Kate Gosselin’s new hair not on a People cover

January 11th, 2010 // 67 Comments

It’s bad enough America had to recognize Kate Gosselin simply because she used her birth canal as an Asian baby Gatling gun, but now we’re expected to lose our collective shit that she’s sporting seven grand worth of hair work? Sure, she’s spotted eating with a mystery man in these shots over the weekend, but there’s no way in hell this guy isn’t the Ken Paves to her Jessica Simpson. Trust me, no straight man is going anywhere near this. It’d be like sticking your penis in a roulette wheel of child support payments.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Que

    Que dumb newx.

  2. Sledman

    Wow, I never thought I’d say this but I actually liked her old hair better, and I really hated the old hair. The new hair just doesn’t look right one her. Also, it adds about 10lbs and 10 years to her. The old hair really supported her stern demeanor.

  3. You're Nuts Sledman

    it makes her look 10 years YOUNGER.

  4. YoureNutsSledman

    it makes her look 10 years YOUNGER.

  5. fat guy in a little shirt....

    well… the longer hair does look better on her. Pic 3 she actually looks kinda good… what the hell is wrong with me?

  6. chupacabra

    she’s a fucking idiot. so is her retarded asian exhusband. i bet half those kids are retarded too.

  7. She still looks pretty hot!

  8. I have to say, I think she’s an absolute knock-out with the new hair.

  9. gotmilk?

    well, considering he’s carrying a “sally’s beauty supply” bag, i’d say that the Fish is correct in his assessment.

    and who’s watching all those fucking kids? she’s always out & about without them. shit, you couldn’t pay me enough money to babysit those hellions.

  10. sin

    Time for her to do some porn. After having all of those kids, she can take on several people at once.

    • Shelly

      @ SIN

      OMG you must be…what?….about 10 years old?!! You know NOTHING about a womans body & pregnancy. I’m embarrassed for you. Oh and in case you don’t want to educate yourself….I’ll just give you another reason why your comment is as dumb as you are: The babies were born by cesarean section. (pssst, that means the doctor made in incision on her tummy and pulled the babies out that way. They never went through the birth canal.


    Any guy carrying a Sally’s Beauty Supply bag is definitely gay.

  12. Mickey01232000

    I have heard of women having baggage but what do you call 8 kids a shipping container? She still looks pretty good but damn 8 kids!!

  13. RazzleDazzle

    She looks f’ing hot! I liked her short hair but witht he new “handle” hair, that is one god damn sexy MILF. I would drop a shot of my man goo in a heartbeat, knock her up and collect ala KFED BABY!!!!

  14. ___

    She’s stull beat. And worthy of no respect whatsoever…

  15. Angie

    Fish, your writing continues to stun me. Again, best words strung together since the written word was invented in 1974. About the same time that guy’s coat came out in stores.

  16. Frignut

    She had to take fertility pills to spawn the child army, so it’s not like you’d be walking into a deathtrap of child support by doing her.

  17. sherrybobbins

    You had to notice the Sally’s Beauty Supply bag to figure out that guy is gay? LOOK at him.

  18. Tracey

    What would complement Kate’s new “do” perfectly would be an orange jumpsuit with numbers across the front and “D.O.C.” on the back.

  19. havoc

    Incredibly average.


  20. whatever

    she still looks rough. she needs to do something about those creases between her eyebrows.

  21. SamIAM

    She aged around her mouth….WTF did she spend her money on hair extentions over botox??? Looks below average to me

  22. stupid American tricks

    I’ll bet people, in countries with culture are happily drinking their wine thanking God that they weren’t born American.

  23. Chaos Hellbound

    Even if her vagina is a clown car she looks pretty hot.

  24. Syzygy

    Her hair has finally caught up with her personality. She looks like she just fell out of a trailer park.

  25. me again

    why ? is ? she? still? around?

  26. joss

    No, I agree with #2. It makes her look way older because it is such a youthful style -I mean if you saw that haircut from behind, hers is NOT the sort of face you’d expect to be looking at when she turned around (it’s akin to a 45 year old dressed in Forever 21. The disparity winds up highlighting all the wrong things). I hated the old hair too, but I wish they could have found something that was flattering and was appropriate to her age. Sadly, this is neither.

