Kate Bosworth still wearing her bikini

May 1st, 2007 // 185 Comments

kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-09-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-10-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-11-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-12-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-13-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-14-thumb.jpg


  1. veggi

    I wish Wil was your husband! I wish Wil was my husband!

  2. Jimbo ?

    I know how old you are. That is my point

  3. dtrock78

    Dude, that MILF in the bikini is SMOKING hot, screw Kate, she looks like a holocaust victim.

  4. veggi

    well it isn’t a very good one.

  5. Jimbo ?

    Veggi – What ever makes you happy and if getting drunk and passing out on the floor is fun, then have a blast. I just seems that there is more to life than drinking your life into oblivion and dealing with the hangovers day after day

  6. veggi

    Oh, Dad.

  7. Jimbo ?


  8. schack

    i’m pretty sure she got implants

  9. schack

    real breast tissue should go all the way to the midline of the chest, even for small breasts. they also look tight, shiny and swollen. add to that the fact that they weren’t that big even when she was at blue crush weight. you can’t really grow breasts while losing body weight.

  10. Jimbo ?

    Who got implants? If she did, she should ask for her money back. Those are some crappy implants

  11. schack

    why? you didn’t even notice them, which means they’re perfect, for someone as classy as kb.

  12. veggi

    For the love of all that’s pretty, can we please have a
    NEW POST!!!

  13. Jimbo ?

    Care to join me for a drink Veggi

    Schack – she has no boobs. If you are going to pay for implants at least go for a B you don’t pay for A’s

  14. fergernauster


    SF, you suck.

  15. veggi

    You just love em big….

    And, yes, I am having drinks this evening in fact… or did you already know that? hmmm?

  16. veggi

    Lunch time! Whhhhhheeeeee!

  17. schack

    if she got a B, then everyone would be talking about her implants right now. If you have small boobs to begin with, it’s much better to keep them small, or you can see the ripples in the implant through the skin.

    and implants cost like 5 grand, which is probably chump change to her. she probably just wanted the same old boobs, just a little fuller.

  18. dtrock78

    Kate doesnt have them, but the broad in the blue bikini today and the leopard one yesterday def. does. My ex had them, the easiest way to tell is by the sideview, if there’s too much curvature to the side, especially with the older ones, theyre fake

  19. schack

    another easy way to tell is from the cleavage- when there are ribs and nothing on the sternum and then a sudden tumor-like swell, that’s an implant, dtrock

  20. Alayney

    Is that nipple I see sticking out?

  21. schack

    and, 120, notice how she goes out of her way NOT to show us the side view of hers

  22. TexasTranny

    I don’t know about a nipple shot, but I think I see a camel-toe on the blue bikini.

  23. YouRang

    I’m no authority on the matter, despite endless hours of training, but the photo of her standing next to the harlot in blue makes me think those are the boobs God gave her.

  24. mrs.t

    Them breasts is real. The spacing looks normal to me, and they are still smallish. The shape also looks natural….god, can we PLEASE have a new post already? I can’t believe I’m commenting on such uninteresting boobs.

  25. FRIST!!!

    I’m back. What’s new?

  26. Fishstick

    not a damn thing! booored!

  27. Jimbo ?

    FRIST – not a damn thing. We are now debating if Kate had a boob job and if the chick in the blue bikini is sporting a little camel-toe. the answer is no to both and there still is no fucking new post

  28. Fishstick

    geekologie.com has a cow kicking some guy in the face. mmm…cheeseburgers….

  29. FRIST!!!

    Hmmmmmm…..so, then want to hear a funny (sad) story?

  30. Fishstick


  31. FRIST!!!

    Ok then, nevermind, bye

  32. FRIST!!!

    Ok, I’ll tell it then, it’ll take about 2 minutes to type, so be patient

  33. Fishstick

    *jeopardy music*

  34. FRIST!!!

    The guy who owns the office building sold it, to buy a bar. I’ve known him well, as long as I’ve worked here, he uses one of the offices. So, he put a pay or quit on my boss’s desk this morning, since he’s like 3 mos behind in rent. Today is payday. We have no money, so I may not get paid. The guy with the bar offered me a job as bartender, making 2 bucks more an hour than what I make now, plus tips. His office is right next to my boss’s. Oh, AND the guy’s a total alcoholic, so naturally he’s totally buzzed this morning. So I hear him get on the phone with the guy he’s buying that bar with, and says very loudly “Frist is gonna work for us. Her big tits are gonna make us a LOT of money!!” OMG!!!!! Do you think my boss heard that?

  35. woodhorse

    #86 – don’t be a wuss. Make her keep her sunglasses on and pork away, pal.

  36. Fishstick

    LOL – that is awesome. From experience i can tell you, bartending is quite lucrative if ya gotta nice set of blouse bunnies.

  37. FRIST!!!

    Hmmm….well, let’s hope. Cuz man, I’m in debt up to my eyeballs!!!

  38. Fishstick

    what kind of lawyer is your boss?!?! sue his non-payin ass!

  39. TexasTranny

    Yeah, what 138 said. I know I always tip better if the bartender has a nice set of tits and isn’t afraid to show them off. Flash of a lacy bra always helps too.

  40. Unabashed Liar

    Lanky women make me sad in the saddle. Yuck. Am I wrong for thinking the other gal in the second row is by far the hottest one present?

  41. FRIST!!!

    I’d have to stand in line. He’s got more suits against himself right now than he has clients!!!
    It wasn’t like this when I started here. Everything was good, there was in in the copier, coffee, cream and sugar, handsoap, 2 interns, etc. But along came the IRS, and the fact that apparently he forgot to pay taxes for a year…whoops

  42. I_C

    her boobs are not fake. all the men questioning this must not have seen enough boobs or have not checked out your girlfriends’ bathing suits. Stop by Macy’s swimwear section next time you’re in the mall and check out the padding on some of those things.

  43. Jimbo ?

    You can come live with me FRIST

  44. schack

    jim: i’m so lonely, so lonely, i have nobody to call my own.

  45. Jimbo ?

    I thought you were in love with some guy

  46. wedge1

    I can’t believe that 6 + hours has gone by and Fish can’t put any NEW news up on the site.
    GeeeZeus, Man!! Get with the program!

  47. Jimbo ?

    Yes it is getting pretty bad when were are debating if a bystander has camel-toe or not

  48. FRIST!!!

    Awwww, thanks Jimbo, but I like the circus tent I live in :)

  49. Jimbo ?

    Well I don’t want you to end up on the street turning tricks for rent money

  50. whoneedsenemies

    Frist, will your hours change?? I would take a bartending job in a second if I didn’t have to work until 3am

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