Kate Gosselin does Larry King

August 26th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Seen here outside her attorney’s office in LA yesterday, presumably to ass-rape Jon for wanting off the show, Kate Gosselin taped an interview with Larry King last night set to air this evening. Here are the highlights via Us Magazine:

On the future of the show:
“Personally, for myself and the kids, this has been a good experience. It continues to be a good experience. Everyone works. Everyone has a job. Everyone has what they’re dealing with,” she went on. And, generally speaking, this is the most flexible, workable, wonderful job for myself. Remember, the kids are just playing in front of the cameras so.”

On if Jon will be cut from the show:
“I don’t — I’m not the person to make that decision. I know that myself and the kids will continue the show.”

On if Jon’s a good father:
“He is. His decisions right now are not ones that I would necessarily make. But down deep in his heart, I know that he is. We disagree on the current things. Not so much the day-to-day. I think that I’m looking more toward the future and the decisions of today that affect tomorrow, more so than he is.”

On calling the police outside her Reading home:
“It actually was not this huge fight. It was just a thing where I wanted to be there with the kids and — as opposed to a babysitter. And he wasn’t fond of that idea.”

Following up on Kate’s comments to Larry, RadarOnline reports that the day she called the cops, Jon wanted to go out drinking and leave the kids with a babysitter. Apparently Kate offered to stay with the kids and the shit hit the fans. Then again, in Jon’s defense, no one wants their ex-wife to see them puke down a children’s slide then tell his latest conquest to “stay outta the fridge” right before having awkward sex with her. Some things should remain private.

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  1. Adrienne

    you know, as much of controlling bitch as i think she is, i hate to say it but i’m starting to side with her more than that ed hardy wearing douchebag jon.

  2. MissGuyDead

    WOW! So the whole cop thing is cause he wanted to go out drinking with the whores & leave the kids with a “babysitter”/whore? I think I would have said hell no to that too. This mother (cracked up & bitchy as she may be) offered to stay with their kids while he went out and got shit faced & he got pissy! What a fucking douchebag! I hope he gets a penis eating bacterial infection from all his man whoring!

  3. Dee

    Jon is a massive tool, and as bossy and bitchy as I always thought Kate was I’m starting to think being married to him was like having a ninth child. He is a complete idiot.

  4. Richard McBeef

    They are all idiots.

    So are you for watching that tripe.

    So am I for commenting about it here.

  5. What a picture. “Step off, bitches”.

    I did see one where Jon was picking out clothes for Kate (!), and he seemed crappy to her on that one.

  6. Mickey0123

    Now that is an ugly visual; Kate Gosselin doing Larry King.

  7. zuzuspetals

    She and her fuckwit fame whore husband are exploiting their children for money. They aren’t “playing in front of the cameras,” they are having their lives stolen from them.
    I wish these super-breeders would stop being celebrated and stop being handed fistfuls of cash just because they figured out how to over-populate an already over-populated planet. They are DERANGED.

  8. Harold^Sick

    @1 I agree with you there. She seems like a very rational and controlled person. Maybe its just an act for the media, but she really seems like she has her shit together. The longer this goes on, the more of a douche Jon looks like and the classier she comes off. She puts forth effort to keep their personal drama private and resolve it on their own, and you’ve gotta respect that in a person.

  9. Anon

    Sure, she HEARD he was going out drinking.
    From where?
    I bet she was pissed her bodyguard didn’t want to shag/go cave diving with her and being queen bee decided rules and timetables mean nothing to her so wanted the kids back for the paps.

    She turned up out of spite. She is the ex-wife after all.
    It’s a rule or genetic that she has to be all controlling and irrational.

    They’re both idiots and the kids has a double dose of their idiot genes

  10. WTF

    I love how firing 8 fucklings out of your twat makes you famous nowadays. Who gives a flying shit!

  11. Arthur Kade's Ballbag


  12. .miaoux

    I’m just going to go ahead and say one thing.

    WHO CARES! – these people are BORING. I don’t think I honestly could care any less about these two… Actually, the only people I care less about are Heidi and Spencer Douchebag. Seriously, stop giving these fucking losers attention the suck and shouldn’t even be “famous”.

