Kate Gosselin in a bikini because God knows why

June 25th, 2009 // 141 Comments

Knowing full well the paparazzi are staked outside her home, Kate Gosselin decided to stroll around in a bikini this morning for no apparent reason. Unless, of course, this is her way of discouraging media attention, in which case, well played. Now all she has to do is hope she didn’t severely underestimate the “ass like a tanned lump of Play-Doh”-loving demographic who are probably thinking it’s Christmas morning right about now.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ahof


  2. Ahof


  3. Mr Bungleq


  4. Hamburglar007

    Cottage cheese anyone?

  5. Anon

    forget the ass – look at the bright side – those huge real boobies! they look GREAT!

  6. No GayTards

    Sexy cankles!

  7. trust in silence

    omg! first for first time, i think that today is gonna be a great day!!

    her ass is a bit lazy and she need a bit of training, but a hit that without a doubt!

  8. #5 Her boobs aren’t real. You don’t just spontaneously grow larger boobs (extra perky might i add) 3 years after having kids. But yes, they look great.

  9. ....

    um, is she wearing her engagement ring still?!?!?!??!!??!?!

    and the ass isn’t THAT bad.

  10. sam

    ahh …..she’s just looking for a Jell-O commercial

  11. the hit man

    I’d definitely hit that!

  12. sarah

    i’d love to see any of you squeeze out 8 children and have a body that looks half as decent as hers. leave the poor woman alone.

  13. ju

    there really is nothing left to say about these people

  14. E


    Watch the show please before you make standard “don’t make fun of ____’s body because she’s had ____ kids”

    She got her stomach done, free courtesy of a fan who watches the show, the tits are fake.

    Really , watch the damn show.

  15. dingus


  16. tired

    How bout this: don’t watch the damn show. Both the show and Jon & Kate are ridiculous. And yeah, most of Kate is Fake, exceptin’ the whole “I’m a raging moneyhungrycuntbitch” part.

  17. Seriously?
    She look’s better then half of the people at the beach. C’mon now…

  18. Zanna

    She just made Jon even happier he ditched her ass.

  19. creepyoldguy

    No wonder the dude cheated on her..NASTY

  20. le fag

    Farrah Fawcett died.

  21. LOL @ squeezing out 8 kids. She habored 8 kids in her uterus. She didn’t squeeze them out. That’d be pretty amazing though. I think her body is fine. Sure, she had a tummy tuck, but it still takes diet and exercise to MAINTAIN it and the rest of her body. Although, it’s a slight indication that youre bikini top is too small when you see “under boob”. ;)

  22. Mr. Sensitive

    #20 – yeah I just saw that. Apparently they found her dead in her hospital room, with Ryan O’Neal trying to fuck her still-warm body. And here’s the sick part: he was trying to penetrate what was left of her butthole.

  23. dink squeeze

    Where did her waist go?

  24. She looks like she’s auditioning for a rap video.

  25. jeremiah

    Someone tell this whore to drop dead. The way she treated jon, it was no wonder the fucker cheated.

  26. Screaming Meat Nugget

    She looks great from the front, just not from the back so much.

    I’d still hit it like you wouldn’t believe.

  27. Hamburglar007

    I mean seriously? She looks “okay” from the front. But I just can’t get over the fact that from behind she looks like a 67 year old retired woman in Florida.

  28. Hamburglar007

    Oh, and what saith the assman?

  29. dude

    Wow…here’s some pics for all you dumbasses that previously said, “she’s not so bad” or “she’s hot”.

    And if you STILL want to “hit that” after these posts, I’ve got two things to say to you:

    1. really, you have no standards. You would “hit” a knothole.
    2. As gross as she is, Kate Gosselin will never fuck you.

  30. LIZ

    She’s almost 40 & has had 8 kids–of course she isn’t going to look perfect. Sheesh.

  31. sarah

    14. i do watch the show. i watched it long before the media shit show that they’re in the middle of now. and you’re only proving my point that nobody human could look any better without some sort of help. if you watched the show then you obviously know what she looked like during the pregnancy. she’s fucking human and while i dont disagree that she’s brought most of this on herself i dont understand why any of this has anything to do with her body. she looks pretty damn good for a woman that’s had to bring up 8 kids

  32. plincoln21

    i’d hit it


  33. CrunchPop

    @30 – shut up.

    She’s a fat hag. Play-dough ass. Cankles. Fake bolted-on tits. Liposuction & tummy tuck.

    And still she looks like the fucking Swamp Thing.

  34. whoa nelly

    Man, I guess the “ass like a tanned lump of Play-Doh”-loving demographic really does exist.


  35. Ego

    WTF, why is this #1 on the “So Freakin Hot” list? My god man!! By the way, I’m fucking blind now .. thx

  36. Superbiggerevil

    #22 – Just lost my breakfast with that visual…thanks for that.

    On a lighter note: There is a place reserved in Hell for both Jon & Kate as a reward for their efforts the last 3+ years in becoming “media pigs”.

  37. NunyoBidnez

    I wonder who donated the boobs? They didn’t show that episode.

  38. Cancer rotted the wrong ass!!

  39. f

    nice boobs.

  40. Doucherficial

    #29-You rule

  41. Funeral Guy

    I’ve commented here before that I would tap that if she had a ball gag in her mouth. I hereby announce that my peeny has just overruled me by crawling up into my taint like a turtle head.

  42. nottoobadBUTT

    it’s not THAT bad but honestly, I don’t even walk around the INSIDE of my house like that! She is desperate for attention.

  43. Jessman

    I’m ashamed to say I would fuck her in the ass.

  44. Funeral Guy

    #22 Even by the low standards of this website that comment will put you on the express track to Hell.

  45. RD

    best line of the year! “an ass like a tanned lump of play-doh”

  46. FACE

    me too, #43

  47. mr. voluptuous

    That is the mom-jeans of bikinis.

  48. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Hope she does not run into an Japanese people at the beach. They harpoon whales.

  49. Robert

    How is it that this woman and her husband are doing MORE HARM to their children than that OCTO-MOM character?

    My mind reels with the sheer lunacy of it!

    Even though I have done far worse than Mrs. Gosselin I agree that she would be as interested in me as Megan Fox was in that ginger haired pimp with the flower!

  50. .

    Do you tell your mother she looks like shit Fish? You must be a raging homosexual to care so much about female imperfections. ” Like, OMG, who does she think she is showning so much with THAT body!”
    You are worse than Perez.

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