Kate Gosselin’s family boycotts her show

May 26th, 2009 // 77 Comments

The season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 aired last night, but Kate Gosselin’s own brother Kevin Kreider refused to watch and openly criticized her to Radar Online for exploiting the children:

“We are not going to watch the show,” Kevin told RadarOnline.com on Monday.
Kevin says his main concern is the children. He told RadarOnline.com: “We know what’s going on. And we are not interested in furthering this charade at the children’s expense. Our only concern is the kids.”
He said he and Jodi believe the marriage is over and Jon and Kate are staying together only to continue the TV show.
When asked what their biggest fear is about this situation, Kevin, speaking for himself and wife Jodi, told RadarOnline.com: “Our biggest fear is that they will continue this charade at the expense of the children.”

Meanwhile, Kate’s sister-in-law Jodie encouraged fans to boycott the show and blogged about it being completely scripted and not an accurate portrayal of the Gosselin’s real life, according to Us Magazine:

“Don’t believe everything you see. The children are also being prompted to say or do certain things. They signed their lives away to TLC and they will continue to spin the show to keep the viewer’s interest. I don’t believe this show will go away until the viewers decide that they don’t want to be played anymore.
“Please don’t watch on Monday. You’re not going to learn anything new by watching. They will only show what they think people want to see and it isn’t real anyway. They will probably drag this out (J&K’s ‘relationship’) for the entire season. They just string the viewers along hoping that they will come back for more.”

I completely blame The Hills for this whole debacle. It let other reality shows know you can just make shit up and people will watch. Honestly, I don’t even believe Jon and Kate have eight children. I watched the season premiere, and I guarantee they just kept switching outfits on the same kid so you’d think there’s three of him. Also, he was played by Brody Jenner which I thought was odd.

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  1. Que

    Que exciting and informational newsworthy.

  2. Scdo

    Dunno who this BIATCH is, but her boobs are pretty major.

  3. nood

    nice legs

  4. So… it wasn’t just because it’s a stupid fucking show?

  5. Mike

    This is what we voted for, only the citizens are the children.

  6. Orion

    Why in the name of all that is unholy does that cow wear short skirts? I know she has several gazillion in plastic surgery, but she’s still fat & ugly & needs to cover up. And wear a hat.

  7. somewhereoutthereinTVland

    Out of curiosity I watched the season premiere (I don’t even watch the show regularly). You can tell that the marriage is over -I will not watch it again as I do not believe that you should air your dirty laundry on TV just to make money – especially at the expense of the kids. They are all so adorable and their mother has turned into another money hungry spotlight grabbing beyatch. If she was so concerned about the paparazzi following her and interfering in her life, well then HELLLOOOO, don’t be on TV! Its pretty simple.
    Its those kids I feel sorry for – I really do. They are all lovely.

  8. Gerald_Tarrant

    Looking at her just screams “soul sucking bitch”.

  9. cholo

    ugly. american. whore.

  10. My2Cents

    The bro and SIL wont watch the show yet they are making sure they are getting their 15 min along with getting paid for interviews.
    With every story, blood suckers come out of the woodwork..
    Im no defending jon or kate but it always makes me sick to see family members chime in to rags

  11. It's Me Fuckers

    she has such a supporting family… That’s just what she needs right now on top of her marriage falling apart, 8 kids and a camera crew following her around 24/7… family going to the media to bash her down even further. Nice.

  12. Lisa

    I detect cankles on mega-bitch.

    I hear her father has nothing good to say about her either and he’s a minister.

  13. tra

    after last night~ i would say there’s NO hope for them working things out! She throw him under the train!!!! i feel sorry for the poor guy! He wants out ~ and she’s milkin those kids for all she can!!!!!

  14. when the hell is children’s aid gonna come and take those kids out of the circus spotlight…those parents are the biggest hypocrites…TLC is a POS for letting this garbage go on at the expense of the youngin’s

  15. Shellibelli

    its been on 5 years NOW they are accused of milking it for their kids – just because there is marital problems? Where were these great supporting family members 5 years ago!

    these 8 kids now have college trust funds and a nice new house – how are they being exploited please sounds like jealous family members more like.

  16. Donkey Dongey Dong

    So I went into the hairdresser and said, “I want to look like a Porcupine!”…and the fucking kid ran with it!

  17. Tedra

    Thank God Mel knocked up the new girlfriend now we can all move on.

  18. Granny D.

    I applaud her whistle blowing family members

    It’s a public intervention for greed…. which just as bad as any substance abuse when it effects children

    If they held an intervention for her ….,think she’d show up or stay?

