Kate Gosselin still loves ‘the Jon I knew’

August 10th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Kate Gosselin appeared on Today this morning where she naturally whipped out her trademark narrating skills to sell viewers a line of bullshit crafted by TLC publicists and her divorce attorney:

On if she still loves Jon:
“When I think back to the Jon that I knew, yes.”

On still wearing her wedding ring:
Gosselin broke down, brushing away tears with a tissue, when Vieira noted that she was still wearing her wedding ring. “Why?” Vieira asked. “For them,” Gosselin said with difficulty in reference to her eight children. “I don’t want to upset them.”

On feeling like a failure:
“I wake up and I do feel a lot of failure,” Gosselin replied. “This is not what any mother sets out for their children. It’s necessary. It has to take place. I think I’ve turned the focus on myself. I want my children to see a mother who’s committed to her children, who’s determined, who has integrity and perseverance and never gives up. Everything I’ve done for them is out of love.”

On the divorce:
“Clearly, we have totally different takes on what happened.” She said that the blame for the marriage’s failure should be shared by both herself and Jon. “Nobody’s perfect. I was not perfect. Obviously, it takes two,” she told Vieira. “I don’t know, to be honest, what would I go back and change. It’s hard to say.”

Kate also denies rumors that she had an affair with Steve Neild and accuses her brother and his wife of making “tens thousands of dollars” on the tabloid circuit “spreading lies” about the Gosselins. But probably the most disturbing item is that she reveals hers kids’ favorite show is — their own: Jon & Kate Plus 8. Wow. Really? No red flags there? “Hey, my five year old loves staring at himself on TV. In fact, the other day he fired a teamster then demanded we re-edit a scene because he had some lollipop in his hair. Ha ha. Kids.”

Kate on Jon and the Divorce:

Kate Talks Tabloid Rumors:

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  1. Que

    Que newsworthy/que where can I find more?

  2. Boring


  3. Steeevil


  4. yuki

    MAKE. THEM. BOTH. GO. AWAY.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

  5. Toninho


  6. Have said this before & will say again…I’m on team Kate!!!

  7. Cark the Brave

    She is a robot. The cybernetic apocalypse is upon us.

  8. Rosa

    Kate Gosselin appears very sincere in this NBC TODAY interview. She is going through a very difficult time in her life and yet because she is a good Mom she can not allow herself to breakdown. I admire the fact that despite the fact that she was given the opportunity to speak badly of JON she did not.
    Let hope that at least one parent continues to do right by their children.

  9. Steve Neild

    She will not admit she is with me because I do not want to live with her.

  10. LIES!

    On if she still loves Jon:
    “I try to see past the belly.”

    On still wearing her wedding ring:
    “Good P.R.”

    On feeling like a failure:
    “It’s good to be honest with yourself sometimes.”

    On the divorce:
    “Obviously it takes two, but I did 98% of the work. Jon barely does anything.”

  11. Rosa=Delusional

    She is not a good mom. Her kids have stated that she is mean and cold all the time. The taller of the twins said this 1 week ago.

    As far as treating him badly. She did enough of that when they where married. If you ever saw the show she talked to him like he was a servant. 0 respect from her towards him ever.

    If you really believe she is doing the right thing I guarantee you are a divorced woman or soon to be. Some of you are filled with some sort of fantasy life these 2 lived.

    I will make it really cut and dry so you can understand. If you are married and you treat your husband with no respect and treat him like a piece of shit even on live tv. You absolutely will be divorced. This is 100% fact. No man wants to live with a complete and utter bitch.

  12. RB

    I will repeat my request: who do I need to fellate to cease hearing/seeing these people…ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. @ 10

    Absolutely right. You hit everything right on. This chic is way beyond delusional. Some dumb brain dead women out there may fall for her crap but no man will.

    We get it. Most men do not want some ugly buffoon of a wife who talks trash to them all day. You will all be in the divorced club and thank god for that. You see instead of a woman seeing problems in other women and trying to correct herself she would instead rather go for the sympathy route. Try to get a bunch of other divorced women on her side so she can feel right about her stupid actions. This works great if you are turning into a carpet muncher. If you want a man in your life again, you will need to fix all those dumb retarded things about yourself.

