Kate Gosselin in a bikini

May 31st, 2009 // 196 Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of Jon and Kate Gosselin coverage these past few weeks, and while this train wreck continued its path of destruction, I kept joking to myself “Jesus. What’s next? Kate in a bikini shots?” — Ta da! These were taken in North Carolina this morning where she’s vacationing without Jon, and I’m pretty sure I just made all this happen with my mind. Sorry, everybody. Sorry!

Photos: Splash News

  1. ohno

    i HATE HATE HATE to admit this – but she looks GREAT. i NEVER would have guessed it. who knew she was hiding those tits? they are glorious!

  2. So I wheez when I look at this ‘Kate’ crap, click the link, and think :
    America – WTF ?
    (What’s with the green pail?)

  3. boondoggle

    She looks pretty good for having 8 kids.

    She looks like an unhappy person though.

  4. christiet

    She looks good for having so many children!

  5. amandainlongbeach

    i think she looks good considering having 8 kids, the doc did a good job compared to how it looked before since she showed the before stomach on the show. but the belly button is really high.

  6. Chelle

    I think she looks great, especially considering that she’s had eight kids.

    But her hairstyle is just weird and ugly and she always looks so pissed off.

  7. IKE

    She has nice legs.
    I am rather curious about what’s going on in those bottoms. Is that a maxi pad? Bush? What??
    I’d click a link to see her naked.

  8. missguydead

    pic #14 she IS smiling!!! WTH she is smiling at, no clue. I didn’t think it was physically possible. She can smile, I’ll be damned!

  9. i just have to say this:


    i’m sure her pussy is as dry as the Sahara, but it’s probably practically virginal from years of under-use.

  10. ali

    I don’t think thats a huge bush, I think the suit just fades from orange to red.

    You guys are nuts if you actually think she delivered 6 kids vaginally! Total c section

  11. IKE

    “ali” look at pix 3, 14. and 15. SOMETHING is going on there….certainly not a landing strip. Landing PAD….the whole airport, or something. :) Listen, hair’s fine….I’m just saying there’s A LOT of it…..or something.

  12. In the little green bucket:

    Jons balls?

  13. Bridget

    she looks great! she looks great for a woman with no children, let alone eight!

  14. Sherry

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  15. russ

    Don’t know what you are all looking at ———-those legs are thick and unathletic——the rest ,minus the scars on her sides, is passable. The head has to go, the mouth is attached.

  16. Tinner

    I would love to have her as a wife. Looks like that after 6 kids? Not only that: inclined to fix her self instead of looking like a slob? Yes please. Also: I never got the big issue with scars.

  17. bushman

    This woman has major bush going on under that bikini bottom.

  18. Johnny Cockring

    After I hit it I’d be committed to quit it.

  19. CakeSnifferer

    Two things: Whoever this person is, she’s ugly, but not ugly enough to laugh at. So she’s certainly in the “dead zone” interest-wise.

    The other thing is that since you decided to devote 50% of your coverage to this person and Paris Hilton, my interest in this site has declined quite a bit. I won’t say I’ll never come here again or anything – it’s just too easy – but you really should clear your heads and bear down.

  20. BallsOfCake

    And you’re a douchebag

  21. mssooz

    looks like she’s wearing one of those gigantic “overnight” pads. really freaky :( /barf

  22. jess

    Hello!! This woman had eight kids!! She looks great!!!

  23. miggs

    In that last pictures she’s about to bite that kid’s head off with her fanged vagina.

  24. CakeSnifferer

    Quite possibly so, Balls, but that doesn’t make me wrong.

  25. Fati

    It appears she has starred in some kind of a reality show. Do you know who reality shows are made for? The target audience for this crap are losers tha have absolutely no lives of their own, so they have to watch other people’s lives in order to feel at least somewhat alive. So congratulations to all of you, stupid fucks, on knowing every single goddamn face that’s ever appeared on TV. You need to get ou more.

