Kate Gosselin pulled trigger on divorce papers

June 23rd, 2009 // 135 Comments

In a move that had to piss off TLC producers, Kate Gosselin was the one who filed divorce papers yesterday before the airing of the “Big Announcement” episode. This puts Jon in a shitty situation because basically here’s how child custody works in Pennsylvania: If you have a penis, expect to pay out the ass and never see your kids again. Whee! People reports:

“Over the course of this weekend, Jon’s activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children,” Kate said in a statement Monday night. “While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between Jon and myself. As always, my first priority remains our children.”

Of course, knowing this woman, Jon’s questionable “activities” could range anywhere from giving the kids non-organic yogurt to the heinous sin of not color coordinating their outfits, and she’d call in the National Guard. “He’s letting Aaden use the red lunchbox. That’s for Wednesdays! SHOOT TO KILL!”

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  1. Heather

    Agree w/ #45. Why the hell would ANYONE have eight kids?!?! I am the oldest of five and shared a bedroom with two of my sisters growing up, even though my father was a pilot and made a six figure income. My parents bitched about money all the time and it was their own damn fault for having so many kids. People who decide to have a litter are idiots who dig their own financial/emotional graves.

  2. Heather

    And sorry about that comment posting twice.

  3. Anon

    Heather you can apologise all you want but you won’t be forgiven.

  4. #52 – No problem… I skipped over both of them anyway.

  5. p0nk

    @28 Awesome

  6. kate

    why did they tell they were GETTING A DIVORCE on NATIONAL TV if theyre so worried about their childrens welfare?

    do the producers feel any shame that they helped destroy a family for ratings/money?

    disguisting.. and i feel a bit slimy for being interested in the whole thing…..

  7. Trailer Park Hal

    Drinking, going out with friends and smoking weed… and you’re calling someone else trailer trash? You sound like you’d fit in perfectly on King of the Hill

  8. RD

    I can’t think of 2 people I hate more…. sad that hitler comes in 3rd to these two.

  9. Deacon Jones

    Hal, I agree 100%.

    I’ve seen many of my friends slowly castrated over the years by their controlling wives. The last bachelor party I went to, the guy’s fucking fiance literally stalked us and exploded into Hooter’s while we were ordering drinks, screaming like a banshee how he promised not to go to Hooters. i wanted to drop kick her head across the bar.

  10. 70's Kid

    It just dawned on me as I was listening to their endless double talk about moving forward and shit. All they kept repeating in a million variations was how their going to do what’s best for the kids, “I’ll do what’s best for the kids”,”my childrens best interest is my only concern”,”my children are my top priority”, “blah, blah children blah best blah blah concern blah”. My god, this is the reason they hate each other….aside from Kate being a bitch.

    There’s a reason when you’re in a crashing plane they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first and then assist those around you. If you can’t even save yourself you’re not going to be saving those around you. If their only concern day in and day out is following their little brats with a pooper scooper and wrangling the next pony show, they can’t even maintain their own relationship.

    They should have that mom from the other big family reality show, with like the 20+ kids just slap Kate right across the face, and give her the most degrading look while proclaiming that Kate is just a dumb worthless cunt. And then Kate can have that look that the hulk gets just before she’s going to unleash the beast.

  11. wtf

    I suspect that child support will be worked out up front with 60-65% of the cash on hand, and any future royalties off the show being divided in Kate’s favor. Jon will and should be free from that point on financially based upon the what the law says.

    Kate on the other had will have to live the rest of her life knowing that she will eternally be documented and known as queen bitch of the TLC universe.


  12. Rasputins Liver


    …honestly, man. That Kate acts, sounds and looks like a real bitch. Jon’ll be lucky if he can come out of it all with his balls and dick given back to him.

    I bet her kids get together at one point when they’re older and hire a hit man to knock their “mom” off out of revenge.

    GodDAMN…she’s a cunt!


