Kate Gosselin still loves Jon

November 3rd, 2009 // 27 Comments

Seen here as the younger, more fake-breasted version I prefer, Kate Gosselin appeared on Today this morning where she admitted to still loving Jon and wishing she didn’t drive him into the questionable vaginas of other women by constantly insulting him. Via People:

On still loving Jon:
“A part of me always will [love Jon]. It’s hard to to be married to somebody for 10 years and try to say, ‘No, I don’t love them anymore.’ It doesn’t work really well. I love the memories that we have together.”

On her constantly demeaning Jon during the show:
“I was wrong to treat him that way.”

On how the kids are taking the divorce:
“They all to a degree say I wish mommy and daddy could be here at the same time, and to that I say, I do too.”

On why she can’t just walk away from the show:
“At this point, I can’t go back. I signed up for a reality show, I didn’t sign up to be a tabloid staple. If I said I was done and it was enough, it would just be five more covers of why it is that I’m done, and so I would be living that for a period of time essentially with no income, with no job.”

Shit, I knew it. There’s going to be a Jon & Kate reunion special isn’t there? Those sneaky bastards at TLC played us like a fiddle. If it wasn’t a statistical certainty that at least one Gosselin kid is psychologically doomed to light their mansion on fire while everyone’s sleeping, I’d almost be pissed off about this. Almost.


  1. Yep

    Does she?

  2. Heh. She can’t walk away from the show because she’s a famewhore…that tabloid excuse is as weak as her chin.

  3. William

    That’s a pic of heidi from halloween.

    Awesome, hehehe.

  4. Karen

    A story about Kate with a picture of Heidi, pretending to be Kate. Outstanding.

    Say…do you know of any sites featuring actual celebrities?

  5. Just get off of my fucking TV already!

  6. Take her. She is all yours

    What guy in his right mind would want this ball buster with 8 screwed up children. Good luck bitch. The popular fuzz bumpers currently on daytime talk TV (you know who they are, start a list) will come to Kates’ rescue getting her work. In doing so, they will try and get a taste of the pussy, converting her to fuzz bumper status.

  7. Jenna

    New drinking game – every time you see Kate and Jon making out in a tabloid – take a shot. Seriously. Right in the grocery store. Carry a flask with you at all times.

  8. Fruit Loop

    Of course she still loves him. She could bitch and berate him over any stupid little thing, and he would hardly lift a finger.

    Image if you were some sadistic bastard with a wife you could treat poorly like that.

    “my god, you call that a blowjob?! cant you do anything right? try it again, and this time get the shaft and the balls in your mouth at the SAME time. do i have to do everything around here?!”

    “you call that bending over, thats just pitiful. your head isn’t even between your ankles. do it the correct way like I told you, and not like someone who doesn’t know what their doing!”

    “ok, you know what, nevermind. just go down and make me a sandwich. at least when you screw that up, you wont break anything”

  9. shar

    Well folks the show is cancelled. Do we smell a make-up reality show with Jon & Kate??? Could be this was just a publicity stunt? TV producers are
    whores… Nothing would surprise me. I think both Jon & Kate now realize
    this show was their money tree. What the hell else do they have to offer and I am sure the public was more interested in the kids than them.

  10. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Will she ever stop running to the today show to whine about her problems? Who fucking cares about her anymore? Did anyone to begin with?

    I think each one of them will be on a new TLC show, their version of the “bachelor” and “bachelorette”. Just wait.

  11. Lil

    I can’t stand Kate or Heidi but that picture is hilarious

  12. Nobody gives a crap about Kate thinks and feels. CNN stop posting these stories
    and give us real news. No wonder FOX NEWS is number one.

  13. TJ

    Kate love Kate…she is a narcissistic b!tch. She sold her family out trying to seek fame for herself. Sick of this crying ho.

  14. sin

    Of course she will say she still loves Jon. Who else is she going to get to help take care of 8 rug rats?

  15. It is true that the show went for four years without paparazzi being a problem, but when you sign up to do a reality show, being in the media’s spotlight is part of it. Kate and Jon put themselves in this position.

  16. William Murderface

    I hate this worthless cunt more than the dumb cunt that she is impersonating. Maybe the real Kate could recreate the movie “Seven” and fuck her with a strap-on knife dildo thingy.

