Kate Gosselin isn’t paid enough

Seen here outside her hotel this afternoon, Kate Gosselin filmed her first episode as a guest host on The View and took that opportunity to whine about how much money she makes. Via People:

In response to Behar’s question about how she could place her life in front of TV cameras, Gosselin said it was a different story for the first five seasons. Things were “innocent.” Now, however, things can’t stop, she said – and, as a single mother, she needs the paycheck.
“Do they pay you enough?” asked Behar.
“Is anybody paid enough?” answered Gosselin.

At a minimum of $75,000 per episode which you film at least 20 of a season, I’d say, “Yes, Kate, you are.” But then again I understand all children need a million dollar mansion and a never-ending stream of free gifts from advertisers to survive. And now with the divorce you only get half that much, a paltry $750,000 a year, so talk about adversity. I don’t even know how you get out of bed in the morning. (Not counting the team of illegal immigrant nannies who carry you to the kitchen by rickshaw.)

Photos: Splash News