Kate Gosselin starts hinting at divorce

May 13th, 2009 // 76 Comments

Kate Gosselin sits down for an extra-special interview with People where she pretty much hints that a divorce is down the road. This is riveting stuff. If only they had some sort of reality TV show to capitalize on this drama. Hmm…. People reports:

“I don’t know that we’re in the same place anymore, that we want the same thing,” she says quietly. “I’ve been struggling with the question of ‘Who is this person?’ for a while. I remember where I was the first time I heard her name. It’s one of those things where you can try to make it go away, but there’s blaring, red flashing lights.”
The name to which Kate refers belongs to 23-year-old Deanna Hummel, whose brother later claimed she’d been having a months-long affair with Jon.
For Kate, who has referred to her husband as “my balance, my strength and my stability,” to now consider a future apart has been heartbreaking but not impossible. “You can’t imagine yourself in a certain position when all this first happens, but you can do it over some months,” she says.

Also, I’m pretty sure Kate recently sat down with an attorney and figured out child support for eight kids. Her reaction had to be somewhere between “CHA-CHING!” and “Where’s that bodyguard I’m fucking? Mama needs to party.” — It’s like you’re watching the show, isn’t it? I should write for TLC.

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  1. sm


  2. AG

    Oh no! Will the new show now become: “Jon Plus 8 (But Only on Weekends and Under Court-Ordered Supervision)”?

  3. He’s gonna get hit harder than Rihanna in a room full Chris Brown clones with child support and alimony. Ouch.

  4. cammile

    the greedy bitch has her money,mansion, help, etc., why not a better looking husband. I wish hell on this conniving selfish bitch and I laugh at all gullible enough to support her.may she end up alone

  5. austinjames

    anyone know how much money jon makes at his regular job?

  6. juniper

    ok since ive seen her pic alot the last week i have to ask, who the hell is kate gosselin??

  7. Its funny to see her in the news everyday now…really…who give a flick of the light switch…atlesat her unknown book is probably selling more than a couple of copies a day….divorce or not, those kids are really getting pushed into a spotlight they dont deserve…hope this idiot parents can shut the hell up for the kids sake…other wise me might have 8 kids turning into Miss California

  8. Ojala

    @ 6. Juniper
    Ditto. I keep reading about these two but I’ve still not a clue who the fuck they are.

  9. jen

    Jon quit his job well over a year ago ,an IT professional ,at the PA governors office, which he got through the publicity for his litter of kids. He started at just under 40k /yr . with great benefits. He is unemployed now,,,, and for a long time before that job.

  10. dirk

    I think she should pull my pants down and spank Jr.

  11. I wouldn’t fuck her with the superficial writers dick.

  12. poindexter

    Bodyguard – (his family) & Kate + Eight – (Jon + bar whore – criminal brother)
    —————————————————————————————————–……………………………………Knuckledraggin’ TLC viewers

  13. Gargamel

    Zzz…. Geez, I don’t blame him. What man wants to be saddled with 8 screaming babies?

  14. TLC = Ten Losers Crying

  15. RP

    From a financial standpoint, divorce will ruin Jon’s life. Child support on 8 kids for 10 – 13 years will take every dime he makes and then some. If they do divorce, Jon better get used to living in his Mom’s spare bedroom and/or basement.

    But this will be no picnic for Kate either. It’s hard to promote a June Cleaver image when you’re divorced and there are hundreds of hours of video tape showing how she treats a man. I suspect that TV appearances, book deals, endorsements, freebies, etc, will go away quickly once a divorce is finalized. Kate’s best bet to remain in the spotlight (and maybe continuing to make a dollar or two) is to become a Lindsey Lohan or Octomom train wreck. But such a scenario would put the kids through absolute hell, something they don’t deserve.

    The future looks pretty bleak on all sides for those 8 children, the real victims in this mess.

  16. Delgo

    Good Quality image there, Fish

  17. Jon should just claim spousal abuse. He can use her rants on the couch as evidence. Maybe the judge will take pitty on him.

  18. 2for2true

    #15, you’re incorrect. Most states have a limit as to how much can be taken from a non-custodial parent with multiple children. It varies from state to state- anywhere from 4-6 is usually the max. It’s also a sliding scale – 20% for one kid, 30% for two, 36% for three, etc.

    Sure he’ll be hit hard for support, but then again, take away the TV money, how much does this loser make in a year? If he’s bringing in 80K, then the kids might get about half that.

  19. ToTellTheTruth

    He better find a rock to hide under and FAST…this bitch is gonna get EVERYTHING, the house, the dog, even the ice cube trays in the FRIDGE.

  20. LOL Poindexter #12. Nice equation.

  21. Zanna

    What this bitch doesn’t understand is she thinks she’s going to be kept in the lifestyle that she is accustomed to. Which is basically shouldered by TLC. Once the show is over, she isn’t going to have nannies, and sponsors and all that bullshit. It will be her….8 kids…and whatever $$ the court orders. And there is no man on earth after watching her emasculate her husband time and time again going to step up to the plate.

    Besides all that, you always have to be suspect when “scandal” hits right before a season premier, an album drops, etc…..