  27. Duc

    That gatling gun comment was pretty amazing.

  28. rachel

    looks like a cheap wig, not $5000 extensions.

  29. rudy mcbean

    It looks terrible! You can still see the old haircut peeking out all over the place, in fact one of the infamous cranky spikes is waving hello in photo #12. It’s a bad female mullet at best and she should be ashamed at the money she spent on it…just be patient and grow your ugly damn hair out…or better yet, just go away!

  30. amanda

    It’s like a mullet…with ringlets on the bottom. Nicely done! Whats up with the huge boobs.

  31. the picture with the snow falling…so magical!!!

  32. Sheena

    I had those earrings in high school.

  33. Bucks

    I know where they went for dinner, been there myself several times. I am happy to say even though I live near there, I have never seen her out! Thank God!

  34. sharon H

    No. 27 is right on the mark. The Farrah look is not for a woman of her age, and speaking of that, why is this mother of 8 never, ever taking care of her children. These two parents suck. That’s right. They are so stuck on themselves and their fame that they forgot all about those kids a long time ago. Just imagine how miserable those poor kids must be.

  35. she’s always out & about without them. shit, you couldn’t pay me enough money to babysit those hellions.

  36. Kate Gosselin’ still looks beautiful and I think she looks gorgeous in this hair style too.

  37. Tracy

    Fake boobs, Fake hair, tummy tuck… ok I would do the same thing if I were her.

  38. mollination

    I’m really not just saying this because I dislike her, but she looks terrible.

    Sledman took the words right out of my mouth. First thing I noticed was she looked older, sterner, uglier, and a little chunkier. Not good -seriously. I thought long hair sounded good in theory too, but it’s awful on her.

    I’m amazed how many people are tricked into thinking something’s cuter than it is by a little long blonde hair. Hey, I can’t hate. That’s why I have it.

  39. nicefrenchgurl

    isnt that tom cruise ? lol

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  41. tracey

    Cheap cheap CHEAP hair extensions. AWFUL color job. There is NO WAY they should’ve cost that much. They look like she got them free with a pack of butts at a mobile station.

  42. TimmyChoos

    i just had an anniversary dinner at that restaurant. we saw them there. i got all excited when i saw those pictures on my favorite website. :)

  43. tsarina

    Typical Pennsylvanian trash. What is it about people from PA? Why are they all so weird-looking and trashy? She needs to STFU and go shop at Pechins…maybe a raccoon will fall from the ceiling (AGAIN) and give her rabies. Then she’ll have an excuse for the hair…lol.

  44. Ted Gibson did an exclusive interview about her hair for the magazine I work for–MODERN SALON (trade mag for hairdressers). You can see it here:


  45. Lar

    God she is such a PIG, Really a cheap shit too. I live about 20 minutes from where she used to live. Before they got the TLC Deal they had NO MONEY, they were getting welfare… kate goslins father is a minister, they arranged for a local charity drive when it was announced they were having all those kids, a lot of people donated stuff out of the goodness of their hearts, Kate Gosslin should of been thankful but instead she threw alot of the stuff in the trash because she “REFUSED USED STUFF like Cribs and things of that sort .

    Bitch needs to crawl back under the hole she came from, By the way she didnt pay a dime for those extensions tlc paid for it , and Yes it looks horrible, No one around here will ever tell her that it looks like crap because shes such a bitch. Even the guy who did her hair when asked if she was nice or fun to work with, He REFUSED to Answer so you do the math

  46. Ariana

    Really? Is this what the worlds top news is? fucking hair?

    Ok they go on and on about it being 7k worth of hair. You think SHE paid for it? Of course not.

    Ya she looks great, she got rid of the dyke cut. She actually looks like a woman now, and maybe now she can move on with her life.

    but im really sick of hearing about her, OR that loser ex husband of her.

  47. LALA


  48. Lola

    Kate looks like a porn star, an old dried up stinky breathed sour pussy porn star

  49. canyousaynasty

    Oh my god! What was she thinking? Oh, I want to look like a Roller Girl on CRACK. That nest on her head can’t feel good! Imagine washing that mess! all knotted up and frizzy. ha ha ha! Next thing you know you’ll see her on DVD with Ron Jeremey taking it up her ass.

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