  13. I love how everyone talks about Kate being a bitch – maybe she’s sick of being married to that moron Jon. Absolutely nothing that comes out of his mouth makes a word of sense. His 9 year old daughters are smarter than him. At least Kate has half a brain.

  14. Joe Schmoe

    I think it’s funny that on last night’s episode, Kate kept blasting Jon as the reason for the family’s turmoil. Yet, according to many magazines (who knows how legit they are?), Kate was the one who was having an affair. Yet she feels the need to blame it on Jon?

    Plain and simple: Jon is too overwhelmed trying to raise 8 kids. He’s never grown up like most people need to do when they have kids. Add the craziness of the photogs constantly at his heels…he wants out. And who can blame him? Kate is a nasty, control freak who treated him as her 9th child.

    I feel sorry for their kids…

  15. havoc

    Does Kate still beat the children?


  16. michelle

    i think to call Kate a bitch we need to see how she was before the kids. i think having 8 kids under 8 years old would make anyone turn into a bitch!!!

    next, anyone watch the episode last night? jon wants this divorce so he can get some hot college ass. you can tell by how he said “i’m only 32!” wtf does that mean? to me, that’s code for “i want to get some hot college girl ass!”

  17. Jon is a pussy

    JON: “I’m 32 and I have MY whole life ahead of me…Oh yeah! And my kids”

    OK, maybe Kate is a bitch, but guess what? She always was! I love these people who marry someone the way they are and then 10 yrs later they decide they don’t like it anymore. The reason she yells at you is bc you wouldn’t MOVE an INCH unless she did! Wake up! YOU HAVE EIGHT KIDS! They guy barely knows how to make a sandwich.

    And I love the line he said about he might get ‘job offer’!!!! For WHAT Jon? Sitting around? You have no skills, no personality, no education…remember people! Kate was an RN. He came off looking like a selfish, immature brat and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I am sympathetic to Kate.

    Call her what you will, but this dude is leaving his wife and three kids for a 23 year old teachers aide…..wait until the TLC money runs out. Kate will be an RN and Jon will be living in his mother’s basement.

  18. Brittany

    Oh, to all you saying what a bad mom/wife she is….if she wasn’t so strict and let her kids do all they wanted, they would be horrible kids/people. Also, you would be the same people bashing her for not taking control of her kids and disciplining them. I do not think that either of them are right, but its obvious (especially after last nights episode where Jon told cameras he was doing what was best for him…oh and the kids) he doesn’t want to be a dad. He quoted several times that all he is is Jon and Kate Plus 8 and he is only 32 and should still know who JON is…JON should be a freaking dad–thats Jon. He just got into deep with having 8 kids and chose the wrong path to get out of his marriage by looking for other women. Kate has been slightly overcontrolling and may have pushed Jon to the break–but she knew it was coming, come on the woman lives with him, she knew he wasn’t cut out to have 8 kids and she was forced to be more tahn just the mom in their lives.

  19. Hitman Jack

    Kate. Id hit it.

  20. ripper

    Jon = Fat Ass

  21. ktb

    @22 & 59
    A bitch is a bitch…marriage doesn’t change a fucking thing. I just thank god that my husband had enough sense not to spend his bachelor party at Hooters, now that is LAME!
    I for one don’t give a shit if my husband goes out with the guys or to strip clubs. I go with him on occasion. They all think he’s a very lucky man.
    He doesn’t have to ask for permission to do a damn thing, but he’s mature enough to check with me, as I do with him.
    From both of your comments it’s painfully obvious that with your retarded view of women you will never have a meaninful relationship.
    You should TRUST and love the person you choose to marry…

  22. Mario

    I agree with everyone on here: Jon and Kate are great and everything will work out fine.

  23. me

    To Hal & Anon, please give your full names so decent women can avoid you. That is if you ever leave the trailer park.

