Kate Gosselin pulled trigger on divorce papers

June 23rd, 2009 // 135 Comments

In a move that had to piss off TLC producers, Kate Gosselin was the one who filed divorce papers yesterday before the airing of the “Big Announcement” episode. This puts Jon in a shitty situation because basically here’s how child custody works in Pennsylvania: If you have a penis, expect to pay out the ass and never see your kids again. Whee! People reports:

“Over the course of this weekend, Jon’s activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children,” Kate said in a statement Monday night. “While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between Jon and myself. As always, my first priority remains our children.”

Of course, knowing this woman, Jon’s questionable “activities” could range anywhere from giving the kids non-organic yogurt to the heinous sin of not color coordinating their outfits, and she’d call in the National Guard. “He’s letting Aaden use the red lunchbox. That’s for Wednesdays! SHOOT TO KILL!”

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  1. Woot

    Seriously though… if I had 8 kids and a weak douchebag of a husband you’d see hundreds of photographs of me yelling at shit for no reason too

  2. La Dee Da


    Karma? Is a BITCH.

    You deserve any amount of grief you get for treating your man the way you did.

    Rock on, Jon. Enjoy your new found freedom. You most certainly deserve it.

  3. Woot

    I WIN!!!

  4. Dee

    I feel kind of sad they are divorcing. Ad Jon is a wannabe frat boy. Douchebag, that will get old real quick.

  5. F*ckRandal

    @#4…ummm what exactly is he going to enjoy? Not having enough cash to buy a condom after all the child support payments?

  6. searchito


  7. I am ashamed I even know who these losers are. But, seriously, if you watch that crap show then please don’t ever breed.

  8. Mohammed

    The real reason for the divorce is that she refused to do double anal with Ron Jeremy and John.

  9. Dr Truth

    Hahah Kate you dumb bitch. You had to have a temper tantrum and file hours before your “big announcement” thereby screwing E!. I don’t think they will forget this. Kiss your ride on the gravy train goodbye. I hope that little tantrum was worth it.

  10. Anon

    Why are divorces expensive (well only for men)?
    Because they’re worth it.

  11. andy7171

    I don’t watch the show, but from what I understand about it, isn’t he a stay at home dad? Isn’t she going to have to pay him palimony?

  12. Photoshop Police

    Never watched their show. Didn’t give a crap then. Don’t give a crap now.
    Stop reporting on people who nobody cares about.

  13. Tati

    You know, I’m actually glad to hear that Kate filed the divorce papers. Jon’s attitude has gotten horribly negative and now he’s saying he’s ready to stand up for himself? I guess that means cheat on your wife, divorce her, and get an apartment in NYC? PLEASE. While Kate might have been a huge b* to Jon, he should have realized that finding yourself means standing up for your family— his actions lately from what the media has shown shows he’s caring about himself, forget the wife of 10 years.

    Good for you Kate! Of course, the whole family remains in my prayers. I hope Jon doesn’t get screwed over either by paying huge amounts of $$$— maybe he could strike a deal with TLC to cover those costs since he’s “sticking up” for himself.

  14. Anon


    It depends on the law.
    Him being a stay at home dad could mean nothing.

    In the UK it doesn’t and the man has to give up the kids and pay child support.
    I think it’s called equality.

  15. F Kate

    Someone should knock Kate’s teeth down her f***ing throat. Stupid worthless trailer trash.

  16. suzeee

    Jon is huge wimp. No backbone, he makes you want to hurt him. Kate is a bitch but I can completely see where she is coming from. Jon is like raising another kid. Jon wants to party all weekend with 23 year olds. simple.

  17. yeahyeah

    I think Kate is actually a very good mother…….if I had 8 kids I probably would’ve already committed suicide….shes a very strong person. Yes, she can be bossy at times but HELLO with that many kids you have no choice but to be that way if you don’t want them to run around like a bunch of hellions. Jon has proved to be a weak person who doesn’t mind walking away from his family…

  18. suzeee

    @19 exactly. It one of those where you go…….I had kids with this man?? what was I thinking???

  19. Book deal

    I think he will come out better in the divorce . Monetarily wise at least. A douche with money is still a douche. She is an author with several books to her name. She makes far more than he did as…. whatever he did.
    I doubt she will have to pay out the nose to him . But as far as earnings go. She makes far more than him.

  20. Hal

    I like how all the ‘women’ defending Kate say it’s probably because she has 8 kids. Uh huh… that’s why 95% of the women end up acting that way two years into a relationship. They’ll be accepting of you going out drinking. Sparking up a j. This and that. The more serious the relationship gets, the more they try to change you. You can’t hang out with your friends. You can’t drink anymore. You can’t smoke anymore. Women are only good for banging

  21. KG

    These are two talentless douchbags whose only claim to fame is that they had a full litter of kids. That’s it. Two utterly uninteresting people who’ve done nothing at all of value to society. They are both considerably richer than they would have been if it were not for the show. They will both be considerably richer than they would have been after the divorce, even if Jon loses the maximum conceivable amount.

    Good riddance to bad trash and may the show be a head scratching punchline to the next generation.

