Kate Gosselin spanking her kid counts as news now

June 17th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Like most religious parents, Kate Gosselin believes in spanking the everliving fuck out of her kids whenever they get out of line. So, with the paparazzi on her 24/7, one of these moments was bound to be photographed and ran in the tabloids – which it did. Here’s Kate’s response via Life & Style:

“Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first. I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation.”

Look, this constant media coverage is really getting out of hand. I mean, an entire exposé devoted to Kate spanking her kids? C’mon. For the record, my parents spanked me, and I turned out fine. I mean, just look at this site. It practically screams “well-adjusted.” (As well as “Boobies!”; “I hate you, Dad.”; and “Will climb out the window after sex.”)

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  1. She’s a bitch what do you expect !

  2. V

    First!!! I rule

  3. alskdfj

    i don’t get it

  4. Some kids need to be spanked sometimes. What the hell is wrong with people?

  5. Jeremy

    Probably had the kid confused with the bodyguard. Ho.

  6. PhDiego

    who’s this woman and why is she important?

  7. I’ve got a monkey… come spank it Kate…

  8. Yours Truly

    Ask the girls who dance on poles how many were raised by “religious” moms and associate getting hit with being loved. “I do this because I love you” is the path to teaching kids to grow up to be dysfunctional. BAD IDEA JEANS.

  9. dude

    Parents that don’t spank their kids when they misbehave are weird.

  10. Amy

    Who doesn’t skank their kids? I wasn’t aware that this was taboo. But then again, maybe it’s because I’m from Alabama. Trips to the woodshed aren’t that uncommon. (Of course, I never got spanked because I was a perfect child, but that’s besides the point).

  11. “Who doesn’t skank their kids? “….

    Uuuhhhh… HI FREUD!!!

  12. Stuey

    lol nice Amy.

    Yeah whats the big deal? But did anyone catch that video of her child asking for a drink of water and she takes a drink and makes her daughter cry because she doesn’t give her any?

    The tell all book is going to be awesome.

  13. Amy

    #8, there is a difference between being “hit” and being spanked. Use some common sense. Plus, kids are different. No matter how you raise some kids, they turn out shitty. I’ve seen kids who’ve never got spanked and had everything handed to them turn out like shit. I’ve seen kids (like my dad for instance) who were beaten to a bloody pulp and turned out great and learned to never lay a hand on anyone. People are just different. This is one reason I really don’t want kids (I know I’ll change my mind at some point). I don’t want to deal with the crap. It’s like you really don’t know what you’re going to get–the deadbeat shitty kid, or the doctor.

  14. ph7

    She spanks them for opening the bedroom door while she’s fucking her bodyguard.

  15. HankTheDwarf

    Fuck this whore.

  16. Oh-oh


    You use anectodal evidence to reach conclusions? That’s not very lawyer-like. And your fear of a “shitty deadbeat kid” or a “doctor” tells me your parent sscrewed you up good – they seems to have taught you that your value as a child is based on whether you choose a lofty profession or if you struggle to find your place. That’s screwed up. You probably should get your tubes tied.

  17. C.G.

    She can spank me anytime ha ha ha ha

  18. Chucker

    Religion has nothing to do with choosing to spank. Though I am very religious and practice the time out method rather than spanking, I do recognize that spanking (VERY different from hitting ) can be done effectively. Most people fail to do so though.

  19. HankTheDwarf

    @18: God is imaginary, faggot.

  20. whothefuckcares

    when i got spanked when i was a kid-i freaking deserved it!! (well, most of the time, sometimes it would be my brother’s fault i was in trouble)

    i was a little brat at times and i learned my lesson. if you can teach a kid without spanking thats great…but we sure needed it

    how the FUCK is this news?

  21. BEAM

    The Fish writer grew up in the Goode Family. His parents probably recycled rainwater to take their showers in.

  22. Erica

    She’s religious? Gross.

  23. Rachell

    I’m an agnostic liberal and I believe in wearing a kid’s ass out when she/he needs it. My boyfriend and I both received numerous whoopins as kids and I think we’re the better for it. Although, when I was in school, I got paddled for talking too much in class and I think it was kind of harsh since I was only 8-9 and they wore the shit out of me at school….course I got it double at home if I got it at school lol.

  24. shift

    For all those people who think spanking is abuse, “Fuck you!” All of you tree-hugging liberals need to chill the hell out.

  25. Kate,

    I know my evil twin will eventually say something about you which will sound awfully praising, however I will be the first to say disregard his deviant ramblings. You are a bad person with an ugly heart. And we don’t give a fuck what you think. (Oops, sorry… that was a Romy & Michele moment). Anyhoo… if you have decided to beat your children and fuck your bodyguard without regard as to how this will eventually impact your children in the future, we the public will wonder how such a person can live with herself. I don’t hate you, Kate. I pity you.

    Look inside your soul and find a way to forgive yourself and your husband for your marriage’s faults. And please don’t take it out on your children. They are innocent bystanders.

    Randal’s Evil Twin

  26. Casey

    We all know that nothing works better on kids than threats or bribary. If you spank your kids and threaten to do it again in the future…you can scare your kids into being good. I fail to see the problem.

  27. Kitty

    Why must we have 8 pictures of her pumping gas!?? One would have been plenty or just a blurb.

  28. The Lesser Masses

    Hahaha…it’s pretty clear the only idiots who think spanking a child is neccessary or productive are the boneheads who themselves were spanked as a child. Like religion or sport teams, children adopt the preferences of their parents with great conviction, no matter how ridiculous.