  22. Garylove

    wow…does she still date with those tall guys on tall celeb site:
    ” ___T a l l l o v i n g . c o m __ “? Many fans of her know this thing.seems it is not a break news there.

  23. Wanda

    Soooo, this lady is famous for housing a litter of babies in her stomach that were all fertilized in a petri dish, squirted into her uterus with a turkey baster, then surgically extracted 9 mos. later…..right?…and now she has nannies , housekeepers, doesn’t attempt to sexually satisfy her husband, sits and signs books for bored women, and has sex with hired help who can’t criticize her………. lazy bitch

  24. PunkA

    New show will be Kate plus 8. John will get left behind, except maybe a weekend cameo.

    While I like John way better than Kate, she makes the show go by being so bitchy, neurotic and controlling. People will still tune in to watch her crazy ass.

  25. Tina N.

    She’s one nasty money hungry bitch and if the divorce is real this one is going to get ugly. She has burned all bridges behind her and she will probably accuse her husband of pretty much anything to gain control of most of their assets including those little money makers(her kids)…………….in a couple of years you might find Jon in trailer, down by the river, with a bag of generic Cheetos and a hot plate.

  26. Zanna

    John should do a gang bang porn called “John and 8 does Kate”

    I like the way I think.

  27. Io

    Kate Gosselin had a really special_____(noun) before she______(verb). Somehow life has been_____(adverb) obscene. When she looked in the____(noun) one day she_____(verb) and said never again will I____(verb) that_____(adjective)______(noun).

  28. Zanna

    Kate Gosselin had a really special vagina before she conceived. Somehow, life has been grossly obscene. When she looked in the toilet one day she ovulated and said never again will I shit another Gosselin

  29. nursekim23

    Actually, for all you reproductive illiterates……she actually conceived her litter by IUI…..intrauterine insemination (they shot Jons sperm in her with a baster). Her crazy ovaries are to blame…….can someone say to much FSH in her system!!!!

  30. the sextuplets

    where’s mommmy .?…where’s dadddy…….? who is this lady in our house ?……………mom E and dad..D are out gettin’ some? …what does that mean?………momE ….dad E come baaaack !

  31. TheDude

    TV families seem to have one thing in common: inevitable self-destruction.

  32. General Tao

    It’s really just her ridiculous porcupine ‘do that bothers me.

  33. dethbyrd

    # 33 General Tao- you said it i hate that fuckin hairdo of hers. my wife watches that show and has been singing her praises till now. now i’m laughing!

  34. Tammy

    Am I the only one who is thoroughly grossed out by Kate Gosselin’s haircut?! Nasty I tell you, nasty.
    She should have done something with those porcupine spikes years ago.

  35. nicole

    You could blame this result on many things but in reality it most likely started when Kate cut her husband off from a normal sexlife. She stopped being a wife to her husband…..and I’m sure she has a million selfish excuses why,, but she married him for better or worse.

  36. PunkA

    She reminds me of Ellen. Same hair, sounds just like her. Hates men like her too. So not shocked by this.

    A better porn name– John Plus 8 does Kate.

    Of course, he is half Korean, so he is half small. Maybe he can afford an implant to make the title work.

  37. bluelake

    She is full of shit.
    Playing the usual victim, ‘ poor me ” . OOOh I’m so surprised, who is my husband anyway?
    From everything I’ve heard they have been split for some time now and she doen’t wan’t the cashflow interupted so she’ playing dumb.

  38. Is it just me or is her haircut crazy? It’s like a reverse mullet.

  39. Is it just me or is her haircut crazy? It’s like a reverse mullet.

  40. Io

    #35, you are not alone. the stylist should be strung up by his sadistic balls and burnt alive for that hideous do

  41. Yeah

    She’s like a less-hot version of Caroline Rhea after a Flowbee mishap.

  42. Happy Hiker

    Come on people ~ He cheated on her. That’s gotta be painfull especially in the public eye. At least the kids will all be in school this fall and the worse part of babies/toddlers stage is over. She will have more free time and live a less stressfull life. I am sure 8 kids would make the sainest person crazy. I have a two month old and couldn’t imagine having 7 others to watch after.

  43. pasteve

    I think Randall’s head probably exploded trying to find something nice to say about this hyper-vaginal shrew, so here goes:

    Way to go Kate! Your carefree hairstyle helps you keep up with all those adorable children. As a supermom you’ve learned that sometimes a pretend threat can really help get things back on track. Way to show us all what a real wife and mother should be!

  44. Tammy

    Am I the only one who is thoroughly grossed out by Kate Gosselin’s haircut?! Nasty I tell you, nasty.
    She should have done something with those porcupine spikes years ago.

  45. jay

    WHAT IS UP WITH HER HAIR? shit! she looks soooooo bad with that ridiculous haircut.

  46. Americanwhitetrash

    Good luck getting another husband with your 8 kids. The best thing to happen to him in years. Peace and quiet.

  47. my first thought is those poor kids! my second thought is…. i’m not suprised she is pretty mean to her husband.

  48. my first thought is those poor kids! my second thought is…. i’m not suprised she is pretty mean to her husband.

  49. venom

    OH! I didn’t know Michael Mckean was a post op tranny?


    Sorry times when Lenny from Laverne and Shirley turns into a woman.

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