Kate Bosworth in a Bikini

April 20th, 2010 // 109 Comments

I swear I didn’t mean to turn this into The Kate Bosworth-Ficial, but here she is in Palm Springs yesterday making a strong case for tiny implants. And, yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard grabbing her weird ass which proves he should’ve been cast as Thor. No, really, he might as well be wielding a giant hammer, telling me to prepare for a plundering. — Can I start over?


  1. She looks so hot in bikini.She is always remains too franked at every of the instance when she remains to be in bikini.

  2. Hard 4 Kate
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d like to stick my fist up there…

  3. The Inquisition

    You know whats really funny though, that most people commenting on this website (which is awesome btw) come from a country, or more correctly a socio-geographical demographic obsessed with overindulgence, especially with regards to food. SO it is interesting that you spend so much time remarking on fit, healthy (she is healthy, though thin/slender) women while the cows come home to pasteur in your own homes. Healthy women must be clones of one another, the same body type, they must be this or they don’t come up to scale – this is what I gather from this inane battle, why don’t you reflect for a moment and realize that accepting people for their different body types/skin color/economic status will make this world a much better place.

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