Kate Bosworth has a nipple slip

September 14th, 2006 // 146 Comments

  1. rolson

    biatcho…here we go again. I just tell someone that I will leave them alone if they don’t butt in on me and then you go and do the same thing!!??!! I didn’t say I want everyone to love, I made a comment that someone was attractive and jzrmommy and some other jerk (and now you) are ganging up? You know what – fuck you – bring in on. btw, are you all cunts?

  2. herbiefrog

    no idea who kate is…
    but at least she’s not…
    …lindsay lohan

    omg what have i done ? :)))

  3. capdatazz

    I wish she’d go back to looking the way she did in “Blue Crush.” Surfer-chick boobies = GOOD. Anorexic Lois Lane boobies = NOT GOOD.

  4. biatcho

    I HAVE a cunt, if that’s what you’re asking. And it’s fabulous!!!

    I am glad to see you’re the type of person who condones eating disorders in women. That means you are either an uber-fat chick or a guy who mentally abuses women. Either way, you still rot balls.

  5. rolson

    …and you are still a cunt. See you tomorrow, lesbo!

  6. biatcho

    Just like a fag to make a comment & run because he’s scared. Now go finish your homework, Junior.

  7. jane's eyre

    Forget Blue Crush, it looks like a little squeeze would do it.

    I heart cunty girls.

  8. jane's eyre

    Oh, I’m sure he didn’t leave for real. He’ll be pouting and mumbling while carving your name into his Peachie notebook with his Spiderman pen.

  9. jillybean

    Ah, lesbian insults; the last resort of those too stupid to think of anything else.

  10. ToiletDuck

    Cat fight, cat fight…

    This is SO much more interesting than that Buchenwald babe up above we started talking about…but seriously, I would steer a wide berth around any Tony Roma’s or she’s liable to end up as a side of baby backs…

    OK, now who is going to fire the next salvo???

  11. thesarahficial

    Oh man that’s so embarasing. Poor Kate. But hey – it’s her own fault for not thinking about these things. hehe it looks deformed

  12. nc72

    Yeah well she looks fab so if you’re all passin I’ll take it ;-) She looks nothin like Nicole…


  13. Dragulf

    She heard the camera adds ten pounds…

  14. Angry Ferret Jones


    Picture #4 is the source photo used for the photo-shopping of Lohan’s coochie just a few stories ago! Look at them side by side.

    Looks like Lohan has Bosworth tittie-coochie, or Bosworth has Lohan coochie-tittie.

    Either way, you kids keep your fingers out of there, or they will get taken clean off.

  15. shameshame

    well, she’s boring, and completely average looking, so i think her getting thin is a measly attempt to look better? too bad she looks uglier than ever. and her eyes are two different colors, that’s so fucked up.
    i wouldn’t touch her if she was the last woman (if we can call her that) on earth.
    get some bangs bitch that forehead is disgustingly large.

  16. Dory

    Geezus… is the concentration camp look the new black? Anyone ever read terry pratchet books… Maybe her real name is susan and she’s actually deaths granddaughter. It would explain the skelator look

  17. LilRach

    yeah i saw this yesterday – and why am i looking at it again because it is soooo gross!

    She will be so embarassed when she sees these it kinda makes me feel sorry for her. If only she wore a bra it would have lifted those boobs up and blocked the view of that horrible ET body of hers!

    Work it out Kate – go back to the sexy bitch you were before.

  18. fblau

    I’m sorry, but if you’re going to call it a NIP slip, shouldn’t there at LEAST be a discernible NIP visible???

    I dig the tunnel clothes though…

  19. theblemish.com

    Boobs on a stick. Sounds delicious.


  20. Binky

    Sorry…I missed a bit this jour. Tits ok – don’t worry – I’ve got on ‘Survivor : Rush Limbaugh.’
    They should bring in Bob Barker to take odds – not that would be in bad taste. He could be brought in tastefully in, like, episode 3.
    So far, I’m pretending not to be white…

  21. Binky

    …and producing TV shows….

  22. S.P.F.R.S.

    Someone get that lady a bucket of chicken ‘breasts’ from KFC and a jar of mayonaisse.

  23. LilRach

    I SAID…
    “Work it out Kate – go back to the sexy bitch you were before.”

