Kate Gosselin wants her own talk show (Now with new hair!)

September 15th, 2009 // 74 Comments

Seen here sporting her porcupine-less hairdo after guest hosting The View today, Kate Gosselin might be competing against Barbara Walters’ team of clucking hens, according to E! News:

Sources tell me that Telepictures–the media heavyweight behind Ellen DeGeneres’ and Tyra Banks’ hit shows–is looking to develop a View-like morning show with Gosselin and television cooking queen Paula Deen.
“They’re looking around and casting for other women to be on the show with them,” one source said. “But they want all the women to be moms.”
Gosselin told Entertainment Weekly about four months ago she has hopes of landing a talk show. “There are no mom-centered talk shows,” she told the magazine. “I think that would be a very comfortable thing for me.”

Here’s what I don’t get about Kate Gosselin: She does all these book tours, speaking engagements, etc. to empower women and now she’s landing a talk show, but seriously, what the hell is Kate really empowering these women to do? Besides squeezing out multiples for a giant paycheck and buzzing your hair in the back because it’s not just for lesbians anymore.


  1. themunger

    Who fucking supports this bimbo and provides her with the re-assuring sweet nothings that make her thing people give a crap.

    We have 6 kids and there is no WAY my wife could do this crap and be a good mother too. It doesn’t work. So how can she thing she can provide advice or leadership to anyone else. How can she thing she is qualified??

    She FAILED in her marriage, and failed as mother. She’s good at one thing. Whoring out her kids and experience at having 8 children… Hope that helps her sleep at night.

  2. Katesatwat

    Look at her. She is so proud of all the plastic surgery that made her somewhat attractive.

    She’s had several surgeries, including breast implants and a tummy tuck. Tummy tucks are fucking disgusting. Check out this video about the procedure:

    Notice how, in her bikini pictures, her belly button is almost up to her breasts. That’s a telltale sign of a tummy tuck.

    Is there any surgery to cure the condition of Giant Twatness that she suffers from?

  3. Kateisaloser

    Who in the hell would watch that?? Kate is a fucking stupid, gooch eyed bitch!! She needs to go away!! Even her kids hate her!! Get some help from the shrink kate!!

  4. ihaveadream915

    She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club (sugarscupid. c o m) for hot guys and girls to hook up each other. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  5. Beck

    This woman knows nothing about parenting!!!! The concept of the show is ridiculous!

  6. stu

    seriously America?
    come on!
    just say NO!

  7. Ugh. I watched this reality show once and was bored to tears. Why would Kate make for an interesting talk show?

  8. zuzuspetals

    God she’s a hideous stupid bitch.

  9. bmose

    Too bad..I used to like Paula Deen. Put on Octomom and that tatooed Cat, and Janice Dickenson and you would have an All American Freak Show.

  10. alibi

    OH PLEASE!!! Paula, say it ain’t so! You’re way better than that. You’ll lose your entire fan base & all of your credibility. A good southern woman, like yourself, should know better than to get involved in anything with the likes of Kate Gosselin (the most hated mother in America). Think about your family. Mrs Jon Gosselin sure doesn’t give a crap about her brood, other than the money they provide her. Paula Deen, run far away, like Jon did once he found his pride & good sense.

  11. NOOoooOOOoo

    I wouldn’t let Kate Gosselin take care of my puppies, let alone my children! If any station puts her on a talk show, I’ll never watch. Which means, I won’t be buying the products of the sponsers either. No money…no show!!!

  12. BusyBody

    How much does The View pay a substitute cohost? Whatever it is, it’s enough for KG to leave her children AGAIN! Can y’all say, “pimp mama”?

  13. 1) She didn’t get a new hairdo — someone just tried to make it less weird
    2) No one will watch her show — the ratings for her “reality” show are already down
    3) How much makeup will fit on one skank’s face?

  14. New hair style suits her…

  15. Kathleen

    Yeah, her hair looks much better than that horrid porcupine do.

  16. Saw it coming

    Saw this one coming…. I noticed she was trying to be a bit more aggressive on the view yesterday….do whatever floats your boat, Someone will watch, but it won’t be me.

  17. Saw it coming

    Saw this one coming…. I noticed she was trying to be a bit more aggressive on the view yesterday….do whatever floats your boat, Someone will watch, but it won’t be me.

  18. Mona

    Jon and Kate disgust me now. They are officially off of my TIVO list (I’m not ashamed to admit that they weren’t on the list, I enjoyed watching the kids). Now I hear that they have ‘indefinitely’ sent their great dogs off for ‘training’. I have three dogs already and an acre of land, send them my way….we’ll show them what a real family is! They have to give up the dogs because both of them are too fame hungry. Next thing you know Mady and Cara will be sent away to boarding school ‘indefinitely’.

  19. robert

    new hairdo: FAIL

  20. Sue

    I think she is a good mom, the best she can be with this mess. We have all seen her before the divorce and she was a good mom them. Jon is doing the same thing she is too. Women always get the bad press when ever there is money to be made. Her hair, make up, and close are fine. I think it is wrong to call her a slut. Women are the worst critics to each other ( why is that) , I wish her the best, she is just a regular person. We all have made mistakes.

  21. Hello There

    Is Tyra Banks going to be the next Oprah?

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  22. Oh c’mon get a life.

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