    The fact is this. Google it. She treated the guy like crap the entire show. If you think any man would put up with that you are way way past delusional. She dumped John months before he left. So he moved on with his life, tried to find a woman who was not such a bitch and likes to have fun. She is the one who made the kids work filming and doing stunts (picnic episode) when they said they did not want to film they are tired of filming. During the time she is with them she drills them with video tapes and normal episodes of the show turning them into media whores. They are becoming just as self absorbed as she is. Everything that comes out of her mouth in an interview with anyone is censored and coached by TLC, this is in her contract as most TLC contracts.

    TLC whored this dumb family out to the world. They knew they would wreck the kids lives once she turned into a media whore herself and thought she was a celebrity. I can guarantee the kids will cut her off in the future. Once they find out how much money she stole from them and how she used them they will never talk to her again. This happens to 90% of child tv stars. You want the real story on Kate? Wait till one of the kids writes a book about her then you will know the truth.

  14. gotmilk?

    so lying to the kids about still being married is a good thing? obviously they will notice that their dad doesn’t live in the house anymore.

  15. Lolocaust

    6 months from now there will be a reunion episode, where they reconcile their marriage.

    Everyone but me will be surprised that these fucking cunts did this for ratings.

  16. joe blow


  17. Nanotyrannus

    Oh just shoot me the face already. With a bazooka. Loaded with nails,glass, hand grenades, piranhas, and all eight of those fucking kids armed with ninjas.

  18. abby

    GO KATE!!!!! I am happy for you!

  19. jlylec

    i feel sorry for those kids…one parent’s a money-grubbing whore…the other’s a pussy grubbing whore…they don’t stand a chance.

  20. Indentured Servant

    The Jon she knew, you know the one where she says jump and he asks; How high. Ma’am?

  21. An Old friend of Jon’s (Not Kate’s) Speaks Up!: http://tinyurl.com/oyqsfm

  22. Kelly

    Wouldn’t her wearing the wedding ring just confuse the kids even more? If they know what it signifies as she claims, they probably just think there’s that much more of a chance of them getting back together since she’s still wearing the damn thing all the time.

  23. How quickly public sentiment can change. We don’t truly know these people, only what we’re allowed to see. Everyone’s true colors come shining through eventually, and the “victim” role will wear thin after a while.

  24. Ick

    Kate seems very sincere. She was obviously blindsided by her husband’s affairs and “true colors”. She seems to be trying to do her best for her kids.

    To the Kate Blamers: What woman would be willing to do to her body and her life what carrying Sextuplets does, if she wasn’t in the marriage for Love and didn’t have complete dedication to and trust in the marriage? It’s a HUGE leap of faith in your partner to carry and bear multiples…give the woman some credit!

    I honestly don’t think she treated him badly, in fact she treated him pretty well, and their little tiffs on the show were mutual, he equally snapped at her, and they had an understanding…that’s Marriage people!


  25. stupid hausfrau suckers

    She’ll say anything to make the F-ing money train keep chugging along. Pity the rubes who believe this bullshit…but that’s why Cable and Sat. TV have 30 odd channels of product hawkers pushing plastic crap down the throats of dumb housewives who willingly buy it.

  26. TheRage

    this article left out the 5 million times she said “uhm” in her interview.

  27. team mentally retarded

    -whatever Kate says is fine with me. daaaaaaaaahhh

  28. Body Language/ Verbal Expert

    eehhemmm…. cough,, ….umm ….LIAR………..thank you

  29. Superbiggerevil

    Managed to get through 90 seconds of that shit, and now I’ll never get those 90 seconds back.

  30. Gosselin Kids

    – what’s a wedding ring?

  31. Kate

    The Jon I knew was 100% on-board with our child pimping scam
    The Jon know is an plain Jane nookie meister

  32. give us some photos please

    Kate should jump on the pussy wagon and “leak” out some photos of her showing her stuff-muffin. Hopefully she will have it lasered nice and smooth and she can show us how far she can cram an organic cucumber up in there.

  33. Denise

    All this woman does is hide behind her children.

  34. dink squeeze

    She’s a big ol’ CUNT.

  35. @ #24-Ick

    Are you divorced?

  36. Dirk The Impailer

    She misses the Jon she used to know — the one who let her berate and treat him like shit, not the one who dates cute young chicks and tells her to fuck off at will.

  37. Io

    here in lies the problem…kate has ALWAYS focused on her KIDS first, rather than her husband…well actually herself first, then her kids, then her husband. her own warped sense of all of that has what’s led to the demise of her life as she knew it. She needs to stop acting like such a control freak and put Jon and their marriage first, AND THEN THE KIDS.

  38. dink squeeze

    Of course she focuses on her kids first, they are her little money makers!

