Kate Bosworth has a nipple slip

September 14th, 2006 // 146 Comments

  1. marie-jo

    # 42->44 Combo lol

    Hmmm, the supermodel diet 2006 sounds better than the ‘ol cabbage soup diet.
    Probably less flatuations 2. An advantage when you have to attempt those numberous parties.

  2. id still hit it, id just tell her to cover up. vaginas all i need


  3. TaiTai

    Dang, she stole my Halloween costume.

  4. Am I the only person that doesn’t see the nipple in question?
    I see ribs, but no nipple.

  5. Tracie

    Oh my God! The famous upskirt shot from last week was, in fact, photoshopped, but the REAL original is not anything anyone expected:

  6. rolson

    97…Hey Jane Eyre…isn’t it funny how I came onto this site and actually said something positive about a person and got all these shitty emails from people like you. And then when I actually sank to your levels and started talking trash to you, you get pissed off? So, yes, I do think that it does matter what people say about other people. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. However, I will take the higher road and offer you a truce. If you shut your dick garage, I’ll give you a nice jelly-filled donut.

  7. biatcho

    Hey fag boy… if you ever noticed the people on here that get picked on the most are the libtards such as yourself who DONT make fun of celebrities as most of us do. The whole point of this is to look at the pictures & make an outrageous comment about the person in question & go from there. Once you start defending them, as if they were your bestest friend in all of the world (or your dreams) then you leave yourself open to a gang banging.

    So go fetch your female boss some coffee this morning & think about what you have done.

  8. hav-a-tampa

    What?after 8 am and no Lindsay Lohan Pic’s.?
    were’s our beloved Lindsay at? i’m sure she did something overnight to get attention.

  9. rolson

    Hey hole…keep the comments coming because I love to give it back. Especially to those like you who think they are so great that they can comment on those people who have succeeded in life. While I’m getting my female boss some coffee, why don’t you shave your back and think of some more stupid shit to say.

  10. rolson

    I confess. I’m tucker. I’ll leave now.

  11. rolson

    Oh, btw, I’m not intimidated by the whole “ganging up” thing. And, you are pretty naive if you think everyone on these posts share your view. That’s what this site is for – discussions…it’s not for lesbian tea time.

  12. jrzmommy

    Do you think Kate is saying, “Hey, Kirsten, we so totally have our Halloween costumes — me, I’m a skeleton and you and your fangs, you can be a vampire!!”

  13. tiamat

    Wow, I’ve seen mummified corpses that look healthier than that.
    As for the holier than thou mudslinging – what’s next? Perhaps Jello wrestling?

  14. TrannyGranny


  15. TrannyGranny


  16. TrannyGranny


  17. TrannyGranny


  18. rolson

    I think she’s kinda cute.

  19. On Ms. Kate: Everyone here has commented about her weight. But that’s not really the issue here, is it? The issues is… how can anyone go to public events with no underwear on, wearing large flappy clothing, and NOT KNOW that they’re completely flashing everyone in the universe?

    I mean, I am completely aware of my body, and if my slip hangs out from under my skirt, or if my bra strap peeks out from the neckline of my shirt, I pretty much know it right away. And I fix it.

    How completely clueless do you have to be – no matter how much you weigh – to walk around half naked in public? Perhaps it’s on purpose, to get more (ahem) exposure. It works, though, huh?

    What is it with famous people not wearing underwear any more? We know they can afford it. And most of these pictures of naughty bits are really not attractive. Cover up, people!!! Leave us something to the imagination!

    And have you noticed that it’s the same people over and over again? Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

    To the verbal jousters on this site:

    If you guys had any cojones whatsoever, you’d agree on a meeting place and time, and beat each other up in person – get it overwith – instead of taking up space annoying people with your silly arguments.

    This insult exchange is like two people trying to kill each other by throwing styrofoam cups at each other. There’s no hope of a success or a finale.

  20. biatcho

    I never use styrofoam anymore, it’s bad for the environment. I prefer bricks.

  21. jane's eyre

    No rolson, you’re wrong, what gets me is NOT when people say nice things about the celebrity, but when they try to act superior.

    “Here we go again with the negativity. Stop the hate.”