  24. Bambella

    BONE RACK CLUB…good thing Halloween is around the corner these girls can rent themselves out as skeletons party decorations. please eat something anything a crouton even

  25. Binky

    Lets’s face it.
    Rush should have been there representing ‘The White’s.’ He could bring the pillow case hat as his essential item. (He wouldn’t go for the chicken – it would just get the tribes dancing.)
    And although Tucker don’t dance – maybe he could search for wood or something. ( Talk about wood – did u see the Ukranian ?) (Yikes ! I feel…so…str8) ( Not that I’ve ever seen the show)
    Sorry I just got a few cards and letters that said I was off topic. Sorry kids – x

  26. Tracie

    Call me crazy, but I din’t consider it a nipple slip if you can see the ENTIRE BOOB.
    I heard that Blues Traveler is hoping to hire Kate to go on tour with them this winter. She’ll be the washboard.

  27. Tracie


  28. rolson

    Just like a fag to make a comment & run because he’s scared. Now go finish your homework, Junior.

    Sorry to disappoint, 56, but I left work to go home. Why in the hell would I be afraid of you? Who do you think you are? By the way, I’m probably older than you and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a better job with more pay than you. So go shove something up your hole before it grows shut because you’re too fat and ugly to get anyone.

  29. rolson

    58…If you removed my Spiderman pen from your ass I could probably do what you said. Actually, just keep it…I don’t want it if it’s been up your cottage cheese ass.

  30. Binky


  31. rolson

    59…good insult there. You sound as stupid as you say I am. I know you can’t read too fast so I typed really slow. Also, I didn’t use too many big words so you should be able to understand this.

  32. Binky

    Humm… lucky I don’t read this crap…

  33. Really, are there no shops in all of LA that sells intimates? Is this why we keep setting tits and twats?

  34. rolson

    Your right. I’m just a huge knuckle dragging asshole. If you see my name here again, feel free to tear me apart.

  35. PJ in PA

    So sorry, it’s supposed to be “seeing”

  36. Binky

    We all have our daze….

  37. I forgot to link.
    It’s still it’s supposed to be “seeing”.

  38. Binky

    Okay! Okay! Okay! The Binky is going to go to bed now… nighty night!

  39. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Surprised no one has mentioned this (maybe I missed it. fuck reading all these comments) but


    Her holocaust survivor chest has overshadowed those ugly ass nipples. Yes Ladies us men HATE Flapjack nipples. So that is the answer as to why your man won’t suck on your titties.

  40. Binky

    Oh Oh – there’s now a fake Binky. I thought Lonelygirl15 was bad enuf.
    Just be funny bud… I need a few laughs.
    (How do duz the stupid thing allow the same names?)

  41. Escribo

    Wow, she really needs to get those goiters taken care of…hanging a bit low.

  42. Binky

    IE #88 send that guy to IP Binky prison.
    Of course this lil’ prob would likely be solved if we both got out more…

  43. Binky

    and she was a RussKie…
    (not that I’ve ever seen the show)

  44. Binky

    I wrote this @90
    (How do duz the stupid thing allow the same names?)
    and even I don’t know what the fuck it means.

    Time to lay off the Wild Turkey.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  45. Binky

    Wild Turkey!!!

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Ha Ha

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  46. Binky

    Karl – like do something.

  47. jane's eyre

    rolson, doesn’t it suck to be pissed off and so angry all the time? Seriously dude, is it really worth it? This is only an internet forum. Do you think it really matters in the grand scheme of things what people say about celebrities on here? Now I suppose you’ll come back and call me a fat cunt, with a liberal dash of fat trailer trash. If it makes you any happier than you currently are, then go for it. I’ll give you that much.

    Rolson is the sound Kate Bosworht makes when she vomits.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Peace out brothas and mothas.

  48. jane's eyre

    *bosworth* I heart vodka.

  49. ToiletDuck


    Brilliant and hilarious – the vomiting part I mean – but I doubt if the poor thing has anything in her stomach to vomit out, perhaps just some vodka laced with Red Bull and cocaine…(The Supermodel Diet 2006)…

    Anyway, I am going to go to bed now and masturbate and then go to sleep and dream about Kate and her skinny, fucking riblets and her bony arse…

  50. ToiletDuck

    …further to..skinny as she is, given the choice to either have sex with Kate Bosworth or Rosie O’Donnell, I would certainly choose Kate any day, since it is doubtful that she would try to tear my nuts off, as Ms. O’Donnell would likely try to do…plus, it would be less trouble and probably more satisfying to simply sleep with a man than her anyway – however the number of vaginas that Ms. O’Donnell has placed her mouth on, does have a mildly erotic twinge to it…

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