    The problem here is just an inbalance of power. When you have a weak, spineless husband obviously the wife has to step up and take control. The comment about Jon being unable to make a sandwich cracked me up!!! Cause now he’s going to have to make 8… all at the same time. I might even watch their stupid show now just to laugh at him. Those kids are going to run circles around him!!! especially the twins that someone said are smarter than him!! got that right!! lol

  24. jessman

    Kate is a bitch and she treated him like one of the kids, but she was probably that way before they ever got married so he’s a dumbass for marrying her and putting up with it. Why the hell did he want kids with her.

  25. Smart

    Kate has to kick Jon’s ass because he’s such a pussy. If he would act like a man – and btw “man” is not defined as having an affair with a skanky hick 20 year old – then maybe Kate could lighten up. I’m not saying she’s perfect, but the truth is that rather than address the growing resentment that’s been building, Jon decided he didn’t want to deal with it, so he’s going to go off and have his fun and let her take the majority of responsibility for the kids. Good for her for filing early. Let this be a lesson. Don’t have kids, don’t get married, and don’t ever trust that a man will stand by you when times get hard.

  26. me

    oops imbalance !!!

  27. Kelley

    Sorry, #71, I’m WITH #22 and #59 … men have a “retarded,” as you say, view toward women like that for a very good bloody reason. Get off your soapbox. Any woman who would burst into Hooter’s in the middle of a bachelor party like that NEEDS at least a kick in the ass. Next she’ll tell you what music to listen to … then your guitar goes … and then, and then … the wedding won’t be a wedding, it’ll be a wake. What a silly cunt … now I wonder if they’re still married … or if they even did get married. Poor bastard.

  28. Manly

    kelley are you angry cause you have girls name?

  29. wife

    Jon: “It’s just not good for our kids to be arguing in front of our kids”

    Jon cannot form sentences, case closed.

  30. mom

    My sons have been in the room when I’ve watched this show in the past; I made them watch her for 10 minutes and told them NEVER and I mean NEVER date or marry a vicious pig like this woman.She will ruin your life forever They agreed and are scared straight.

  31. jessman

    Those poor bastards are going to be f-d up when they grow up.

  32. Marcelo

    It really bugs me that their divorce has seemingly been expedited by our over needing desire to know more than what we see from an already open reality show. I know it sounds like a “the media is evil” rant but it’s so blatant to me in this case that it’s the 1st time I’ve felt bad. It doesn’t help that I’m on here now adding to it. A lot of guys sympathized with Jon because of how castrating she seemed to be. Jon said in last night’s episode “I finally stood up…” I don’t think they changed so much as a misunderstanding led to perhaps jon defending himself, his actions and as he said standing up for himself. Being that Kate seemingly always rolled over him all the time this was a change. Problem is once you are behind the 8-ball with a woman and she doesn’t respect you as a man, then there is little you can do. As much as a “bitch” as she seems to be I don’t blame her, I blame him. He should have been a man form the get go and she would have respected him. This is a rampant disease happening where you all too often see women bitching men out. Jon you fucked up, you were running the ship but you gave it up.

  33. Tim O

    Who fucking cares!

    I would be willing to rescue those kids from her asshole parents though. Have them committed and then ask Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt them. They’d be much better off. At least they’d get a drink of water when they needed on.

  34. One L

    Oh look! Kate being a bitch again… Go figure.

  35. stupid idiots!!!

    45. Ashley – June 23, 2009 12:46 PM

    Who cares ! SERIOUSLY?? They are laughing all the way to the bank!!!!!I think America should operate the same way as China. One child per couple. Overpopulation, people starving and these assholes have 8 kids and don’t even work?! WTF is wrong with the world?

    omg! are you fu**** kidding me that you want us to end up like china i have been. if you talk to the people they say they are incredibly lonely because they dont have siblings. you dont deserve to have kids if you want to inflict loneliness.. it is not over population you ignorant fool.

    kate is a b* but hell she popped out kids for that a** and they both have growing up to do. he doesnt deserve to get the kids.

  36. big teeth

    Whenever I see yet another photo of Kate and her shrew face nagging or scolding someone, my dick just packs up and leaves. I am amazed Jon survived as long as he did with that hag. But I also feel sorry for those kids. Born into a circus freakshow, now they have to grow up under her controlling heel. Those kids are going to live their lives bitter and angry, you watch..

