Kate Bosworth gained weight, still skinny

April 30th, 2007 // 97 Comments

kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-01-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-09-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-10-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-11-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-13-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-14-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-15-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-16-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-17-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-18-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-19-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-20-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-21-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-22-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-23-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-24-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-25-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-26-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-27-thumb.jpg kate-bosworth-maui-beach-bikini-28-thumb.jpg


  1. Jimbo ?

    I will give you a peep show!!!

  2. daηielle™↵


  3. Jimbo ?

    Are you hiding FRIST?

  4. PunjabPete

    Guessing that is her mom in the leopard skin bikini… She looks pretty damn good….

    She looked good back in the day…

  5. lambman

    45- I agree with you, they just slipped that Lindsay on in there.

  6. Jimbo ?

    @54 To bad she does not have moms body. Nice T&A for a mom

  7. redsonja1313

    She had a bangin body in Blue Crush, and I agree with the other poster, she REALLY should not walk next a girl who really knows how to fill out a swimsuit !!! And I am still just replused by the old photo of her bony chest eeewwwww

  8. FRIST!!!

    55 thank you lambman, I’m not crazy!!! woo hoo!!!
    Hey I got trolled!!! #46 isn’t me!!!! woo hoo, hold on I gotta click on the link…

  9. FRIST!!!

    Heehee, that was funny, who did that???

  10. FRIST!!!

    I’m so easily entertained…

  11. Plastic Sturgeon

    @60 I will talk to you Frist. Then again, I would have to get past Jimbo. He is quite keen. ;-)

    Pretty sad that Bosworth gains weight to become a size 2.

  12. p0nk

    when did 12yo boys start wearing bikinis? xrist, go away for a couple days and you miss all the trends.

  13. FRIST!!!

    61 hey cool, so what did you do today?

  14. FRIST!!!

    I wrote two letters, opened the mail, ate my turkey sandwich, and made up a new client file. My job is boring!!
    I answered the phones too.
    Now I’m thinking about setting the place on fire!!! FUN!!!
    I would welcome any change

  15. BarbadoSlim

    This bitch is so far gone that she isn’t comfortable in her own skin anymore, look at her body language.

    Pathetic. Honey, the film industry is killing you, go home and become a librarian or something. And psssssssssssst, just between you and me, you suck as an actress anyway.

  16. wedge1

    Who is this again & why are her arms crossed all the time?

  17. Plastic Sturgeon

    @64 I thought you were a paralegal? At the rate you are going, you will be in a bordom coma by Wednesday. What type of law does your boss practice?

    My day was cool. Drove an hour to an interview for them to tell me why I am overqualified and how they are not hiring at the moment. Um, good thing gas isn’t $3.50 a gallon. Oh wait! It is….

  18. Victor

    Would still fuck her……and HARD!!!

  19. FRIST!!!

    #67 Business here is not doing well…why do you think I hang out here all day??? I may not have this job too much longer…
    Damn, that sucks, an hour and they’re not hiring?

  20. FRIST!!!

    Ugh, I gotta go do payroll, don’t know why I bother, he’s got nothing to pay us with…

  21. FRIST!!!

    I need a drink…
    I forgot my emergency vodka

  22. Plastic Sturgeon

    @69 Yeah. It was the guy’s way of trying not to look desperate. The games people play. Sorry your day was so boring. No wonder you are on here all day. ;-)

    @Victor: By the looks of various postings, you are no older than 13 and haven’t had sex, with a female.

  23. FRIST!!!

    Hehehe he says he would STILL fuck her. As if he would be doing her a favor…

  24. Plastic Sturgeon

    Maybe Kate has a MUCH younger sister for him.

  25. FRIST!!!

    They could go out for ice cream.
    Mmmmmmmmm…..ice cream…
    Now I want ice cream!!!!!

  26. Victor

    Oh come on your fuckheads have never said anything like that? I have seen shit that was more ignorant and stupid than what I have posted. By the way I am 28.

  27. FRIST!!!

    Dude, that’s awesome!!!
    And, yeah, you’re right. I’ve seen way stupider comments on here. But you can still have ice cream. Ice cream is really good.

  28. chaunceygardner

    I’ve never wanted to rub my cock on a washboard as much as I do right now.

  29. arden

    She’s gorgeous and has a fantastic sense of humor. I have never seen a movie that she wasn’t great in . . . so, ya know, fish, blow me. LOL

  30. arden

    OMG OMG!!!! Quick retraction!!! I was thinking Kate BECKINSALE. Fuck. So, sorry fish, can’t blow me after all. (I’m a chick anyway.)

  31. FRIST!!!

    #80 that was funny

  32. islandgirl

    second pic the woman to the left of kate looks great

  33. BarbadoSlim

    @80…hehehehe, no need for correction Beckingdale sucks too. Although I did love that vampire parody she did…

  34. Can someone please introduce Kate to Kristy Alley so she can lose some weight these pictures of this fat chick is hurting my eyes…

    (remember people its called sarcasm!)

  35. Dory

    I dont give a shit if her eyes are friggin rainbow colours, anyone who finds that stick hot needs help. As for leopard lady… she has some SERIOUS hip work happning there!!

  36. LeeLee

    I don’t think people’s heads should be bigger than their bodies.
    That’s all.

  37. hazza

    This chick is ultra fit and very hot. And if you don’t admit it your either jealous or gay (or maybe both).

  38. Gerald Tarrant

    Kate should have just gone topless. Then this story would be “Pics of some 12 year old boy that resembles Kate Bosworth”

  39. This girl looks good, its only the old ugly bastards that complain about young beautiful women….

  40. DrPhowstus

    Two words: Not Hot.

  41. jrzmommy♠

    Why is that young German boy wearing a bikini?

  42. TexasTranny

    Good question #91. And people wonder why I’m a pedo.

  43. jrzmommy♠

    92–Because you’re a fucked up psychopath that should be taken out and shot. I got nothing nice to say to fucking animals like you. Well, except……nope…..hoping you get your face scraped off of your head I guess isn’t very nice, either.

  44. #92…great funny shit…appreciate that….I hate that BabiesMommaBitchFromHellPig…I’m sure she’s so angry becoz she had to drop outta school to raise the family..with no daddy around.. NO WONDER YOUR A MEAM BITCH…

  45. Jnicole28

    #15 some women just naturally dont have curves, so dont hate

  46. Nice comeback Brittney..U r now Ashlee Simpson..fake the old songs that we already heard from U…I thought that a comeback meant at least one new song..U R so done…at least maybe u can learn the HO-DOWN…after u learn how to dress and sing…
    what a f’n joke you’ve become..u r now also k=fed…

  47. She has plenty of curves. Actually she has a healthy body mass.

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