  22. suzeeee

    Hal, get a vasectomy now, some men are fathers and some are not. It’s calling growing the fuck up.

  23. Gracie

    I think Jon needs to grow up. He kept repeating “I’m only 32″ so what! No matter what his age, he’s the father of 8 children and needs to act it.

  24. Johnny

    Actually, Penn is a state where assets get divided equally, so Jon won’t be paying out the ass. He hasn’t earned any money anyway.

  25. Anon

    Suzee, wash your vagina out.

    He has proven to be a father whereas she’s shown herself to be an abusive controlling manipulative mother/wife.

    Some women are grown up and some are not. With your “It’s calling (surely called?) growing the fuck up comment” you clearly are not.

  26. The second picture is her orgasm face. True story.

  27. Matthew

    kate is a nagger and a bitch and john is pussied whipped dk George Carlin: is all bull shit folks is bad for ya!

  28. ForniKate

    Have another little drinky-poo …

  29. Come-Honor-Face

    I don’t like to use this term alot, but she is the definition of a cunt

  30. Hal

    Growing up while attending college eh Suzee? Maybe 20 year old c*nts like yourself should get a life. I’m not changing for anyone at the age of 22. How’s your trailer park by the way? Nice this time of year?

  31. Tess

    Everybody needs to get off Jon’s back. I actually fell sorry for him. It’s apparent that he’s not the one wanting the camera on him constantly. And that nagging complaing bitch of a wife Kate would drive anybody crazy. She’s a nut! I can’t blame if he did cheat . And who cares anyway.

  32. Tess

    Everybody needs to get off Jon’s back. I actually fell sorry for him. It’s apparent that he’s not the one wanting the camera on him constantly. And that nagging complaing bitch of a wife Kate would drive anybody crazy. She’s a nut! I can’t blame if he did cheat . And who cares anyway.

  33. Kelley

    I’m with No. 17 … I have never once seen a warm smile on this bitch’s face. I hope you fucking choke on the money. “About the kids” my ass. I hope the paparazzi hounds you for the rest of your life.

  34. KDizzle

    She still has her ring on in these pictures. I’m assuming they are old?

  35. #34 – “And who cares anyway. ”

    Uuuuuuhhh… you?

  36. alex

    I think they should split their children in half….right across the stomach. Ha! you thought I meant split them as in he gets four she gets for, but I turned it around to mean…ripping..and..uh…killing…I made myself sad.

  37. JCGIRL

    Hal, r u seriously saying that it’s ok for a husband and father of 8 to go out drinking, smoke joints, and hang out w/ his friends all the time?????? You’re an idiot.

  38. meme


  39. JCGIRL

    Hal, r u seriously saying that it’s ok for a husband and father of 8 to go out drinking, smoke joints, and hang out w/ his friends all the time?????? You’re an idiot.

  40. DCMikeRotch

    It’s as if someone spliced Kathy Lee Gifford with a puppy mill…

  41. GeorgeWBush

    @21. Book deal

    A writer, LOL, her first book was written by Beth Carson who at one time was Kate’s BFF on the show. As for the other books, can you say ghost writers from TLC.

  42. Grow up Hal!


    So you are 22 years old, you want to drink and party and you don’t want a woman to change that. Fine. But you know, some day you might want to grow up and when you do, you’ll find that you’re tired of drinking and smoking and being a clown. Or maybe you won’t get tired of it, and you’ll just be a 40 year old loser who is broke, with emphysema, a pickled brain, and a couple of kids who hate you. Either way, would be nice if you could keep your misogynistic crap off this comment board.

    So back to Jon and Kate…They are greedy famewhores who really should shut down the show for the sake of their kids…but it’ll never happen.

  43. Ashley

    Who cares ! SERIOUSLY?? They are laughing all the way to the bank!!!!!I think America should operate the same way as China. One child per couple. Overpopulation, people starving and these assholes have 8 kids and don’t even work?! WTF is wrong with the world?

  44. Anon

    be fair.
    If misandrist comments are allowed why not misogynistic?

  45. Fribble

    Fake hair, fake body, fake tan, fake nails, fake face, fake humanity. I’d have killed that bitch long ago. Dead, dead dead. Stabbed through the heart, eyes, and cunt. Cut her up and feed her to the dogs. Put her bones in the wood chipper.
    Set her fucking clothes on fire and burn all traces of her sorry, fugly life.

    Other than that, she’s a fine woman and worthy of admiration.

  46. kate

    LEAVE THE GOSSELINS ALONE! every second we spent on this one of the 8 dies…..

    i live in pa jon will have to pay child support if it goes to court but it might even out considering kate is making tons more money than jon right now

    i dont know all the private details but if your really there for your kids best intersts you do and not just say. you get the fucking cameras out of there face instead of just saying your there for your kids first and foremost

  47. Pepsi

    Team Kate!

  48. Heather

    Agree w/ #45. Why the hell would ANYONE have eight kids?!?! I am the oldest of five and shared a bedroom with two of my sisters growing up, even though my father was a pilot and made a six figure income. My parents bitched about money all the time and it was their own damn fault for having so many kids. People who decide to have a litter are idiots who dig their own financial/emotional graves.

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