  26. stupidppl

    Ok first of all…these comments about her vagina being big?? She had c-sections to deliver all of her kids you morons. Which means no children passed through her vagina! So more than likely she is smaller there than women having one child vaginally. You retards are so pathetic!

  27. stupidppl

    Oh and I think she looks pretty good for having 8 kids. Yes I know she had a tummy tuck but come on 6 babies in there at once! Anyone would need a tummy tuck after that. Sounds like she isn’t the nicest person, but I might not either having 8 kids!

  28. $20 she is going to be in Playboy once this mom hits rock bottom before the end of the year…

    in the meantime, yes, I would hit that…just to be able to say I tapped a girl that had more babies than my pet rabbit

  29. I see the beaver, but I don’t see Wally.

  30. Tim

    Horrible ass. Butterface. Bad hips.

    Nice cans, though.

  31. missguydead

    I guess some people don’t get it, she DOESN’T naturally look like this, this is AFTER $$$$$$urgery to get rid of the parts of herself she hated. She wouldn’t look like this except they rode the gravy train all the way to the FREE plastic surgeon. I mean of course she’s flaunting it. Have any of you seen the pictures of her before the show caught on???? Umm, you wouldn’t be saying all these flattering things if you had.

  32. Jammy

    Brace yourselves for 30 years of the Gosselin kids bitching about their childhoods…..
    On another note, I would rub her creamy smooth areas with SPF 30.

  33. Kate Gosselin

    I bet you girls are jealous of my sexy body?

  34. Ernest Tubb

    54..if they paid her enough, i am sure she would let some more tits be surgically attached to her body.

    Its all about the money for her. She will do anything.

  35. Jimmy Jim

    can someone honestly tell me what is where her vagina should be?

  36. abby

    hahah! I was wondering the same thing. Thank You!!!

  37. wtf

    ummm who is paying for the plastic surgery and personal trainer? seriously someone with 8 kid shouldn’t have that much time to themselves let alone the money

  38. dude

    gross. just fucking gross.

  39. Nikki

    You people are retarded.

    She’s had eight kids, six of them at once.

    I guarantee a lot of you look 100x worse than she does.


    (in the home for the elderly that is)

  41. Hilarious

    I don’t understand you people. I would put her legs behind her head and fuck her through wall. Her bitch attitude definitely makes her more appealing.

  42. Cat

    ewww. her belly buttton is in the middle of her belly. She used to be a real mom now shes just in it for the money! shes become a monster! LOOK AT HER HAIR. No one should have that hair cut

    andd. with out john wow their just staying together for the show!
    Mommy Hungrey To Money HUngrey

    bigg jump!

  43. musty

    I’d do her again and again and again…shes the ulitmate MILF. Plus I love the way she keeps her pussy hair trimmed. A nice thick mohawk that pushes her bikini out.

  44. sonny

    I might not eat her poop, but I’d probably hit it. Even though she may be the worst human alive.

  45. Jackson

    She looks good for having 8 kids. Kim Kardaskank looks like she had 8 kids with her big wide hips. Kim could easily rest her kids on her hips and big fat butt.

  46. Cynthia

    Her body looks weird. It looks more like a man’s than a woman’s. Her belly button is a good three inches higher than what is normal. And of course she looks “good for someone who’s had 8 kids.” The average woman who’s had 8 kids hasn’t had a tummy tuck, liposuction, botox, and a boob job. She says everything she does is “for the kids.” She goes to tanning salons “for the kids?” She gets manicures and pedicures done “for the kids?” She’s a blonde “for the kids?” God, what a disgusting, self-centered, narcissistic bitch.

  47. LJ

    For a mom she looks great. I’d consider her a MILF. I’ve fucked mom’s before and she’d be at the top of the list of MILFs. I’m surprised more of you aren’t mentioning her great rack.
    But she does definately have that bitch look going.

  48. ewww

    am i the only one who noticed the cock bulge under her bikini??

  49. lexi

    She’d be good for 44, but really …..34? she’s OK ..barely…and I don’t give a crap about the 8 kids = 2litters=2 pregnancies…she needs to run a few times a week to get those legs toned up.

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