Kate Bosworth still wearing her bikini

May 1st, 2007 // 185 Comments

kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-09-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-10-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-11-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-12-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-13-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-black-bikini-14-thumb.jpg


  1. It’s great to see her looking healthier. That’s a good thing.

  2. p0nk

    when she squeezes her sides with her arms it almost makes her looks like she has breasts!

  3. Maxwell House coffee is good to the last drop.

  4. chaunceygardner

    I hadn’t previously found her that attractive, as she’s usually shaped like the letter “H”. But, after seeing these hot photos, I’d totally punch her in the face and ejaculate on it.

  5. PunjabPete

    Nice… She looks boneable there… About time… Sally Struthers was packing a bag for a visit to the Bosworth house….

  6. p0nk

    I’d fuck her in the ass with a fury that bordered on the insane, and then cum when I hear the loud snap.

  7. jrzmommy♠


  8. p0nk

    cool, my troll is back! makes me feel important, like Lindsay Lohan or something.

  9. wedge1

    WTF FISH?!? Yesterday the commentary on this bitch was “picture Gollum’s body, and it’s a little more disgusting than that.” and today it’s all “it’s Kate Bosworth in a bikini so who cares. It’d be like complaining about having too much chocolate. Or being too rich.”

    NOTE: when hiring a new writer, you must play the role of editor so that the commentary is CONSISTENT from day to day. Is it that difficult?

    One more thing: check your grammar – the phrase is “it’s Kate Bosworth in a bikini so who cares?” “Who cares” is a question, not a statement.

    Please make sure that when DamYell posts commentary it’s written correctly. Leave the stupid stuff to the bloggers.

  10. I suspect that this is what Tara Reid’s doctor told her she would look like… lol

  11. Victor

    Don’t care what anybody says, but I would love to bathe her, and douche her.

  12. flavio

    that 8th pic, the one with Kate and her friends’ asses??? mmmmmmmmmm!!!

  13. I wanna know who the goddess in the blue is…. she is where the story is.

  14. Badmofo210

    not this fat bitch again! :(

  15. FRIST!!!

    Wedge1, I was thinking the same thing…WTC!!! Next he’ll be saying how pretty Kirsten Dunst is

  16. I love her in a bikini. She has the sexy “V” on her stomach too. How can you go wrong?

  17. FRIST!!!

    She is delusional!!!
    Sofa king delusional.
    Oh my GOD!!!!!

  18. FRIST!!!

    Jimbo, can I be the mother of your children?

  19. Jimbo ?

    Who is the blonde in the blue bikini? How about some pictures of her? perferably in the shower naked with a bar of soap

  20. daηielle™↵

    You could put Elmo in a bathing suit and he would look sexier.

  21. Ramdonomo

    #10 – Yesterday the Fish was saying that BEFORE, Gollum looked sexier and that NOW she looked good.

    Personally, I think she could still eat a cake or two. Maybe she just wants her man back? :-/ Ew.

  22. Jimbo ?

    Good morning Danielle. I am glad to see you could join us this morning

  23. daηielle™↵


  24. fergernauster


  25. fergernauster

    She’s a respectable size.

    This is a non-story.

    Even Pee-pee Perez has better juice. But the posters there are grossly under-educated.

  26. Jimbo ?

    @24 Good morning Danielle. I am glad to see you could join us this morning

  27. fergernauster

    What’s the schlong with Danielle, anyway? Such rotten tomatoes for such a prettily named lass.

  28. Hecubus

    I’ve no idea who this girl is but she’s just another one that makes me feel slightly sick and very bored, what the fuck is modern femininity coming to ?? I’d go gay if I could learn to enjoy disco music or the taste of cum.

  29. fergernauster

    God, why do people walk around my workplace barefoot…

  30. fergernauster

    #29… here’s a little secret. Nobody enjoys the taste of male ejaculate. And I mean NOBODY.

  31. MrSemprini

    The lady in the blue bikini is Phoebe Frobischer. She is known for donating fat to lots of celebrity anorexics. She like to spend time with the recipients to see if her fat is going to a good home.

  32. daηielle™↵

    Oh Jimmy. I’d rather you be mean. This whole “nice” act is kinda creepy.

  33. Dr.kevinpothead

    i love kate bosworth!!!! did anyone see ‘rules of attraction’??? oh..my..WORD…. can anyone say sex appeal out the fucking ASS???!!! id spilt her shit so hard but i doubt i could even last 6 minutes with her. more like 4 seconds to be honest lol!!! seriously, shes fucking GOREGEOUS!!!!!! fuck. my dick just exploded

  34. fergernauster

    #34 – Quit the shit. You’re a girl.

    Men don’t say “Oh… my… WORD!” Only Richard. And he is gay.

  35. p0nk


  36. Jimbo ?

    It is not an act

  37. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    oh my word :-)

  38. .
    Ugh, What happened?! She got so FAT! My god, Kate, you are a terrible person, and that fat is your punishment.

    Your are a bad, unworthy, unloveable human blob.

    Now go take some diet pills and throw up, the site of you is painful to me Jabba.

  39. This is going to be an interesting day

  40. karifarrell

    Hey FRIST!!! How’s it going??? You don’t really want to have Jimbo’s babies, do you? I mean, I checked out your mySpace profile and you’re so damn cute, you could get anyone you want!!! ANYONE!!!

  41. Jimbo ?

    FRIST – Why are you using your real name?

  42. #41 I know, I know… actually # 18 & 19 are comments I don’t remember writing. Hey, maybe I was trolled!!!
    But who would do that to me?

  43. FRIST!!!

    Whatever do you mean, Jimbo?

  44. fergernauster

    #40… if I may say so, you resemble a cross between Linda Blair and Carrie Fisher.

  45. Jimbo ?

    We only troll people we like:)

  46. Jimbo ?

    And yes you are damn cute.

  47. karifarrell

    We can’t all be supermodels!!! You hurt my feelings, #45

  48. FRIST!!!

    Gosh, #45, that was mean, why do you hate Karifarrell?
    I think she’s pretty cool.

  49. karifarrell

    Awww, thanks, Jimbo…at least somebody thinks so!

  50. fergernauster

    FRIST, what’s wrong with those two fine actresses? Consider my remark a compliment.

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