Kate Gosselin in a bikini

May 31st, 2009 // 196 Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of Jon and Kate Gosselin coverage these past few weeks, and while this train wreck continued its path of destruction, I kept joking to myself “Jesus. What’s next? Kate in a bikini shots?” — Ta da! These were taken in North Carolina this morning where she’s vacationing without Jon, and I’m pretty sure I just made all this happen with my mind. Sorry, everybody. Sorry!

Photos: Splash News

  1. lol nice man made octo-pack there kate! could be worse…

  2. FrankieDaFish

    The boobies look bigger than I thought they were. So does the babushka. Goddamn. It probably looks like Larry from The Three Stooges down below. Oh, and I’d hit that shit from here to tomorrow. Jelly rolls and all. No doubt. Probably have to tie a board to my ass so I wouldn’t fall in though. Banging out 8 kids had to take a toll on that va-jay-jay.

  3. HankTheDwarf

    What an ugly, frumpy whore.


  4. mikeock

    For some who spit out so damn many kids, I’m surprised she doesn’t have 8 tits.

  5. Danklin

    I would.

    Then i’d snip my penis off and throw it in the fireplace.

  6. Beavis

    What the fuck made her think she could pull off a two-piece? She should’ve invested TLCs money in a nice granny one-piece, the kind with the skirt. The obvious reasons being that she has five hundred kids, is old, and appears to have a gigantic scrotum. While the fake bake hides the existing scars nicely, she’s going to need a lot more free plastic surgery before she can wear that and not singe eyeballs.

    Oh, and she might want to check on those of her little bastards that are probably floating out at sea while she’s busy exposing her saddlebags to the world.

  7. babygirl

    she looks just fuckn fine she had 8 kids dont hate her cuz she can wear a bikini ”BITCHS”

  8. babygirl

    she looks just fuckn fine she had 8 kids dont hate her cuz she can wear a bikini ”BITCHS”

  9. Walter

    MILF, though her vagina is probably the size of the Holland Tunnel.

  10. Amanda

    You sure this is from this morning. The kids are dressed in the same swimsuits they had on last summer. Oh and they were in N.C. last summer as well. Just let them live their lives. They need to quit the show and go to counseling and focus on their family. Jon and Kate are good people and they just need to be left alone

  11. anonymous

    Why does she not show any love towards the kids? She looks so annoyed and unamused.

  12. Shep

    If you didn’t know she was a money hungry, child exploiting bitch…… You’d probably actually think she looked pretty good. But knowing all those things kind of ruins it…..

  13. Fati

    Ok, can you stop posting about these nobodies?! Who thefuck cares? Are they even celebrities? I for one have no fucking clue who they are. You bore the crap out of me! Give us more Brangelina stuff at least!

  14. ToRiMiLi

    She looks great! Give her a break, she had 8 kids! And of course she had a tummy tuck, did you see her stomach BEFORE she had it. You’d be a lot more repulsed to see her walking around in a bikini with “that” stomach.

  15. no

    I have never, EVER seen a candid picture of this woman smiling. What a miserable person. Those poor kids are growing up into fucked up adults, thanks to their idiot parents.

  16. Alli Watermelon

    I’d be amused too if I was at the beach with my kids and the pap. was trying to take pictures of me…catching me in an “ugly, unflattering” position. Although, she should be used it it by now. Anywho, I think she looks damn good..minus the extra high belly button.

  17. These pics make me want to plow her even more.
    I think I’ll have her right now, excuse me while I go get some tissues.
    Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap

  18. She has a wierd torso. Maybe electroshock therapy would help. No offense..l

  19. hippy

    I don’t dig seeing a woman in a bikini who had her vagina used like a playground slide. ……..sorry

  20. cheezy_poof

    Not that I ‘watch the show’ BUT a friend of mine ‘who does watch the show’ said they had an entire episode on the tummy tuck and another one where Jon got hair plugs. However she used to actually like her kids now she seems cold and course (more than usual) and as for the puss on her face well that is standard with any bitchy c**t. Her hamster vag is probably a uterus thing but I never want to find that out so I am going with hamster puss. And remember I never watched the show…not me.