  37. Matthew

    again don’t you wish george carlin still around and he will call Bull shit on these 2 morons including spidi? again as the late great George Carlin says it all “is all bullshit folks and bad for ya!”

  38. Grace

    Well, Jon’s “questionable activities” are cheating. Yes, Kate is overbearing, bossy and a bitchy control freak. Yes, if I were Jon, I would be miserable as hell and I probably would break up and move on too… But, just going around cheating on her? That’s not “standing up” to her. That just goes to show the world that you not only COMPLETELY lack balls, but you lack integrity too.

  39. Moniquev

    I predict now that Jon has no-one to keep tabs on him, he’ll be arrested for DUI, or found drunk with teenagers at many more bars, or just be sitting alone in his apartment wondering why he isn’t having any fun, waking up with a hangover every day.

  40. bb

    Total worthless money hungry cunt. What a piece of shit. It is all about her and the cash. Pretty sure Jon is the better of these two.

    She doesn’t care as much about her kids as she does about the easy money coming from this TV show. If she did, why is the show going on despite a divorce pending? Hmmmm kinda make you wonder?!


  41. Marissa

    Both of them are losers. I have zero respect for Kate. And even less for Jon….. They exploited their kids for money. She had twins yet was so selfish went out and had 6 more. Marriages dont work when they are in front of a TV camera.

    I watched the show once for 10 min. Said what a joke. ITs not real. Lets show the world what a womans stomach would look like after 6 kids if the producer didnt pay for plastic surgery

    And for those who gave this smarmy show the time of day , guess what they were not living together for TWO YEARS. This show was a sham from dayone

  42. ?

    #77 -yeah, I’m sure it was quite embarrassing for deacon’s friend when his fiance crashed the bachelor’s party. She definitely did handle the situation very badly, but lying to his fiance was was also a bad move. Deacon Jones is using ancedotal evidence to prove that women are control freaks and or drama queens. Not all women are like that. 22 and deacon would probably attract women like #71 if they didn’t have such distorted views and made wise decisions when it comes to whom they commit to. They also should be smart enough not to date control freaks.

    Hal…most 22 year olds do party and are not looking for anything serious. Men who don’t want anything serious should date women in their early twenties or women that are also not looking for anything serious. They are out there. It really shouldn’t be that hard to find a match. Find a party girl! Yeah, it is all fun and games dating casually when there are no expectations. If you are not relationship material….don’t get into a committed relationship…and if you must…at least choose a swinger or a party person.

    I can also say that men are only good for banging and or making babies with, but I know there are some mature and decent men in the world. oh yeah… Life is about changes and evolving. We all go through stages and phases. The “I won’t change for anyone” line is not going to work…and is a pathetic excuse for older people who don’t want to admit that they still want to live the teenage lifestyle or that they are too stubborn to work on t heir flaws. Compromising is fine…if you love the person you are with and want the relationship to last.. Again…if you are not relationship material….stop getting into serious relationships with women.

  43. Arska

    Stop… reporting… Gosselin… crap. I don’t think anyone else cares either.

  44. Darth

    Women and kids,hardly i can’t imagine a stronger force in the world.

  45. Nero

    I would get dressed in a chainmail if i was Jon Gosseling.

  46. Rhialto

    Soon Jon Gosselin won’t recognize his own wife anymore.He’ll give her nicknames like The Witch or The Monster.

  47. Babydoll

    I feel sorry for the kids.

  48. Samantha

    New show name…John & Kate Plus Hate. Anyone? Anyone? Come on!

  49. Samantha

    New show name…John & Kate Plus Hate. Anyone? Anyone? Come on!

  50. janie

    Jon spoiled and doesn’t want any responsability. Yeah Jon you are 32, so grow up. Life is hard you have eight kids and the only way to keep some control or sanity is a routine. Kate seems to be the only one who understands this. Jon just floats around clueless.

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