Kate Gosselin wants her own talk show (Now with new hair!)

Seen here sporting her porcupine-less hairdo after guest hosting The View today, Kate Gosselin might be competing against Barbara Walters’ team of clucking hens, according to E! News:

Sources tell me that Telepictures–the media heavyweight behind Ellen DeGeneres’ and Tyra Banks’ hit shows–is looking to develop a View-like morning show with Gosselin and television cooking queen Paula Deen.
“They’re looking around and casting for other women to be on the show with them,” one source said. “But they want all the women to be moms.”
Gosselin told Entertainment Weekly about four months ago she has hopes of landing a talk show. “There are no mom-centered talk shows,” she told the magazine. “I think that would be a very comfortable thing for me.”

Here’s what I don’t get about Kate Gosselin: She does all these book tours, speaking engagements, etc. to empower women and now she’s landing a talk show, but seriously, what the hell is Kate really empowering these women to do? Besides squeezing out multiples for a giant paycheck and buzzing your hair in the back because it’s not just for lesbians anymore.