Kate Bosworth in a bikini

August 11th, 2008 // 110 Comments

After a morning of such heavy topics as death, domestic violence and politics, it’s time for some lighter fare. And you can’t get lighter than Kate Bosworth in a bikini. She was at the beach yesterday with her boyfriend who I’m going to assume thought he was helping a starving Ethiopian find food. But instead he ended up having sex with Kate Bosworth. Man, if I had a nickel…

Photos: Flynet

  1. JPRichardson

    @39 pistolita truena mi pistolita:

    I am nobody to say how a woman should look like. But ANYBODY can say how a healthy woman should NOT look like, and that is Kate Bosworth.

    By the way, you obviosuly have a problem with your lack of boobs. I mean, I pointed out a list of clear signs that Kate has some sort of weight problem, and you only read the FLAT CHEST comment. I know a surgeon, if you’re in need….

  2. dan

    Her small chest is nice and fine. What is disgusting is the bones sticking out of her body and her lack of hips. She looks like a dude.

  3. Bling The Marvelous Warrior

    Someone here is confussing “ass” with “asscrack”. This girl has absolutely no ass. Nothing. Not the slightest trace of ass. Nor boobs. Not one gram of boob. No ass + no boob = no hottie.

  4. Bling The Marvelous Warrior

    Someone here is confussing “ass” with “asscrack”. This girl has absolutely no ass. Nothing. Not the slightest trace of ass. Nor boobs. Not one gram of boob. No ass + no boob = no hottie.

  5. pistolita

    “Look at her boney shoulders, pointy knees, FLAT CHEST, lack of calves, pointy elbows, veiny hands and general complexion and proportions. She might just be “naturally thin”, but that is NOT how women are suppossed to look.”

    i believe that YOU capitalized “FLAT CHEST” in order to make a point that a FLAT CHEST was something that was wrong with her. YOU combined “FLAT CHEST” with a list of other charcteristics of overly-frail women; i.e. “boney shoulders, pointy knees, etc…”

    i don’t think i’m too far off in assuming that u meant that having a flat chest is equated to being unhealthily thin.

    i guess i could have commented before about how you’re obviously uncomfortable with the fact that you’re overweight, but i didn’t feel the need to mention it… until u made a personal attack about on the way u think i view my body.

  6. pistolita

    ALSO, her shoulders are not boney- they just aren’t covered in fat, so u can actually see muscle definition.

    AND, elbows are SUPPOSED to be pointy…. they’re made of bone.

    if you have rounded elbows, then you’re fat. obviously.

  7. cranky

    I’d eat a bucket of shit to lick that bunghole.

  8. rm

    She was so fit and hot in Blue Crush… :( what happened, Kate?

  9. Ewwww


  10. anonymous

    Can i just say how awesome it is that we haven’t heard from heidi or spencer for a while? I don’t miss that brick-jawed bimbo or her greasy ass-faced cunt of a husband.

  11. veggi

    Meh. But I sure am glad that Fish buried the dead-nigger stories.

  12. FIST

    She is gorgeous. This site is populated by fat Mexicans.

  13. Kim Lardassian

    She looks awful no curves all skin and bone. UGLY UGLY GIRL.

  14. Go away Kate

    I’m trying to think of something unsexier than Kate Bosworth, but I can’t right off the top of my head. Unhealthy, ugly, stringy…..yuck.

  15. Binky

    My fav Kate Bosworth moment was in ‘Superman Returns’ when she did a fantastic interpretation/imitation/personification of Kate Winslet doing Cate Blanchett in the context of ‘Lois Lane’. I was moved.
    (for the remote)
    In other news – So i got one of these ‘Memory Foam’ pillows at Costco and to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed at its behavior.
    As soon as I turn my head – the thing’s on the rebound.
    I don’t think it remembers me at all. For all I know – it thinks I’m a bowling ball.
    (The body pillow I used to have ‘weighing down the sheets’ showed a lot more commitment, but i suppose that could be considered ‘off topic’ as they say in the industry.)

  16. @42

    I couldn’t have sait it better.

    She is perfect, she has natural breast and if this looks small it’s just because
    you see too many fake boobies.


  17. rose

    She in good shape again now~~~ More bikini photos of her can be found at richromances.com where many celebs and beautiful people are looking for fun

  18. mems

    she’s looks fat

  19. Anonymous

    Kate should really look into the new breast augmentation alternative rather than silicone or saline implants.

    It’s a new revolutionary method of Breast Augmentation and Breast Cancer Reconstruction using Lipo-transferring to the Breasts from other body parts such as Hips, Buttocks and Stomach. Dr. Roger K. Khouri a noted Miami Plastic Surgeon demonstrates the technique.


    Result = breasts feel and look NATURAL

    THEN Kate would be HOT!

  20. Fine

    She’s incredibly gorgeous!

