Kate Beckinsale kind of working out

November 13th, 2008 // 39 Comments

For no reason except that she’s hot, here are some shots of Kate Beckinsale working out. Or, uh, walking around a Brentwood neighborhood and talking on her cell phone. Which is sort of like working out because, well, you’re moving. Kind of. Plus you get to wear working out clothes. Doctors agree, this level of physical activity ranks right up there with watching TV or going down a slide.


  1. JM

    I’d pee in her butthole.

  2. desi

    lovely lovely woman

  3. Nothing

    Shit, she even looks good doing nothing.

  4. Dane

    Knees too sharp. would not hit.

  5. Portmanteau

    She is probably talking about her vagina again.

    I gotta tell you….movie magic may be like the most wonderful illusion in the world because this is one starlet….who is supposed to be gorgeous or something…that I prolly wouldn’t even turn to check out on the street.

  6. Wow she walks about in cropped leggings and shades, not breaking a sweat as shown by her not even tying her hair back. She is my new heroine. I hope one day to have awesome conditioning to be able to do that too.

  7. friendlyfires

    If you look in the reflection of her sunglasses you’ll notice the paparazza taking her picture is a female with big pink breasts.
    Howcudjamisdat, Soup Or Fish Al Wry Duh?

  8. Clam bake

    She’s a giant douche

  9. Dar

    Excuse me, but technically:

    In L.A. + Not Driving = Workout

  10. morga

    Nice posture, Quasimodo

  11. Dar

    Excuse me, but technically:

    In L.A. + Not Driving = Working Out

  12. evainbaby


  13. lovehelly

    Amazing…I seemed to see she had a personal account on the wealthy dating club~~~~___ WEALTHYkiss.COM___~~~~ for hot guys and girls to hook up with each other. Her blog was updated very often. I joined there too,it seems the girls are not hard to hook up with. LOL

  14. eda

    I love this girl ..European girls like her too..She is the only person i give link to

  15. eda

    I love this girl ..European girls like her too..She is the only person i give link to

  16. So sayteh “JM” at November 13, 2008 2:21 AM

    “I’d pee in her butthole.”

    You’ve uh, not had actual sex with a woman have you? Try again, it involves a penis, and that general vacinity on a female.

  17. fearsarewishes


    The demographics of those commenting on this blog seem to have settled around the eighth grade.

  18. veggi

    You know, I kind of admire President George W. Bush. He’s making such a strong last-minute push to equal his dad’s unemployment rate when he left office in 1992 (7.4%). This morning the government released the unemployment figures and we’re now at 6.5%. At this pace, he just might make it! Come on, everybody together now: seven-point-four! USA! seven-point-four! USA! seven-point-four! USA! seven-point-four!

  19. veggi

    It’s all Clinton’s fault, by the way. When he left office in 2000, the unemployment rate was 4%, all the way down from the 7.4% he inherited from Bush’s dad. What a loser.

  20. Ian

    I’d love to lick the sweat from her ass crack.

  21. yawn

    boring and average. with an over inflated upper lip and fake tits that won’t worth it. they don’t balance out those hips.

  22. She is perfect.

  23. Fernando Narcos

    This is one amazing woman.Too bad about all the idiots commenting on this post.

  24. Deacon Jones

    This is a prime example between what women and men consider sexy.


  25. schmotze

    fix the rss feed images plox.

  26. Balls McCoy

    I’d wring the sweat out of that leotard into a glass and drink it…then I’d puke on her chest, cos we’re silling like that, she’s not just a milf, she’s a milf that’s into the kink.

  27. I think she looks wonderfully natural, and very cute. And btw, when you’re already skinny and in great shape, you don’t HAVE to work out that hard. Shit, she’s doing just fine. So. Who is she??

  28. jojo

    #4 knees too sharp??? LOL Are you an F-ing idiot?….If they put a perfect creature on here one of you idiots would find something wrong with it….like knees? LOL that is so stupid………This girl is beautiful – there is NOTHING wrong with her, and her knees are nice :)

  29. Erica

    If she got rid of the tummy bulge she’d be perfect.

  30. I like short chix,,,theyre perfect to place my beer on their forehead when needed….

  31. JM

    #16 – I’ll make it a little clearer for your fragile little mind… I’d like to assfuck Kate into submission. If you can’t understand that, talk to me again when you get some experience.

    Until then, you are not relevant.

  32. scary

    31 has anger management issues and is clearly angry with women. Serial rapist much?

  33. #28 Sharp knees is an old joke meaning you can’t find anything wrong with a girl. Hence something completely random like sharp knees. It actually means she is flawless.

  34. I have a pair of those Tom Ford sunglasses she’s wearing, and even though I didn’t pay anything like full price for them (thanks, http://www.popularglasses.com!), I’d never wear them running.

    Then again, doesn’t look like she did either.

  35. 1 MILF Hunter

    I’d like to work out at her Y

  36. Hitler

    I hate this slit. Get a
    gander at those stupid
    oversized specs.
    Whotta maroon!!!

  37. Brad

    I will NEVER understand the hype over this chick. She is ugly as sin.
    she has no ASS! and buck teeth.
    Give me Vida Guerra, over Kate Uglysile anyday.

  38. who is supposed to be gorgeous or something

  39. How to get ripped fast

    Well, she’s walking in workout clothes – better than sitting on her butt doing nothing I reckon :)


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