Kate Gosselin’s life is hard

Seen here after a return to the mullet of guaranteed loneliness, Kate Gosselin continues pushing the hard sell that she’s just your average single mom trying to make ends meet. Even if it means having to host her own talk show for a giant ass paycheck and all that attention. Poor woman… Page Six reports:

A source on set told Page Six, “Producers flashed a picture of Kate’s children on a screen and she burst into tears. She said she hates being away from her children, but now that she’s to be divorced, she has to work to support them. She was very sad, emotional and very guarded.”

You know who I’d love to hear from in this situation? The person holding a gun to Kate’s head forcing her to make millions of dollars while a team of nannies raises her kids for her. Where’s that guy? I want to talk to him.

Photos: Splash News