  21. Fine

    She’s incredibly gorgeous!

  22. rough daddy

    #48 hey mrs t? you ever get anything right in your life beside spelling the word “grammar”?

  23. crossy

    #65.. this isn’t a dear diary.

  24. cinnamon

    She looks just fine. I am naturally thin as well and don’t work at it. People like us, if we gain weight is usually goes to one spot area rather than spread all around like some unfortunate people. It’s a very good incentive to keep slender because who wants to be thin everywhere and then have saddlebags? Stop hating on us. You know something, this is Kate’s natural body and it really pisses me off that you people keep telling her to eat. She freakin does eat. Stop comparing her to the average American!

  25. Barely Stearn

    ATTENTION FATTIES! Who’s the guy masquerading as Sasquatch standing next to her…?

    Katie you are simply delicious. All you fat asses out there, take note: Fat doesn’t even look good on steak – why in the bloody hell would you even think it would look good on your ass, belly, man back, legs….the list is endless… You might be able to get away with that shit with some closeted loser on eHarmony but if you’re going to hang here lose the blubber…

  26. #73 Don’t be crossy with me

  27. gooseman

    Can’t believe this hasn’t been mentioned yet but for anyone who’s seen the movie ’21′, she CLEARLY has/had fake boobsicles in her chestpiece at some point. I’m a fan of her face (and yes of course the whole package in Blue Crush) but her sweatermeat was SICKENING in the movie ’21′. So bad it was distracting from the plot of the movie.

    She had them jacked-up in that movie and/or removed since. Either way, they were certainly fake during the filming of that movie.

  28. jimmy vanderbeak

    You fat piles of shit STFU and get back to your bon bons

  29. I see, I see, she looks quite fine to me, but we know not what you see, I see what I see, but do you, my cherie?

  30. delic8

    I just love the photoshop filters on the background. It’s so artsy and sophisticated.

  31. She does look good, or rather better.

  32. Kim K

    I’m way better looking than skank ass toothpick. Ass is where its at!

  33. she doesn’t look too bad, you fatass fucks.

    anyway, come join a new awesome forum where anything goes.


  34. Kiki

    yeah, she’s thin, and she admitted that she has eating problems. she said that girls shouldn’t look up at her as a good role model/example for the wholeideal body image issue because she hasn’t got a healthy one. she looked way better in Blue Crush than she does here.

  35. devilsrain

    I think she looks pretty good. Plus wtf is up with the bf wearing jeans and a shirt to the beach. Nice job dickhead. (unless im mistaken and the fat hairy guy is the bf eeck)

  36. rose

    She looks good~~~I love her. A source says she posted a profile at Richromances.com where many wealthy celebrities and beautiful people are looking for matches.

  37. Fat Chicks Suck

    #84 (Kiki): I would like to know where/when she said this. I’m about 99% sure you are fat, a liar, and an idiot.

  38. kRWLnG

    I thought I was thin, till I see her

  39. JP Richardson

    @ FLAT CHESTED PISTOLITA PLANA PISTOLITA- I emphasized her lack of chest BECAUSE THE GIRL HAS NO FUCKING BOOBS! But my point is not that, my point is Kate Bosworth looks emaciated and morbidly thin. She has eating disorders, she doesn’t look healthy, people should not try to look like her.

    And bones are bones. Those pointy things coming out of her body are BONES not muscle, you clumspy girl.

    AND fortunately enough, I am neither fat nor thin. I am very happy with the way I look and have always received positive comments on my physical appearance.

    Just to make my point even clearer, I have no problems with flat chested women like you. Hayden Panettiere has no boobs whatsoever and I consider her a hottie with a terrific body! Grrrrr!

  40. Good Lord, that girl really needs to eat something!

  41. punk

    Good lord you fa pigs take a look at yourselves. I know people in shape make you look bad, but improve yourselves instead of badmouthing them

  42. krispy

    I think she looks good.
    That’s a cute bikini.

  43. seriously, why do grown women strive to look like adolescent boys? why?

  44. Patrick

    the best part is the brazilian flag on the back! show some brazilian ass, way better than that

  45. Patrick

    the best part is the brazilian flag on the back! show some brazilian ass, way better than that

  46. some of us naturally look like "adolescent boys" give us a break!

    “give her a cheeseburger” – god DAMN does that shit get annoying. i’m a thin person – naturally thin – YES, some of us are blessed with good genes. people think it’s so appropriate to say “EAT something” to me. These people would not say “Put down the fork” to someone who is overweight.

    everyone has a different body, okay? one person may say it’s boyish. one person may say it’s hot. can we just accept each other and move the fuck on?

  47. 14 year old boy

    I am a 14 year old boy and I have more curves than Kate.




  49. Boggled

    Hideous. She needs to gain 20-30 lbs.

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