  13. Linda E.

    Kate appears to be controlling on the realtiy show, but she did a great interview with Larry King. She owned up to her controlling personalilty and admitted she needs to work on it. Her first priority are her children and Jon’s first priority is himself and banging chicks. When their kids get older they will resent Jon for leaving their mother to bang other chicks. I have not seen Jon do anything constructive with his life when he is not seen with his kids. Jon has a lot of spare time since he is not a full time dad and he decides to get a babysitter to go drinking when he should be spending time with his kids.

  14. havoc

    Backwards Raccoon Mullet Head.


  15. John

    She’s just lucky it’s her name that rhymes with eight.

  16. HuckyDucky

    Myself hates when myself uses the word “myself” incorrectly.

  17. medi0169

    I’d hit it.

  18. Mr.GreenGenes

    Do I spy a pack of smokes in Kate’s bag in pic 8? There goes that Mother of the Year award… now I’m gonna go have a smoke.

  19. dee

    Make this shit go away!!!

  20. Anonymous

    This broad actually thinks she’s relevant.

  21. abby

    Love it, love the show, love her.

    No one makes me watch it, I choose to, and don’t make anyone watch it with me. Also, I have been watching it for years, so it is more interesting to me than to others.

    Hey, 5 million viewers are relevant.

  22. dink squeeze

    Kate is a greedy manipulating BITCH! I hope she rots in hell.

  23. whatever

    All I have to say is


    P.S. Nice reverse mullet you white trash slut!

  24. .miaoux

    Why have your own life when you can watch someone else’s?

  25. Superbiggerevil

    She looks like a young Don Knotts in the first pic.

    NIP IT!

  26. Carolyn

    A lot of what she says makes no sense. The sentences and thoughts go no where.

  27. omg

    Why….why why why….

    Is it because we still comment about this crap?

    Let’s boycott these bastards!!!

    (yeah right, like that’ll ever happen…some asshole has to be “FRIST!”)

  28. Yeah, right...

    Larry King just uses his show to catch snatch.

    Kate on Larry King = Larry wanting to bang him some Kate.

    Who cares what either one of them says? It’s just a fuckfest waiting to happen.

  29. MissGuyDead

    @20 Well The View just gave her more reason to believe it too!

  30. Chipot

    The show’s done, ratings are low. I’m sure she can’t comprehend the fact that her cash cow is going to be cancelled soon.

  31. EricLR

    You guys need to stop hating on J-Goss. Kate was just rationalizing her crazy behavior for the sake of the cameras. The whole “he was going out drinking and I just helpfully offered to babysit” story sounds like the kind of bullshit a publicist makes up after-the-fact to cover a screaming/kicking/kids-crying meltdown.

  32. Denise

    The dumb talentless bitch calls child pimping a job ,,,,,haaa ! GO A W A Y !

  33. Galtacticus

    I just saw her interview on CNN.Unlike her soon to be ex Jon Gosselin,she’s quite positive about TLC.

  34. Darth

    Rebel Jon Gosselin.He probably feels himself like an appendix on the show.

  35. Gando

    Jon Gosseling doesn’t really fit in well TLC’s profile policy.MTV,VH1 and so on would fit better.

  36. Adrienne

    @ 31 – no matter how much of a crazy bitch you think kate is you are a fucking asshat for calling Jon “J-Goss”

    you are a FUCKING moron

  37. joanna

    Gosselins – you have to be the worst most idiotic parents in the world.

    Bless your children that they turn out normal and well adjusted having such stupid and clueless role models.

  38. joanna

    Gosselins – you have to be the worst most idiotic parents in the world.

    Bless your children that they turn out normal and well adjusted having such stupid and clueless role models.

  39. I honestly feel bad for this lady

  40. So the whole thing, the police whore / She whores out a “babysitter with the kids wanted to go out to drink with?” I guess I have nobody that would say to hell. The (mother and female as she breaks) to be living with your children can offer when he went out and got shit faced and pissy! Damned what a douchebag! I hope he is a man with all his whoring eating bacterial infection is sex!

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