Kate Gosselin’s family boycotts her show

The season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 aired last night, but Kate Gosselin’s own brother Kevin Kreider refused to watch and openly criticized her to Radar Online for exploiting the children:

“We are not going to watch the show,” Kevin told RadarOnline.com on Monday.
Kevin says his main concern is the children. He told RadarOnline.com: “We know what’s going on. And we are not interested in furthering this charade at the children’s expense. Our only concern is the kids.”
He said he and Jodi believe the marriage is over and Jon and Kate are staying together only to continue the TV show.
When asked what their biggest fear is about this situation, Kevin, speaking for himself and wife Jodi, told RadarOnline.com: “Our biggest fear is that they will continue this charade at the expense of the children.”

Meanwhile, Kate’s sister-in-law Jodie encouraged fans to boycott the show and blogged about it being completely scripted and not an accurate portrayal of the Gosselin’s real life, according to Us Magazine:

“Don’t believe everything you see. The children are also being prompted to say or do certain things. They signed their lives away to TLC and they will continue to spin the show to keep the viewer’s interest. I don’t believe this show will go away until the viewers decide that they don’t want to be played anymore.
“Please don’t watch on Monday. You’re not going to learn anything new by watching. They will only show what they think people want to see and it isn’t real anyway. They will probably drag this out (J&K’s ‘relationship’) for the entire season. They just string the viewers along hoping that they will come back for more.”

I completely blame The Hills for this whole debacle. It let other reality shows know you can just make shit up and people will watch. Honestly, I don’t even believe Jon and Kate have eight children. I watched the season premiere, and I guarantee they just kept switching outfits on the same kid so you’d think there’s three of him. Also, he was played by Brody Jenner which I thought was odd.

Photos: Splash News