  21. She sucks... and swallows

    Something about this woman with her unmowed beaver bush screams “f*ck me from behind, doggy style…”

  22. Sara

    Wow…I think she looks great! I’ve only had one baby, I’m underweight for my height, and my stomach does *not* look that good.

  23. Anyone who makes fun of Kate Gosselin obviously has no idea how television works. The producers go out of their way to…

  24. Tiffany

    That woman never, EVER smiles. Schmuck.

  25. Robert

    I would beat the pu$$y up all night long. She is one fine looking MILF

  26. db


  27. poco

    Yes, we all know she had a tummy tuck. She did it ON HER SHOW, it’s not exactly a secret.

    She’s no supermodel but I think she looks great. Better than 95% of the other people you’d see on a beach, most of whom are fat cows in string bikinis these days.

  28. Yeah

    Kate Grosselin is more like it.

  29. Rei Imnc

    It looks like she took all her extra skin and tucked it in to her bakini bottom.

    (Then i read above that she had a tummy tuck. They should have done a vagina tuck while they were at it.)

  30. jen

    she needs to call Dr. Glassman back & have him fix that crooked ass belly button. bet she got a boob job with all that money she has now too. she is sick.

  31. Chloe

    she looks so mean probably because shes irritated at the paparazzi being around. If any of you had seen what she had BEFORE the tummy tuck, you’d be singing its praises right now. I would never want to live with what she had before.. and shes very lucky to have gotten that tummy tuck.

  32. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Not a bad body, considering she shit out 8 kids.

  33. We don’t mind incest. We’ll screw her anytime, any where, any way.

  34. Dave

    I’d do her.

  35. Michael

    Now that’s either bush, a FUPA, or just a plain old hefty set of meat curtains. I’d still give it a go, though.

  36. Sam


  37. Beavis


    Well you’ve convinced me, she can wear a bikini. Or try anyway. Which may in fact be what’s being depicted here. Maybe that orange abomination started out as a one piece, but is gradually being sucked into her cavernous vagina.

  38. Jon

    WOW….for having eight kids she looks great. YES, she has had a tummy tuck, did you ever see how big her stomach was when she was pregnant with the 6 babies???? Who the flip cares! Kudos to her for strutting her stuff and showing such confidence. Maybe others should learn to judge less. Sheesh get a life losers!!! Go Kate……rock on Hot Mama!!!!

  39. nysro

    I hope she had some work done with that Vagina… I’m pretty sure it was beat up as badly as everything , having 6 fucking kids at once… Otherwise you better tie a rope to your wasit before you go diving into that Kitty..

  40. Lineman7

    Hell yes…I’d nail it.
    If it turned out it was beyond recovery, I’d “slip” and give her a good ass fuckin. It may actually dislodge that sick she has up there….

  41. Shawn

    I’d hit it. Her rack always caught my eye–surely, she’s had a lift or something–and it does not disappoint in a bikini top.

    Nice juicy caboose, too.

  42. emmaleigh

    that first pic makes it look like shes got a huge bush under that bikini! haha gross….

  43. emmaleigh

    that first pic makes it look like shes got a huge bush under that bikini! haha gross….

  44. Randall Schwartz

    I know the snarky homosexuals like to be funny but 8 FUCKING kids including 6 at once and people bitch that she might have had a lift or a tuck?


    All you who have never seen a vagina dont matter and all of you who have should check out the dogs youve dragged drunk from a bar.

    She annoys me beyond belief but to give her grief over what is a very acceptable body even without childbirth is..well, gay..

  45. Beavis

    And you know a thing or two about gay.

  46. Parker

    That’s funny how Octomom is even dissing J&K. I wouldn’t fuck her dumpy ass with a ten foot pole but I’d douche Kate’s pooper in a New York minute. Then I’d flee of course.

  47. Superbiggerevil

    That’s not a bush folks, I think that’s her uterus trying to make a break for it.

  48. Abernathy

    Here’s the weird thing about women….she had six kids in one litter. her stomach got enormous but she didn’t care. she had the kids then after she got some surgery to make it look better but her belly button came out crooked. if she was a guy and found out she had six kids in her she would have had them flushed down the toilet. she didn’t think of herself or any tv show till after she had 8 kids. chicks are so screwed up.

  49. jake lymes

    She is sexy.

  50. As long as the tits stick out farther than the stomach…I’m there! :)

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