Kate Beckinsale still doing outside squats

August 17th, 2006 // 48 Comments

Kate Beckinsale was spotted doing some squats outside her gym in Brentwood yesterday morning. At least I think they’re squats. Whatever they are they involve a giant rubber band. And a raging hardon. But that’s on my end. It’s hard for me to see a thick green rubber band like that and not get one. God forbid I walk into an Office Depot unprepared.

And just in case you’ve forgotten here’s Kate Beckinsale and Kate Beckinsale and one more of Kate Beckinsale. Becauese if there’s one thing I know, it’s that Kate Beckinsale’s name is Kate Beckinsale.


  1. jane's eyre

    I think this makes it 3 times that you’ve posted this same “story”, Mr. Superficial.

  2. strzchick04


  3. strzchick04


  4. strzchick04


  5. strzchick04

    Ooops…not first. oH well and yeah this story is getting pretty old

  6. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

    Either this broad worksout in front of the same shop wearing the exact same clothes everyday, or Mr. Fish is desperately trying to stretch the story with stock photos. I guess the latter.

  7. That’s what I was just going to say #6 :p
    Either way, not interesting. Unless her pants spit and her dong pops out. There’s a story.

  8. Darwina

    Er, split, even. And she seriously needs to wash her hair or something.

  9. She is doing the hindu squat. It’s a lot harder than it looks. Try doing 50 and you will feel the burn the next day.

  10. ScriptRadar

    I’d love to squat on her. Or her on me. Either one will do.

  11. indescribable.romance

    If she has a gym right there, why doesn’t she try…going in?

    Oh, well.

  12. Nameless

    Not very neccessary, && to #7, with the rate she keeps using this outfit, I’m pretty sure your ideal story will come true.

  13. alaskanchicsickle

    It must be nice to be so rich you can pay the gym membership and then not bother to actually enter it. You should see how much they spend on their dogs to go get a massage and go to a doggy gym. I would like to get a job as Matthew McCaughnehy’s towel girl……….Matt call me, I need a job with benefits.

  14. Gryffydd

    She needs to quit doing squats wherever that is and start doing them on my face.

  15. Tits_McGhee

    Who cares???


  16. I’m sick of hearing about her and her exercise. Sit on a couch and pop back some cheetos already.


  17. RichPort

    Excellent.. I just managed to successfully Photoshop my naked self underneath her in that last pic. I mean , with that look on her face, how could I not? I also ‘clarified’ the size of my joint, and included the same disclaimer that’s written on side view mirrors. I’m working on #3 now, but it’s not easy to blend that pic with the one of me pissing on a campfire , blasting a revolver in each hand like Yosemite Sam while I howl at the moon. Fucking weed and tequila… and on a work night no less…

  18. Team OJ

    Damn i’d bet there is a sequel to Hollow Man in there somewhere.Or an incredibly boring porno featuring no sex and no cock.

  19. TriStateSucka

    Who the fuck is Kate Beckinsale and why do I know her name. I don’t know her or why she’s famous but I hate her already. Go away. You’re so average it’s disgusting.

  20. AmandatheWonderful

    Who gives a flying fuck? I can go do that all day long in front of my trailer with a Richport, Newport, whatthehellever, under me and get a hell of a lot more satisfaction out of it than I did looking at these pictures. Whatthefuckever, I can’t believe I wasted 30 seconds of my life typing a response to this shit they call a story. Oh hell, there go another 5 seconds. What a vicious fucking cycle!

  21. artmonkey3000

    She must be toning up to make another horrible movie about werewolves fighting rubberfags.

  22. alaskanchicsickle

    @18 I <3 you!

  23. clarknova

    Oh, please, Superficial, not the same story again. I’d better save your freaking site on my computer to read it offline over and over, I won’t miss a damn thing and won’t pay for the freaking DSL.

  24. Sir Psycho Sexy

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that fine ass. I’d hit it, hard.

  25. I think she’s doing this shit on purpose.


  26. ChickenScratch

    What the fuck….