    How many times does this have to be said–this site is specifically for making fun of celebrities. I don’t know why that concept is so hard to grasp for certain people. I don’t care one bit if you say something positive, but once you start pointing your self-righteous finger at people, that’s what bugs me. And another thing, where in my last post did I sound like I was pissed off? I was merely making a statement that you need to chill. I only made a joke about your name, and it wasn’t even about you as a person. (whereas you’ve called me a cottage cheese ass and my mouth a dick garage. I think you sunk way beneath my level there. I only said you were pouting and mumbling–big difference, don’t you think?) Anyhow, you’re taking everything way too seriously.

  22. trailercamptramp

    styrofoam cups? crap i wanted someone to lose an eye.

  23. trailercamptramp

    no 121

    or what about a self-righteous finger shoved up someones arse even that would amuse me, well more than looking at grim reaper’s daughter and her vampire friend

  24. RichPort

    #119 – Excellent point. Where would you like to meet? I’ll be the guy standing next to two dozen crates full of styrofoam cups and a scowl… juuuuust kidding, please don’t smack me. The Lord of the Flies mentality certainly does take over sometimes, though I dare say that’s where some of the funnier comments are found. If often happens when Mr. Fish is show in delivering the goods or when someone has a hair up their ass for whatever reason. I find it all quite amusing, but I’ll do my best to tone it down a bit. Maybe…

  25. biatcho

    and by “toning it down” you mean you’re just going to stop using capital letters when you’re fingerblasting some idiot, right?

  26. RichPort


    Fuck… I fell off the wagon already…

  27. chubbs

    and to think girls are starving themselves to look like that. eegaads, what are they thinking. i prefer my chubbyness to thatlook any day

  28. Astriastar

    “And if you find yourself tempted to masturbate to these pictures, just head over to your local cemetary and dig up the real thing. It’s erotic and it’s classy.”

    Omg! That’s priceless!

    When will these young actresses learn that this is neither attractive nor healthy. It’s just gross. Maybe her anorexia is why he left her for Uma Thurman. At least Uma doesn’t look like she’ll come at you in the middle of the night murmuring “…More brains….”

  29. BarbadoSlim

    God, that is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen.

    And this ho used to soooo hitable.

    What a fucking shame.

  30. bella420

    “Here we go again with the negativity. Stop the hate.”

    If expressing disbelief and concern for someone who is clearly ill is hate, well then I guess you have us all figured out. So the comments can get a little vulgar and rude- BOOFUCKINGHOO! If you ask me, reading the most “negative” comments on here would do her a world of good, maybe even save her life. I would rather hurt someone’s feelings than watch them drop dead from anorexia.

  31. cole007

    wow. she’s taking it all the way.
    She really does look like a frail granny from the neck down. My granny had an anorexic friend. She looked like that, but at age 65.

    It’s like Kate Bos and Nicole Kidmas are having a forehead fight. Who can loose more hair from blonde hair-dye, and anorexia faster?! Who will take the championship on foreheads!?

    Nicole Richie has finally had to start wearing headbands. She clearly is the winner on the forehead/anorexia-battle royale.

  32. here

    I want to kiss it. It’s kind of a ski-jump boob.

  33. PunjabPete

    Here is what I find troubling. At no point is there any indication that either person is actually speaking. The point of view changes several times indicating the camera man is moving around but all we ever see are 1000 watt smiles….

    Can anyone say staged??

  34. Fatty_McButterpants


  35. I am just leeft wondering why someone doesn’t make her get help. She seems like a sweet enough girl.

  36. Lolita

    I think it’s funny when her publicist or her said that this is her body type.

    I don’t think anyone’s “regular” body type looks like the malnourished type. This girl is nuts.

  37. ER

    What do you put on your driver’s license when you have one blue eye and one brown eye like Kate B???

  38. KelKel

    That is so fuckin nasty

  39. frenchtoaststix

    No, Kate, honey, it’s washboard ABS not washboard CHEST. And by washboard chest I mean the kind of thing Depression-era housewives scrubbed their husband’s BVDs on.

    This is nasty. Please, for the love of humanity, someone lock her, Nicole Richie, and Posh Spice in a Krispie Kreme overnight.

  40. gert-the-sprout

    rib-slip is the new nip-slip

  41. diebutterfly


  42. By the power of Greyskull.. Silly bitch looks like Skeletor.


  43. Morgan C.

    All you bitches need to shut the fuck up.
    She’s hot. She’s skinny. And that’s the way guys like it.

    Fat chicks fucking suck. And, America is filled with them. Go suck your own fat tits, bitches.

  44. stonefoxhippie

    can’t she afford a training bra yet?

  45. lol….maybe she just slipped the whole boob and that’s all there is?

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