  17. kate is looking sexy!

  18. Heroiny

    #8 Fruit Loop……. Thanks man, that made my day!

  19. historymakers

    Give Kate a Break already. I don’t think any of us would like to be in her shoes right now, and go through what she is going through and has been going through over the past few months. I don’t see anything wrong with what Jon & Kate did by signing up for the “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ show. I think anyone would. Those children have had a blast with all of the fun trips, and exciting outings they have had, and now they can have a chance, at college educations. What’s wrong with that? Most parents would love to provide these things for their children if they could. The problem arises with Jon, he just wasn’t mature enough to see the good in his life, and ended up walking out on his family. Sure Kate nagged him, but I guess we can all see why she did now. Drinking it up with young girls, doing drugs, and partying, when he’s the father of 8 children, what kind of an example is he providing for those children.Kate hasn’t done any of these things, she has worked hard at providing her children with a good life, and it’s a shame Jon had to go and ruin it for Kate and their children by stopping the show. Those children weren’t being hurt by being on “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ in any was shape or form, I have never seen happier more bubbly children. Kate keeps them out of harms way as all good parents do. She’s a good mother. I just can’t imagine how frightening it is for Kate right now, as she hasn’t got the show any longer as a source of income, now how are the children going to be supported? She’s right a nursing job won’t cut it, and Jon isn’t working right now, so how will they be supported? Sure she want’s the show to go on, because she needs the income to support her children. She’s lonely because her family & friends turned against her due to jealousy, and greed. Is Kate Gosselin perfect? No way, but she’s doing her best, and is certainly setting a better example for her children than Jon is. Ok so she has nannies and house cleaners, I am sure she needs all the help she can get with 8 children. She seems to have learned a lot over the last few years, as she is no longer as “horrified” by everything as she once was (meaning dirt & messes). I think it’s sad that the world is so hateful towards someone who is obviously in a great deal of emotional turmoil and pain. It’s very obvious in this interview how upset she is, she does look like someone who is up in the middle of the night worrying. She has 8 children to care for, and a large portion of her income is now gone. Also her husband is running around with younger women, and saying & doing all kinds of nasty & cruel things. People make her out to be a monster for no reason other than jealousy. I am sure she is very lonely, and it must be a very hard time for her right now. She’s learning as she goes, just like everyone else out there, she’s human. She has feelings, and this interview shows us how emotional she is at the moment.Her life is falling apart! She’s going through a nasty divorce, and has no one to turn to. She’s always under public scrutiny, I don’t believe she ever thought that she would be thrust this far into the media when she first started the show, it’s been Jon’s behavior that started the media frenzy. Kate does these interviews for money to support her children, what’s wrong with that? And she has every right to tell her side of the story, Jon certainly isn’t keeping quiet either. I think it’s disgusting of Jon to have drained their bank account, and then have the nerve to stop the show, when he know’s full well, it’s the major source of income for his family at this time. I hope if the show is over, that Kate can find an alternative to provide for those precious little children. I watched this interview, and feel such sympathy for Kate, she’s in tears, and the silly interviewer doesn’t even offer her a tissue until near the end. Kate broke down several times, and I think she’s really struggling with her emotions. And it seems so cruel to read some of the comments about her here, and pretty much everywhere, why do we hate someone we don’t even know? I think Jon is being very foolish, but I don’t hate him, I don’t even know him, and I don’t know Kate either, but from what I have seen over the last year or so, the above is the conclusion I have come to. Jon needs to grow up and act like a father and a man, and Kate needs to try to move on with her life, she’s got 8 little one’s to care for pretty much on her own & I hope she finds something or someone that will help her find peace. I wish her the best.

  20. #19, I literally read 3 words of what you just typed and then scrolled down (as to not see it). Anyone that writes a fucking novel on a website such as THE SUPERFICIAL makes me want to eat baby koala bears for breakfast you annoying little bugger.

  21. Made in China

  22. What guy in their right mind with children up to 8 Ball Buster would worsen. Good luck bitch. Fuzz popular day time TV talk bumpers (you know they’re starting a list which) ‘Kates will come to defend his work. In doing so, they try and get a taste of pussy, her full status changed to fuzz.

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