Kate Bosworth and Liv Tyler kiss

June 6th, 2007 // 82 Comments

Kate Bosworth and Liv Tyler bumped into each other while grabbing lunch at Sant Ambroeus in New York yesterday, and apparently Liv Tyler greets people by making out with them. That’s a pretty passionate kiss right there. It actually looks like Bosworth is trying to escape here. If I kissed my friends like that I probably wouldn’t have any more friends. Not because I’d be shunned or anything, but because they’d die once they experienced the ecstasy that is my mouth. That’s right, ladies. *wink*

liv-tyler-kiss-kate-bosworth-01-thumb.jpg liv-tyler-kiss-kate-bosworth-02-thumb.jpg liv-tyler-kiss-kate-bosworth-03-thumb.jpg liv-tyler-kiss-kate-bosworth-04-thumb.jpg

Photo Credit: Flynet

  1. skankalicious


  2. Jimbo

    I don’t know. Liv just looks hungry. She’s a big girl

  3. yukadoozer


  4. teral


  5. yukadoozer

    Liv is a upgrade from that lame ass Orlando. And probably just as furry.

  6. yukadoozer

    Liv is a upgrade from that lame ass Orlando. And probably just as furry.

  7. Hey Kate! 1940 called .. they want their shoes back…

  8. scorpio

    hey, they’re both hot, I wouldn’t mind being greeted with a kiss. Especially by Liv’s full lips…mmm…

  9. Wedgeone

    Bern – need to submit pics to you for DMBS! Put a “contact me” link on your site, will ya’?

    Meanwhile, Kate is glad that Liv didn’t inherit her father’s mouth or else her face would have been swallowed.

  10. LeeLee

    Kates shoes and veiny manhands make me want to hurl.

  11. It was a set-up. In the last picture, Liv’s looking back at her dad, who’s furiously rubbing Old Man Weenis. I think it was some type of Father’s Day present.

  12. adeliza

    How weird…..

  13. adeliza

    Look at how white Liv is in pic 3. I mean no one wants skin cancer, but geeez…GET SOME SUN!!!!

  14. amber

    Her hair looks pretty.

  15. havoc

    Woohoo! Lipstick Lesbians!

    Now if they were playing with knives, that would be even hotter….

  16. Wedgeone

    #11 is also a setup because he’s furiously rubbing his microschweenis with some latex-tipped tweezers just thinking about me.

    Happy Birthday, TROLLBAIT! Beat you to the punch again! HA!

  17. Donkey

    I don’t blame her. I’d kiss Kate too, if I meet her. Of course that’s usually right before I’m hauled into jail… for some reason.

  18. mrs. t

    The worst part about trolls is how they take you out of your game. You get so busy replying to them that you leave all the funny out of your comments :(

  19. Victor

    Right on hard on!!!! Girl on girl action. Best post all day.

  20. btreese

    Maybe it’s the ecstasy…

  21. These would be great pictures if they had somebody remotely good looking and/or talented in them.

    And to pro-actively repond to the she-beast that reads this and shits her pants, the answer is “yes, I am actually good looking AND I have a job and NO, I dont spend all day on celeb sites harshing on people that are more beautiful/talented than me.” Now go back to your ice cream and xanax.

  22. Tom Brady

    Hey! Liv Tyler is talented. Awhile ago it looked like she could have gone for 2 1/2 sacks in an Oakland Raiders game.

  23. CHA

    kinda creepy, but it could definitely be some good ol’ fashioned MDMA. good times, liv, good times.

  24. CHA

    oh, and did you guys know, 7-Eleven gives out free slurpees on July 11th??!!

  25. Wanky

    lets play a game…who will get a sunburn the fastest!!

  26. Josh Lavarn

    Yuck, she has 50% of the AIDS infected DNA of Steven Tyler. Always looked like a tranny.

  27. KIMBER

    The kiss is hot…..kate’s shoes are not!!!!

  28. Liv Tyler usually grabs my crotch when I run into her.

  29. Maybe Liv’s on E or something. “Your lips… they taste like snozberries!”

  30. I just blew a load on my computer screen.

  31. Zoey Lund


  32. Victor Sucks Anus

    @19 – please shut the fuck up

  33. It’s a brittle-off!

  34. ClosetedGayVictor

    32 – please be more understanding. Victor is a closeted gay who will say anything pathetic to hide the fact that he’s gay. A lot of us have been telling him that there is nothing wrong with being gay, but apparently his mommy had brainwashed him that it is bad. From his posts, it’s obvious he has no brain to think on his own.

  35. I’d rather see some skinny indi-film chick breast feed her baby then watch these whores kiss.

    But we all know that will never be filmed.

  36. Chauncey Gardner

    Oh my god, that Downs Syndrome victim and that skeleton are totally making out in public!

    No, seriously, it’s nice to see two actresses who are always the weakest link in a film cast get on so well. But, it would be nicer if one didn’t look like a skeleton and the other didn’t look like a mongoloid. I’m just saying.

  37. lambman

    why is Liv Tyler kissing that fat blond whale? man, that girl is a cow, she could stand to loose a good 40 pounds so we can see some sexy bones

  38. woodhorse

    36 you’re so funny, I like to watch

    your posts.

  39. DahliaRose

    OK, I’ve seen enough. I think we all need to chip-in to get them a room.

  40. hobieluv83

    The girl in the flowery dress she is hugging in the last pic is none other than the beautiful Helena Christensen.

  41. Liv Tyler iz a fuckin
    cow…zhe lookz az fat
    az MommieDearezt Brittney…

    lookz like theze bitchez
    don’t know how to get
    back the shape they had
    before being knocked up…

  42. frenchie

    2 boring for words. Why is this here?

  43. K

    That hug body language in the last pic has “thank god you’re here to rescue me from this freak inhaling my face!!”

  44. star69

    Their hands are all looking old and shite. What’s up with that? Are they that old?
    Maybe a manicure would have been nice. Nasty!

  45. star69

    Plus a tanning salon is in order for both of them. They look all pasty and shite. Gross.

  46. B Locs

    now personally me? i would want to kiss liv tyler. be able to say ‘i kissed steven tyler’s daughter!’ HELL YEA!!! but not if i was that other girl. poor girl. i think liv must be drunk. yes. that’s it. she’s drunk. very drunk. pretend to be bisexual drunk. hahahha

  47. lilli

    oh god, kate’s shoes are hideous.

  48. ickie poo!

    ickie poo!

  49. Doomhammer

    So thats why I havent seen much of Liv Tyler. She’s been living on the other side of the moon. Welcome home Liv….

  50. wqedax

    Liv….so lovely…

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