Kate Gosselin to say words

Kate Gosselin will give her first televised interview since the divorce on the Today show Monday. Us Magazine reports:

It will be the first time Kate has spoken since her husband Jon made headlines for dating 22-year-old Hailey Glassman just 20 days after announcing he and his wife were splitting. (Asked what Kate thinks of party girl Glassman — the daughter of the surgeon who performed Kate’s 2006 tummy tuck — Jon told photographers in July, “I guess you’d have to ask Kate.”)

Things Kate Gosselin Will Blame Jon For:

1. The divorce. “He didn’t put his coffee cup on a doily! *cries*”
2. Her haircut. “If only he’d used that doily…”
3. Britney Spears hanging out with Lindsay Lohan. “Typical Jon.”
4. 9/11. “There’s no doubt in my mind that was the result of him putting the label maker in the wrong drawer. He just doesn’t think.”
5. Michael Jackson’s death. “You don’t use Propofol without an EKG, Jon.”

And, finally, his most heinous crime: Knocking her up with eight kids so now men think her vagina is the size of a subway tunnel. “It’s called a ‘C-section,’ people. Also, I was married to an Asian man for 10 years. You do the math.”

Photos: Flynet