Kate Gosselin files for child AND spousal support. Wait, what?

Despite the fact she has a million dollar best-selling book and money squirreled away in 50 different accounts, Kate Gosselin is now suing Jon for child and spousal support based on the drop-in-the-bucket amount she apparently didn’t notice him take for two whole months from the joint account she diligently pays the family bills with. Yeah, that adds up. People reports:

“She needs relief in light of the draining of substantial marital assets in violation of the arbitrator’s decision that the money should be used only for specific purposes,” says Momjian, who adds that the economic issues between the Gosselins are being hammered out by a court-appointed arbitrator by agreement on both sides. An arbitrator’s conference is scheduled for Tuesday, he says.
Mark Heller, Jon’s divorce attorney, did not have an immediate comment on Kate’s request, but Thursday said he still hopes the two sides can work out the monetary issues without having to involve a judge any further.
“We are hoping in the next few days we can all do some bookkeeping,” he says. “I’m pretty sure this can come to a cordial resolution.”

What’s completely retarded about this whole situation is it’s a blatant attempt to strong arm Jon into letting her film Kate Plus 8 with the kids. Which will end with Kate paying him support out of whatever the hell TLC pays her. Of course, that’s hard to explain to a woman whose sole concern is splattering her mug all over television and looking like The Struggling Single Mom™ while an entire staff of nannies raises her children in a mansion. I mean, she’s just like all you other gals out there trying to make it in this world. In your mansions. Everyone has those, right?

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