    Looks like she’s going down with the ship and the cash register

  19. JustJess

    I have been watching the show for a couple years now. After last night, I finally get it. She is the strong perfectionist type. Women get really frustrated when men don’t man up and take charge and act like they know what they are doing, so perhaps her constant badgering just made him give up… the little effort he was putting in the first place.

    Americans have created a nation, 2 generations, of man-boys – Jon’s just one of them… Men bitch and moan about how hard it is for them now, but in America just 130 some-odd years ago – a 25 year old man was a family man, with land, livestock and a trade… it was the way it was…

    He was flippant, and her tears didn’t seem insincere. And that fact that she (with help of course) created a birthday party where he was no where in sight was kinda fucked up on his end – no matter what – you work together to make kids happy – especially at important events…

    Jon married at 22, and was father of eight at like 28. I think he wants to go back to 22 again… he actually probably never grew up past that…

  20. clyde

    Look at the whites of her eyes in those glasses—- WILD ANIMAL!!!

  21. edamame

    They are BOTH under contract to complete this season. I don’t think they are “milking” anything. I haven’t watched their show in quite some time, but I do understand what it is that PRODUCERS actually do, and it’s not pretty. I doubt that you can script what these 8 little kids say. It does sound like the brother and sister-in-law are trying to make some money, and as for the rest of their family…I have heard Jon & Kate both say that they haven’t really had relationships with them in many, many years. It sounds as though their extended families did not want them to have all 6 babies, and since they wouldn’t reduce the number of fetuses…the families cut ties. NICE.

    I agree with #15…those kids have a future that maybe they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Had the show not paid for Disney World, Hawaii, etc….would they ever have gotten to go? I don’t feel like the kids are pimped out, and the filming is not every single day.

    I really wish them well, and hope that if the couple can work it out…they will make it happen! I’m thinking about Jon trying to handle ALL 8 kids on his weekend visitations….YIKES! He’d better wrap his head around that…while he’s thinking of ending the marriage. And if he works from home….how much work will he get done without somebody else tending the kids?!

  22. beast man

    Kate is a grade-A cunt

  23. LPB

    Oh, THAT’S who Kate Gosselin is?

    Gee, I’ve seen the show, but I never paid attention to the names.

    You can WAY stop talking about her.

  24. JustJess

    Right On 21!

    I don’t understand – “kids being pimped out, oh no!” That’s crap. The don’t seem like they are ill treated or unhappy – quite the opposite. And they are set for life! Don’t hate! J&K+8 should be on Tv like the dozens of other shows that pimp people out! Save the Children?? Trust me, no one is complaining when they get trips and freebies…kids aren’t as dumb as people think…

    People (especially family) just hate – and I wouldn’t mind seeing J-K+8. He is a wimpy turd… I think trying to find dates for Kate would be a season of hilarity!

  25. Nancy

    She’s trailer trash and Jon is the son of a professional (Dentist) . He should never have gotten mixed up with someone of such low class in the first place . I tell my sons this all the time when they are dating someone not of their class and they think they are getting something for free. She is a real mothers nightmare.
    I really don’t see how being a beggar,liar, and a scam artist equate with
    “taking control”. Low-class thinking.
    I have read several times,several sources,before this couple was even in the spotlight ,where she had told her girlfriends, when pregnant, that she was going to have all of the babies and get a TV show, for real.

  26. Narrissistic behaivor run rampid. YOU ASKED FOR IT AMERICA, AND YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. JustJess

    Oh – and what calss are you – Miss 25?

    You can hardly be better than anyone else on this “time wasting and low class” site like the ‘Fish – where the word “cunt” seems to always be the word of the day.

    He who is without sin among you, cast the first__________.

  28. American Witches

    The supportive comments are WAAAY too into this pig’s life. WAAY TOO MUCH interest and detail. Go find YOUR OWN man to SH*T on and blame for everything!!

  29. Nancy

    #27 JustJess

    I just like baiting the retards…… fool .. ….and there aint no better place than a J&K + 8 thread

  30. JustJess

    Wow – you seem angry – good luck with that…

    And in my experience – when you tell someone to choose one way, the people on the other end always seem to want to choose another way.

    Good luck to you when your son brings home a mother of 2 – with 2 different (other) fathers – just looking for someone to help her raise her kids…with a GED living at her mom’s house…


  31. Nancy

    Just Jess

    Yo GOMER, I’m a man, and a happy one….. and what the F are you talking about? …you sound lonely and bored …….well I’m off to work….hope the job market picks up for you.

