Kate Gosselin & TLC want to keep milking the kids

October 1st, 2009 // 64 Comments

Jon Gosselin is dropping nuclear publicity bombs all over Kate today. According to TMZ, he’s been actively trying to shut down the show for months for the sake of the kids while TLC and Kate want to keep them in front of the cameras. But, however, Jon’s also been haggling with getting out of his contract to pursue other projects:

Sources on both sides tell us Jon Gosselin has been asking for his exit papers from the show for several months. Production sources say they were willing to continue giving Jon a full paycheck and not put him on the show, but there was one string attached — that he couldn’t do any other show without the permission of TLC. BTW, that’s a standard condition in TV-land.
Production sources say Jon’s lawyer was demanding that TLC let Jon do any show he wanted but TLC wouldn’t budge. Production sources say Jon’s lawyer then threatened to shut down production by claiming the show wasn’t good for the kids, and that’s just what happened.
But sources connected with Jon tell us Jon had been complaining for months about his kids being on the show and that the kids themselves were complaining. These sources say Jon was blindsided when TLC released a statement that the show would be called “Kate Plus 8″ and that the result would be that the kids would have to be on camera a lot more.

Okay, so Jon’s simply looking out for his kids and, admittedly, his love of wearing Ed Hardy clothes to pick up borderline cat-women. Meanwhile Kate just wants to suck on the teat of fame and force her children to essentially work in a sweatshop for mommy. Glad that’s cleared up.

Photo: INFdaily

  1. Gar

    @#48 : I join your movement ! (euh can i add spencer pratt and heidi thingy please ? )

  2. Rhialto

    I did expect this to be written in kid’s crayon handwriting but luckily for him somebody else probably printed this out for him.

  3. Darth

    That doesn’t look like the backside of a beermat.It must have been his lawyer.

  4. Jules

    Kate is no saint (ha! I’m a poet and didn’t know it….), but this Johnawanadingdongtingtangwallawallabingbangathon needs to crawl back into the primordial ooze from whence he came. What a loser. Even if Kate was a complete shrew during the course of their marriage, that still makes him a pussy for “dealing” with it. AND it doesn’t make it right for him to keep continually bashing her in every single media outlet that gives him the time of day. She IS the mother of his children. They should both now realizethat all the money they’ve earned is just going to have to be dumped into therapy for all eight kids. Poor things…

  5. £it

    “These sources say Jon was blindsided…”

    He’s a dink! Of course he was blindsided! He couldn’t open up his GD almond eyes wide enough to see, Camryn Mannheim rhinoing down on his ass!

  6. Madalyn

    If you are going to post a sign, at least check the spelling. PENELTY??? Come on, penalty.

  7. Edward Nijont

    The dumb s*** and his people can’t even spell.

  8. Kodie


    I am so glad you are trying to get your children off the show. Kate is a lying cow and every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. The high road really then why criticize Jon on the show if she taking the high road. Why go on tv and um her way through every answer because she doesn’t want to admit the truth. She wanted the divorce she started the divorce proceedings and she abused Jon and uses a wooden spoon to beat her children. You people who support her are sick sick people.

  9. “penalty” and HIS OWN NAME arent spelled correctly?

  10. Holey Shet. Trie Wurd Pade Jounufan. Iit hass spil jheck.

  11. nigga didn’t even spell my favorite word right.

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