    Go to a graduate school, a corporate board room, or other assembly of high achievers, and you find the loweest rate of formerly spankled children.

    Go to a trailer park, and you’ll find the highest rates of spanking.

    Spanking is the redneck’s substitute for good parenting.

  29. havoc

    #27 summed it up perfectly…..


  30. I'm so Vapid

    @25… I love you man!

    Kate can spank me anytime! As long as I can pull her hair and smack her around afterward! Tummy Tuck scars make me hot!

  31. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    @27 welll excusssssssseeee me, those are not eight pictures of her pumping gas, those are eight pictures of breast we all would be glad to be humping.

  32. dk

    @ Fish ” religious ” spank everlicking fuck out of her kids ”

    lmao I love you man! I would marry you! I mean if you were tall, blonde (brunette at this point) had a vagina liked to cook and clean etc

  33. I believe in spanking. *shrugs* I don’t think it’s a Christian thing, or anything with religion at all really. I just think there are times when a kid needs the shit slapped out of them.

  34. DocGrrrl

    UGH! So sick of hearing about her…. Who fkn cares!

  35. Jen

    @28: Spanking doesn’t hurt kids, hitting does. There IS a difference. And besides, have you ever seen kids being punished with “time out”? Yeah, 99% of the time, it’s shit. And I’m not religious either. So, since you don’t spank and apparently were not spanked, don’t mouth off about things you don’t understand.

  36. sarah

    The only reason this is making news is because it involves Kate. If it was any other parent, celebrity or otherwise, this wouldn’t even elicit a blip on the radar. Since Kate appears to be persona non grata, I guess anything goes. Sad.

    The cliche, “when it rains, it pours,” comes to mind in this instance. Taking potshots at Kate nowadays seems to be de rigeur. Now everybody, on the count of three, let’s all pile on, and see if we can make a mountain out of a molehill.

    This is beside the point, but I’d much rather look at pictures of Kate, than fat, ugly, balding Jon. That guy is hideous!

  37. Parker

    I’ll let her beat me off with her tight ass.

  38. ToRiMiLi

    I’m actually relieved to hear she spanks her kids. I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me that I (occasionally) have to spank my kids and here she has 8 and you never see her do so. Now I know how she gets them to go sit in the Time Out corner and not get up. PS, there is a HUGE difference between spanking and beating.

  39. andrea

    The kids growing up who were never spanked were ALWAYS the worst ones

  40. Vivi

    #28, where do you get your facts? A lot of my friends are in med school, grad school, pharm school, dental school and growing up with them, I know for a fact they were spanked. My parents both have master degrees and they were spanked. I’m in opt college myself and I was spanked as a kid. I grew up perfectly fine. My parents would always tell me why I was being spanked and never to do what I did wrong again. Sometimes I had the option of being grounded or having a spanking (I chose spanking over missed TV shows). I don’t condone corporal punishment, but parents will punish as they see fit.

  41. titsonsnack

    A kid was misbehaving, was told to stop, didn’t stop, and got spanked. Boo hoo. Oh the humanity. Do we all live in Pussy McSpoiledBratville USA? Where Time-Out Lane intersects with Letmykidwalkalloverme Cul de Sac?

  42. Not living in the past

    @ 28
    I agree with you completely. I am a pre-school teacher and (obviously) work in an environment where hitting/ “spanking” is never acceptable. Children learn absolutely nothing from being spanked, it’s usually done because the parent is angry, tired, and too impatient to address the situation calmly and reasonably. Removing the child from the negative situation, taking away something important to them, talking with them, and/or rewarding their positive behavior is a better way to teach children right from wrong.

  43. Lolitainca

    Okay, is it just me or does this chick wear nothing but khaki and white? With all that money, you’d think she could at least get some color into her wardrobe. She thinks she’s a celebrity but she’s not.

  44. biatcho

    All you whiny,ass, bleeding hearts are the reason this country is going to hell in a handbasket. You don’t sit down and have a rational conversation with a 5 year old. Your kind remind me of Miss Lippy from Billy Madison, fucking hippie freaks. your kids are gonna walk all over you and I would love to witness these undisciplined little cretans as teenagers… good luck on those therapy bills.

  45. live and let live

    I can’t stand Kate, but I will defend her on this. Spanking is not child abuse…spanking is not beating a child – it’s because of people who call spanking the same thing as abuse, that children are such assholes these days. Even if I wanted kids, I would not have them because of idiots who call spanking child abuse….all the authority is taken away from parents and given to the kids – which completely warps them to become giant assholes when they grow up. Whomever decided to take “power” away from the parents has ruined this society forever.
    I will defend Kate on this one.

  46. live and let live

    28. The Lesser Masses

    And you’re calling other people idiots? My husband is an Engineer, his brothers are all college educated and have high paying careers and they were SPANKED! There’s a funny story about the look their Mother would give them right before she reached for her wooden Dr. Sholes and they new better than pull any shit on her.

    And your calling others rednecks…wow….the stupid…it hurts.

  47. Corporal Punishment

    Somebody needs to spank the fugly off Kate’s face.

  48. GeorgeWBush

    @14 LOL….

    WTF? Spaking here kids??? I thought she was into that Time-Out stuff….

  49. tom

    The American Academy of Pediatrics—these are our nation’s best doctors—have concluded spanking to be emotionally, psychologically, and even sexually damaging to children, sometimes all the way into their adult lives.

    Spanking is hitting, plain and simple. If someone smacked you everytime you messed up, would it inspire you to become a better person, or would it just make you an angrier person?

    http://www.nospank.net for more information.

  50. cheezy_poof

    @42 you have no kids do you….

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