  32. JustJess

    Hope you have a great day shoveling cow manure, NancyBoy…

    :) at 31…

  33. richbike

    #12…very observant. Cankles…defininitely

  34. ChunkyMonkey

    I almost threw up when I looked at those wrinkled flabby legs.

    That said, you know this stuck-up cunt is wild in bed. She probably wants to be treated like a whore in the bedroom.

  35. Tresdamkll

    “these 8 kids now have college trust funds and a nice new house – how are they being exploited please sounds like jealous family members more like.”

    I totally agree .These kids got many opportunities thanks to the show.
    IMO, Jon would have acted the same with no show…he wasnt ready to settle down and it went downhill from there.

    Shame that family members feel it their duty to air all to the public . They are pathetic.

  36. mikeock

    Trailer trash. I couldn’t possibly give less of a shit about this bitch.

  37. Karen

    I have recently just started watching this show and there is a definate difference between what was ran all weekend and what was aired on MOn night. Its all a big mess and it taked two to do it when BOTH of the parents decides to do this. I think Jon is mad that he got caught and hes now in the spotlight more than ever. Yes, Kate is a biatch, but who wouldnt be seeing the situation she is in. They havent exploited their kids, they have made sure that those 8 kids even have a secured future. This family is not the only famkily out there doing reality shows. And to even sweeten the rest of the familys deal, they now want a piece of the action. They want to be heard so they can have some pennies in their piggie bank. Kate’s only income is not from the show, she has book deals also. She has a career as a nurse also. What the heck was a father of 8 doing at a bar at 2am anyway????? Shouldnt he have been at home helping??? People, the blame is not only on the mom. and one more thing- all of these people saying that they are bad parents, this and that….Apparently we dont have a life either, we are casting the first stone instead of staying off the internet minding our own business…….If no one supported this family, they wouldnt be on the air….

  38. Karen


  39. mc what

    If the brother and sister-in-law care so much about the kids well-being, why go blabbing to the (so-called) media about their (the kids) family/parents? Kevin & Jodie weren’t complaining when they were featured on the show… Clearly they care more about a quick pay-day than the kids they’re so ‘concerned’ about. Nice people…and to think, they’re all related.



  41. JustJess:

    Shut the fuck up cunt!

  42. katiewithout8

    After watching last evenings’ joke (the season premiere of the pimping of the 8 children)I have decided this network is no longer a family oriented network. I will boycott any product advertised, for as long as programs such as this continue to be aired on any of your networks. I once believe that it was informational, educational programming, but no longer see the value of such nonsense. For parents to continue using their children as a meal ticket, for their own benefit is abhorable, and for your network to continue condoning such is even worse. I am sending this email to all and anyone I know that watches anything on any of your networks.

  43. mild

    The other day I was talking to a friend about how I wanted this show to last forever so I can see how a 8 child family of good looking asian/white hybrids live. Now they’re trying to mess with my dream.

  44. the Commish

    FAIL!! This post fails on so many levels. Who the hell cares!?

    This is just like when Kevin tried to ask out Winnie on a date and he just couldn’t do it. He got so involved with the mental aspect of focusing his energy on trying to wait for the perfect moment that he got distracted by a car that drove off the road while they were at the park.

  45. jennifer hammond

    Ok I watched a few episodes of this show sometime last year, I do not think those children are oh so cute, I thought the little ones were all special needs children because they have that downs syndrome look about them dont they? lol. But its not their fault their parents were selfish and are using them for their own financial gain. And the episode I saw the oldest girl seemed to have some issues. Please spend some of that money on her some conseling Kate.

    I saw a picture of the school teacher that Jon has been porking and wow can we say horse face? Yuck she is disgusting, stick body and hideous face. Even Kate with her nasty attitude looks like a 10 compared to Jon’s whore. lol. I hate these people.

  46. Beavis

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: crazy bitch. She’s looking like a real tranny street-walker nowadays. I mean, is it really necessary to open your legs that wide when you walk? It’s ok though, have another 8 or so, TLC will pay for them. I also suggest replacing that older Mady one, she’s a bitch, just like mommy.


    I’ve read a couple of comments that call her an “american” like it’s a bad thing…what’s is that all about?


    I’ve read a couple of comments that call her an “american” like it’s a bad thing…what’s is that all about?

  49. I read that Kate kicked the relatives off the show so they couldn’t get any money from it.

    I didn’t realize how far Kate had come:

  50. FINALLY, this is america indeed, folks!!

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