  27. Giggles

    this is boring

  28. Ah, the dreaded Hindu squat. I do that in my Kick Boxing class. I think she does it outside so she can wobble easily to her car afterward… I mean that is what I do after 50 of those babies!


  29. gregsuarez

    Those are the biggest goddamn feet I’ve ever seen on a woman! She might as well play a werewolf-fighting clown in her next movie.

    I have to agree with a previous post: she is doing this on purpose. While most celebrities want to pack all the paparazzi into WWII-style concentration camps and personally turn on the gas, she seems to want to cuddle with them.

  30. SuperShallow

    Mr. SuperFish, I think she’s doing this just for you. You can keep it to yourself now….I don’t give a damn about her flat stomach, skinny thighs and little tight ass….no, I don’t care at all.

  31. jrzmommy

    I just don’t have anything at all to say about this. there’s no potential for wisecracks– she’s not fat, she’s not emaciated (in fact she’s pretty much one of the healthiest mirror-kissers I’ve seen in years); I can’t tell you one movie or tv show she’s been in so I can’t make fun of her work; I don’t know who she’s dating or married to, so I can’t make fun of that; she’s exercising and not chasing the dragon or pounding shots of Absinthe so I can’t make any addiction jokes; no criminal past to guffaw over……AH HA!!!! She’s a boring fucking stick!!!! See, I knew there was something. She’s Miss Goody Fucking Two Shoes, a regular Sandra Fucking Dee.

  32. Anie900

    Well as shes hot i don’t really mind the repetitiveness…egh..cause i’d much rather look at a picture of her every time i come to this site than a picture of pam anderson -ever.

  33. ReelWorld

    She’s hot, yes. But her filmography is crap. Two Underworld movies and she’s married to the guy who directed them. I must admit I am also getting a bad sense of deja vu over this story. How many friggin times do we need an article about her doing the exact same thing, wearin the exact same outfit in front of the exact same gym?? At least if she was topless it’d be an improvement!!

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  35. 86

    She should take this act on the road.

  36. BestNameEver

    I gotta side with Mr. Superfish on this–there IS a story somewhere with all these damn outside squats she’s doing. There has to be a method to this madness. You don’t just do squats outside the gym every day for no damn reason. Perhaps Oliver Stone has promised her a role in his next movie, if only she’ll get caught doing 5,386 squats in less than a year–you know, just to see if she’ll actually do it.

  37. BestNameEver

    I gotta side with Mr. Superfish on this–there IS a story somewhere with all these damn outside squats she’s doing. There has to be a method to this madness. You don’t just do squats outside the gym every day for no damn reason. Perhaps Oliver Stone has promised her a role in his next movie, if only she’ll get caught doing 5,386 squats in less than a year–you know, just to see if she’ll actually do it.

  38. Haroof

    Is there any reason this attention whore can’t do this inside the gym?

    Can’t stand this chick.

  39. She looks like she’s being trained on how to take a shit in the woods.

  40. RichPort

    #23 – Thanks. You’re pretty funny yourself.

  41. Capt.Hero

    #32 jrzmommy:

    Next time you have nothing to say about something, do us all a favor and don’t say anything instead of rambling on aimlessly you stupid cunt. You do realize you’re the most annoying poster out here right?

    Now go fellate your husband like a good little mommy should.

  42. thesarahficial

    That last picture looks like she’s having sex with an invisible man

  43. KelKel

    Last picture she looks like she took an invisible dump is more like it

  44. missaddicted

    Two words Kate – Mystic Tan

  45. jrzmommy

    Wow, Capatin Hero really put me in my place. Told me to go fellate my husband AND he even called me a stupid cunt. Now that’s a real man. A real, irrelevant, random-fuck, bitter, 2″ dick having man. Now, go back to whacking off to pictures of women you’ll never have like a good little sexually dysfunctional freak should.

  46. DudeSlick

    I thought Kate got some huge implants – where the fuck are they?

  47. that’s hot…but, doesn’t she have a house to do those in?

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