Kate Gosselin isn’t ready to date

Unlike her ex-husband Jon “I Never Met a Vagina I Didn’t Like Including Lopsided Ones” Gosselin, Kate is swearing off dating according to her recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Via Celebuzz:

“I’m not thinking about [dating] but the thought has crossed my mind at some point [that] it’s going to be scrutinized. Let’s not talk about it.”
Kate did, elaborate, however, that she wouldn’t want to subject any new suitors to the glare of the spotlight and “the 18 cars [of paparazzi] that follow me around.”

Listen to Miss Hollywood here complete with Starbucks grip: “Oh, I don’t want to frighten the poor man with my glamorous lifestyle.” Notice how her answer isn’t: “I’m not sure how my kids would respond to it.” I mean, it’s not like she wouldn’t be concerned about that because if they’re all out of whack and not filming, who’s going to foot the Lexus lease? And cue the panic attack.

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News