  39. yikes

    she’s goooooooood. she’s TOO good.

  40. DCMikeRotch

    Moritorium on Gosselins? PLEASE?! Coverage of this completely worthless & bland couple (invitro + spineless = incessant coverage?) is bordering on waterboarding.

  41. Jamie's Uterus

    Next up, Jon hooks up with an even more down market skanked up slut than Hailey Glassman!

    His humiliation of Kate will continue, and I love it and cannot get enough!

  42. Kate's acting coach

    I told her that the motivation for the preambled “wedding ring” question is the loss of future big bucks on the ‘multiples’ gravy-train and the tears just FLOWED.

  43. datroof

    Everything she’s done has been for the love of her kids?

    Does that include the boob job, lipo and tummy tuck?

  44. cindy

    -word is that she was a total bitch to all on the set,threatened to walk off and cursed Viera afterwards to her very large entourage, which she demanded not to be photographed or filmed,on the way out .

  45. I think Jon has turned into a man whore and should maybe stay out of his kids life for awhile… He speaks on not wanting his kids to google him then I suggest he should act like a father and not like some little teenager!!! He needs to grow up and fast!!! On the kids saying their mom is mean, what kid doesn’t say that about their parents one time or another??? I can understand Kate being so organized, she would have to be… I can also see where others would think she was being a bitch… I can only imagine how hard it would be to have 8 children no matter what there ages are… I have 6 myself, but there is a gap between the 4th and 5th child… Raising the 4 alone was in its self very hard… I think Kate is in for a hard road ahead and if Jon stays in the picture as the children grow, it may be even harder unless he can grow up and stop acting like his hormones are on fire… He keeps saying, I’m only 32 like Kate is soooo much older!!!! Whine to someone who cares!!!! I started watching the show because of it being a family!!! Not to many of them around!!! I’m not that sure if I will continue to it…. This is hard on the children no matter if she wears her rings or not… Take a look at what is happening everyday… Not a day goes by without something new going on in their life…. If they want things private, then don’t go around showing the world your business and act like adults!!! Jon saying, I won’t agree to her babysitters if she doesn’t agree to mine, What is up with that??? Tell me that isn’t what a child would say!!! I’ve heard mine say this all the time… Good luck to Kate because I’m sure most of the child raising will fall on her…

  46. Melissa

    I feel bad for Kate in a way. She is trying to be strong for her kids and I give her credit for that! Granted from the many episodes I saw Kate can be difficult but for the most part I think she just wants what is best for her children. As far as John goes I think he likes to slack off once in awhile and act like one of his children. He seems like he loves his children but he can’t leave all the child raising up to Kate. It isn’t fair but then again life is not fair, I know I am a single working mom of 2. I am very upset about their seperating and I wish more than anything they would settle evrything and get back together. It is hurting their children. I wouldn’t myself want someone who works at a bar much less go to a bar watch my children so I am right with Kate on that one. Jon just needs to get his hormones in check and realizes what he has. Jon I thibk you are very handsome and you seem to be a good father but PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE for the sake of your wife and kids go back home and stay. Kate, maybe you could be a little nicer to Jon maybe even have a date night and maybe even give up some booty so maybe Jon won’t be creeping but Good Luck to you cuz I am sure you’ll end up raising the children! God Bless You and Your Family!

  47. Jon Gosselin

    Kate….you make me feel fat and bald.

  48. jon gosselin

    Kate. you made me squeeze my buttcheeks so I didnt shit myself. When we were married you never let me take a poo poo I had to poo my pants. Now I’m with Hailey and she lets me use the toilet. she was sent from heaven with no poo. Although now that shes in my life I dont have to poo at all anymore she has me use a cork so I dont waste time so its so much nicer of her to make me use a cork then to shit my pants.

  49. jon gosselin

    Kate. you made me squeeze my buttcheeks so I didnt shit myself. When we were married you never let me take a poo poo I had to poo my pants. Now I’m with Hailey and she lets me use the toilet. she was sent from heaven with no poo. Although now that shes in my life I dont have to poo at all anymore she has me use a cork so I dont waste time so its so much nicer of her to make me use a cork then to shit my pants.

  50. Kate. You do not own me I didn’t squeeze my buttcheeks so. When we were married me a poo poo poo my pants I was never taken. Now I’m with Hailey and she lets me use the toilet. He was sent from heaven with a poo. Although now that shes in my life but now it all to me i dont use a cork, I waste time so its not so much to make it better then me to use a cork is poo shit my pants.

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