Kate Gosselin’s cookbook shelved by publisher

Kate Gosselin’s upcoming cookbook Love is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories just saw its October release date nixed by Christian publisher Zondervan which makes sense considering the book’s back cover reads “an inside look at one of America’s most close-knit families.” So, wait, a sham marriage with its very own divorce episode doesn’t constitute as “close-knit” anymore? What gives? The Vancouver Sun reports:

The tome was due to hit bookstores on October 13, but Christian book publisher Zondervan has reportedly had second thoughts regarding selling a book about ‘making memories’ considering the bad memories eight innocent children will be saddled with going forward.
The release has already faced criticism from several quarters, with reviewers accusing Kate Gosselin of swiping recipes from grocery packaging and magazines, so the mother of eight is reportedly busy revising the book.

Perhaps Kate’s next book should tackle the daily struggles of having a lumpy ass, eight kids and a yearning desire for a man with a hedge fund and low sperm count. She can call it Dying Alone: My Inevitable Future. It’s got a ring to it.

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