Kate Gosselin in a bikini because God knows why

June 25th, 2009 // 141 Comments

Knowing full well the paparazzi are staked outside her home, Kate Gosselin decided to stroll around in a bikini this morning for no apparent reason. Unless, of course, this is her way of discouraging media attention, in which case, well played. Now all she has to do is hope she didn’t severely underestimate the “ass like a tanned lump of Play-Doh”-loving demographic who are probably thinking it’s Christmas morning right about now.

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  1. vnl

    This is how a butt that never done exercises looks…

  2. 3RingCircus

    @Joy 91 She choose to become a baby factory unless you believe she had eight kids in two pregnancies naturally. Additionally she obviously had the kids via C-section which means they came out north of where everyone is looking, also she choose to try to fit into a bikini that was way too small for her, and if that is how she looks after plastic surgery, what would she look like without it. I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of that: Angry, Greedy, Out of Shape, and a Control Freak, the dudes must be lining up around the block. If she were smart, she wouldn’t be pissing off TLC right now.

  3. dirk

    Still babies in there.

  4. dude

    am guessing i’m only a few hours drive from where she lives. for some reason i really wana hit that. like HARD! and i dont mean in the chris brown sense..

  5. CakeSnifferer

    #29, the dude, is correct. I have nothing to add.


  6. Tanyaonya

    She needs to put her children first!
    Fashionistas! check out http://www.jimastyle.com

  7. Tracy

    There goes one of my lines “tan cellulite looks better than white cellulite.” Time to do some extra squats. (But tanning is so much easier…)

  8. Tracy

    One other comment… FYI… I have kids. Having kids can ruin your chest… but it doesn’t ruin your rear end. Not having time to work out or drinking too many cappucinnos b/c your exhausted do… but not being pregnant.

  9. FLAB-O-RAMA in a Way-Too-Small Bikini

    She looks like what she is — a classless, flabby witch from a trailer park.

  10. OMG

    I go to the gym everyday and see people of all shapes, sizes, color and ages. Even very young and fit girls have cellulite. Does not matter how much you work out or whether or not you’ve had kids. Kate is an ugly person, inside and out and there is no amount of money, donated surgeries or exercise that will change that. People enjoy picking on her because she is so hateful and has no redeeming qualities. What I find even more shocking than guys “wanting to hit that” are the morons that keep defending her. She’s a publicity whore and does not care about her children.

  11. John Holmes

    The reason someone would want to “hit that” is just to hit it because she deserves a good hard thrashing in her ass. There are some women out there that are just so bitchy and whiny guys look at them and say “she needs a good cornholing” Kate is one of these women.

  12. K-Dawn

    Come on guys! Give her a break! She’s not 25 anymore and you may remember that she has had 8 KIDS! I think she looks pretty good, considering.

  13. Why Is My Navel Up to My Eyeballs?

    That poor woman in the van looks embarrassed — as well she should.

    Ick and blech.

  14. StEvec

    ughhhh…..,,,mooooooooooo….good looking Guernsey there

  15. asdasdasd

    perfect ass

  16. Thea123

    she never looked in a “rear view” mirror and ASSumed her tummy tuck solved all her figure uhhhhhh challenges…….

  17. LEB

    Leave Kate alone. I guarantee she looks better in a swimsuit than Michelle Duggar ever could.

  18. JEREMY

    Most of you dissing her are so pathetic… she gave birth to 8 KIDS… and she has virtually ZERO cellulite and NO stretch marks, I’m not talking about the tummy tuck… look at her hips and legs… basically flawless for a woman who went through that much stress on her body. You guys need serious help and/or laser eye surgery.

  19. Cora

    She’s absolutely disgusting, and it’s not because of the way she looks..

  20. muff diver

    damn, she shaved her thick bush…thumbs down!

  21. zebop


    Typical wide, flat white woman’s ass.

    Kim Kardashian should contribute a butt cheek.

  22. hey haters get over it that u cant look that good after having and ass hole 4 a husband cheat on u like u would never catch him u plus leave u and ur kids 4 some dumb b!tch she looks great 4 having alot of shit goin wrong in ur life then u have stupid ppl sayin sh!t abt ur mothering skills and havin them on t.v. but never said sh!t before i swear ppl r just haters and need to ewll on there own fu(ked up lifes and dont judge unless there is nothing wrong in ur life and u know that would be a lie if u said that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Her body doesnt bother me as much as her fugly face….

  24. Boo

    Damn…I’d like to tap that. ‘cuse while I go whack off.

  25. augus

    Kate looks great and one can see she looks after herself go girl

  26. Delores

    She looks like she should be walking the streets. Kate I hope you shape up and decide to be a mother. All of this is because of you.

  27. lynn

    that is sooooooooooooooooooo nasty can she even wipe with it like that

  28. Kate Lover

    Oh man, I have been googling “Kates ass” for months, and finally, the shot I waited for. I don’t care what any of you say, since the first episode I wanted to see what her ass looks like. Its been a long time coming. Anyways, Kate I love you, screw John, he’s stupid. But please, can I lick ur booty hole. You are so hottttt!!! All this from a 19 year old.

  29. Wade Ray

    She almost looks like she’s ready to pooch a turd out of that big asshole. I’d like to make her gag on my snake & come all over the bitch’s face. Then piss on her.

  30. Trey

    I don’t know I’m 24, and I’d do her. I like those tits of hers, and would love to turn her over on her stomach & fuck her doggy style. I like her big ass, I’d round it all out with a hot “69″ session, until she swallowed every ounce of my hot spunk.

  31. Roy Mabe Jr.

    She needs to do some exercises to get her rear in shape.

  32. William

    I would like to see Kate wearing diapers and plastic pants while being forced to walk around in public wearing those items.

  33. stu

    very sexy mmmmmmmmm

  34. Jake

    I would do so much to this woman her ass so fucking nice my god i would shove my dick so far in her thick ass i would make her cry and moan.

  35. Ready4Her

    I would bed this woman in a NY minute and stay there with her there forever.

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  37. Larry Dominick
    Commented on this photo:

    Say what you want. I would still eat it. So beautiful. Yummy. LD

  38. s.

    No wonder woman have self-image issues. Granted, I don’t understand why Kate went out to talk to someone in a car with only a bathing suit on. However, why do people think they have a right to belittle a woman because her body doesn’t look like a model’s in a published photo? Even the models in those photos don’t look like what is being published.

    I found this string of comments researching cosmetic surgery. Researching “why” women feel they must look a certain way and/or age to be considered beautiful and worse to be accepted by society.
    I have hit a gold mine here. Thank you for your posts.

    Maybe you can give someone a hug, tell your child, spouse or parent you love them, say thank you to the person who held a door for you or let you enter traffic or even just pet your dog; maybe if you do a simple act of kindness the world will have a little more happiness in it tomorrow, simply because of what you did today.

  39. butch
    Commented on this photo:

    made me jack off

  40. killroy

    God i would pound her so hard and blow my giant load in her.

  41. Poker
    Commented on this photo:

    So she has some junk in the trunk.
    That just means she can take a thick, hard c**k like a champ.
    Id slam that.

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