. Fritz

    Verrry interrresting , I detect a slight case of the Cankles; usually, but not always, caused by lack of activity or laziness in childhood and adolescents, where zee ankle and calve become one.
    She is alzo verrry near to hitting zee wall: that is the age of 40 or so when evyrtting goes Kaputt for vomen.

    I recommend exploiting zee children as much as possible now before you boths get too old. Zank you

  39. jen

    Dentist visit ? maybe she’s taken the more direct route of selling her litter

  40. Nina

    Um IDIOTS!! Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you make judgements. These their business and their life, wouldn’t you keep the appearance going for your family and because you need to provide for your family. You people must be saints because MOST of YOU sound like you have been living perfect Lives. GO out and get a Life MORONS! I see Kate takling care of her children and is doing what she needs to do, R u? Or R U letting the gov’t take care of your kids. I applaud Kate and Jon. I hope they do what’s best for them. As for you idiots I hope you get a clue!

    The Superficial BIATCH!!!

  41. Natalia

    I’m just thinking here… Wouldn’t more people watch the show if they got to see these two idiotic adults actually DEALING with this problem instead of covering it up?? American society eats drama up.. Look at all those “Flavor of Love” type shows..
    Bitch fight!! =]

  42. Danielle

    I wonder If Jon’s allowed to bring the bar whores back to the house and do the kids call them “aunt”? Do they call the Bodyguard daddy?

  43. Watch-303






  45. realitycheck

    Um, she’s still driving a Mazda minivan and her kid’s drinking Dasani so I don’t think that we can equate dressing nicely (but totally reasonably!) with flaunting her wealth just yet.

    I think that she’s doing really well for having eight kids and an irresponsible husband.

  46. Kate is a Bi-atch

    Nina/respect — STFU. And take your meds. Now.

  47. Susan

    She’s getting called on her scam now by the public. It’ s good thing to see. But they have already done their part to ruin the trust that exists between people. Myself, I’m always wondering if everything is a scam.

  48. F

    Did anyone not expect the fairy tale to be just that? The few times I saw the show she was a nagging harpie and he acted like a moron. I know that reality shows are more show than reality, but how does anyone enjoy watching these two unlikable dolts? Neither one of them deserves any sympathy. It’s also disturbing to watch them whore their children’s intimate moments growing up for the viewing audiences’ enjoyment. Go ahead and put the therapist on speed dial!

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