Kate Bosworth still wearing her bikini

May 1st, 2007 // 185 Comments

kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-09-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-10-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-11-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-12-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-13-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-14-thumb.jpg


  1. FRIST!!!

    My hours might be better! Like 10-6 pm.
    I told him I can’t work late because of my kid, so, yay!!!

  2. Jimbo ?

    But that would mean no hanging out with us!!!

  3. Byrd

    Random question, what does WTC mean?

  4. FRIST!!!

    What? Oh, crap you’re right. Screw it then! I’ll just go on unenjoyment!!!

    Well, wait, this laptop is portable, I’ll just take you all with me.

  5. FRIST!!!

    It means What the CRAP!!!
    Me and Jimbo made it up

  6. Ah, no wonder I had no idea. Thanks!

  7. Jimbo ?

    You can become a welfare queen. If you do take this job, I will be forced to fly up there and visit you at the bar

  8. Jimbo ?

    WTC! is up with this site There has got to be some Paris or Britney shit going on

  9. FRIST!!!

    WTC!!! My boss just left without fucking paying me!!! DAMMIT!!!

  10. Lowlands

    I just came back from doing charityworks for orphans and i notice the Kate Bosworth thread is pretty populair.Does Kate Bosworth have supernatural powers or something?

  11. RichPort

    Why yes, she can turn my cock into a glass cutter

  12. kamihi

    Lord please how damn boring – NEXT!

  13. FRIST!!!

    I know!!! This is the same exact post as yesterday only opposite

  14. RichPort

    Frist, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It makes no sense. No wonder your boss didn’t pay you, you’re an IDIOT

  15. iamsosmrt

    Grow her hair long and condition it, get her to eat (some steak and fruits and veggies) get her to actually exercise, get her a tan, get her a flattering sexy bikini and she

  16. Alayney

    Yep, I see camel toe too!

  17. beer

    Definitely hit the fat friend,

  18. FRIST!!!


  19. NicotineEyePatch

    Oh, awesome! I don’t have to comb those hundreds of other sites looking for a slightly above average blonde in a bikini to beat off to. All I was finding were pages of really sexy whores in different schoolgirl outfits, and secretary and police garb who were willing to fuck each other in front of me. So boring!
    Thankfully, I can masturbate to something worthwhile now.
    Kate Bosworth. In a bikini!
    Now there’s something you don’t see every day…

  20. hazza

    Check out pic number 6 (the one from behind)… you would think that a diaper would hold up better.

  21. Lowlands

    Who’s that woman in the blue bikini?If that’s her mother,she’s an amazing body for an milf.

  22. StoneRose

    Ok, she’s obviously invested in a more flattering (less flattening) halter top with *padding*. And brown seems less harsher than black.

    But damn, Kate. ‘Girl in blue bikini’ (formerly ‘girl in leopard print’) to your right is STILL hotter than thou! And she must know it too, which is the funny part.

  23. FORGET THIS CHICK…Brittney is the one to trash..some comeback…she sang old shit songs of hers,not new one’s..maybe she should be finding new songs instead of walking around in trashy clothes..and the people there said,,she was pulling an Ashless Simpson..how fucking funny is that for a comeback,,no wonder u married K-fed..your talent is just like his…

  24. alaskanchicsickle

    Thanks Frist and Jimbo for keeping the superficial interesting until Fish gets his act together!

  25. daguz

    I’ve been looking at these pictures for 2 days now. Everytime I see pic #8, I gotta get up and go wack off. geez.. its starting to hurt.

  26. Reality_Check

    She looks great. Filled out a little bit. She actully has a BODY not.

  27. Reality_Check

    Body, now I mean.

  28. iamsosmrt

    #178,179 Trust your Freudian slip. Your first comment was right on. Sometimes our subconscious knows best.

    The fact is she had a cute body in Blue Crush, which she says she was only able to get through a trainer. Fucking celebs can’t do anything themselves; the only way they can wipe their own ass is with their publicist hand. She just needs to grow a brain and then work out instead of starving. It’s a better way to look toned and plus you get the benefit of actually being able to consume food, which is good for things like; being alive, breathing and having a heart beat, you know, the fun stuff we often take for granted. Work out and eat healthy it’s honestly not that fucking hard and compared to people who have serious illnesses they have no control over I find it hard to have sympathy for idiots who can’t figure out the basics of get off your ass and eat something that wasn’t made in a factory.

    She was also really cute in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, which was a horribly cheesy chick flic that most girls didn’t even like, except that douche who’s dating Fergie that many girls love tried to act in it

  29. Mike

    Anyone who finds this hot is either a woman, gay, or a white boy with a small penis.

    This ain’t hot whatsoever. The bitch is still anorexic skinny and has no body whatsoever.

  30. Nando

    She looks really good to me.. i’d bang her

  31. AY CARUMBA! She needs to put on about 20 lbs and she would look great. She looked really good in the surfing movie. I don’t think she was a right “fit” for Superman Returns, though I was rooting for Courtney Cox, she would’ve been a better scatter brain, because this blondie is a little too sexy as Lois Lane.

  32. vanessa


  33. StonedBored

    I’d cum on that ass.

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