Kate Bosworth in a bikini

August 11th, 2008 // 110 Comments

After a morning of such heavy topics as death, domestic violence and politics, it’s time for some lighter fare. And you can’t get lighter than Kate Bosworth in a bikini. She was at the beach yesterday with her boyfriend who I’m going to assume thought he was helping a starving Ethiopian find food. But instead he ended up having sex with Kate Bosworth. Man, if I had a nickel…

Photos: Flynet

  1. me

    first bitches

  2. Fumus


  3. Kate is looking good. Better thin than too fat!

  4. She’s actually put on weight. She looks good!

  5. CookieVanderbilt

    Awwwwwwwwwww. Hungry lil’ stick figure playin’ dress up in a grown up bikini!!! Note: chicken cutlet thingies needed to supply form where boobs should be.

  6. boo

    She’s cute! Not a great actress but on the other hand, I have never seen pics of her doing blow or showing her cooter.

  7. Who's Horny?

    Her legs look like chopsticks in that bikini. Just take the damn thing off or lay off the bulimia

  8. Karen

    Just in time! I had something stuck in my teeth after lunch.

  9. better like this than like lois lane

  10. rough daddy

    yea gorgeous face,,,you know what? so what she has small titties,,,youre not suppose to have one girl friend throughtlife,,,one asian, one black, french, greek, european etc…have to taste them all…

  11. Amy

    Oh, right, she’s thin. Must not be a real woman. Poor thing.

  12. WTF!!

    Why is there a 12 year old boy wearing a bikini on the beach?

  13. Crazy Old Bitch

    These pictures make me happy in pants.

  14. TELL ME PLEASE: have these girls really the guts of even thinking they’re sexy?
    ………………………………..LAZY IMBECILE!!

  15. Sandy Bottoms

    yeah, but who will she vote for? I vote for the guy in the jeans. Not the fat middle aged hairy gay looking dude.
    Let’s keep to the issues people

  16. ThatIsSoNice

    An all natural woman in a bikini. Awesome! Much nice than the Italian nobody on display last week here with the big slash marks on the lower side of her big fake boobs.

  17. rough daddy

    look at # 7 pic a small, cute and round little ass like that just invite your tongue dont it?

  18. She could hide in one of those paper chopstick sheaths.

  19. tickled

    What do you want to bet rough daddy is a fat slobbering balding dipshit.

  20. Girl has Bird Legs

    Can we turn the page NOW.

  21. Angry Beaver

    I’m Fed Ex’ing her a couple of cheeseburgers right now. This chick is way too boney. I banged a boney chick once, but had to stop…her hip bones left bruises on me. The old saying “cushion for pushing”? Wise words…keeps you front getting hurt. And from feeling like you’re boning a twelve year old boy.

  22. rough daddy

    hahah jack asses are concern with my appearance…anything to help you get over your daily doldrum…

  23. Deacon Jones

    jack asses are concern

    proof is in the pudding, or terrible grammer seen here. What a loser.

  24. Solaera

    Sorry boys. Big fake titties are finally out of style.

  25. rough daddy

    terrible grammer? what is this? the new york times… eff off is that terrible grammer too?

  26. rob roy

    You fat ghetto whores are hilarious. Keep stuffing your pig faces and sitting on that couch.

  27. CJ

    Human clothes hangers can’t look good in everything…that’s just the way it is. She looks great in layers….not so much in bare skin….oh well…can’t have it all.

  28. mike

    Very beautiful and sexy.

    #17…yes, it does!! Very tasty looking!

  29. pistola

    she used to be MUCH thinner than this.

  30. JPRichardson

    Seriously girl: eat a sandwich.

  31. Harry

    I just saw her last week at a local supermarket. She really is rail thin, and I never complain about a girl being too thin. She looks good in some of these pics, but when I saw her, she was way too thin.

  32. monkies

    She looks very healthy. Humans are supposed to be fit and thin. She looks good. SHe would also look good 5 pounds heavier so STFU about it.. I am tired of ugly men and women who try so hard. My husband is very trim and sexy. Strong but not overly muscular

  33. rob roy

    You fatties and fatty lovers shush up. Fat people smell bad and can’t properly wipe their asses after taking a crap

  34. Sam

    I liked the way she looked in Blue Crush, I wish she would of kept that body.

  35. indian

    Where’s Kim K???

  36. indian

    Where’s Kim K???

  37. FatAndProud

    Fat people don’t have to wipe their butts after a crap. The skin folds keep the little bits of poop from ever making a skid mark in the underwear.

  38. Who's Horny?

    #24 – Really? That’s disturbing news because I still love (and I mean truly adore) big fake titties. I love big natural titties. I love itty bitty titties, too.

  39. JPRichardson

    People are NOT suppossed to look like that. GET REAL!!!!!!!!!

    Look at her boney shoulders, pointy knees, FLAT CHEST, lack of calves, pointy elbows, veiny hands and general complexion and proportions. She might just be “naturally thin”, but that is NOT how women are suppossed to look. Unless you’re agonizing from diphteria or something.

  40. Crystal

    Maybe she’d look more “appealing” if she had a fake rack?

  41. get this girl a cheeseburger. while you’re at it, get me two.

  42. Fat Chicks Suck

    Really nice body. Even I will admit she almost appeared too thin at one point…but she looks great here. So what if she doesn’t have a big chest? Just like Claire Danes she has naturally small breasts. People think that gaining weight will just magically make her breasts bigger…when in actuality it will make everything bigger and her breasts will always be proportionally small.

    Most women hate other women with bodies like this because they could never put the work in that is required to maintain it.

    She’s healthy and she looks good. Not saying she’s for everyone…but most guys would love to have a girl with this body.

    Alright…now we can go back to hearing more “12-year-old boy” and “eating disorder” comments from jealous idiots.

  43. Scrilla


  44. mrs.t

    What with all the in-fighting, everyone missed the bigger problem: pic #4, with the huge, laughing mouth=Jim Carrey ad Fire Marshall Bill.

  45. if they ever make a live-action version of “Howl’s Moving Castle” she’s a dead ringer for Turnip Head. Other than that- useless. Pretty face, creepy body, can’t act to save her life. snore fest!

  46. pistolita

    @ 39- JPRichardson

    who the fuck are u to say what women SHOULD look like?!
    i’m a healthy weight for my height (5’5″, 118 lbs.) and i am small chested too. big fucking deal. i’m still a woman. i’m not small chested because i’m emmaciated. it’s genetics. all women are shaped differently!

    even if kate bosworth gained 15 lbs., i doubt much of it would go to her chest.

  47. Mrs.t


    Also #23, the word grammer does not contain the letter “a”. If you’re gonna be a dick about grammar, at least spellcheck your shit.

    Although rough daddy is for sure a creepy middle-aged white man.

  48. Who's Horny?

    Haha… #48, did you catch it yet? Not that I care at all, because it was funny. . . .

  49. Who's Horny?

    I don’t know who to laugh at more… K.B. or the guy who gets splinters on his dick every time he fucks this mannequin

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