Kate Beckinsale is the bride of Satan

November 1st, 2007 // 93 Comments

Kate Beckinsale and her husband director Len Wiseman, dressed as Satan, took their daughter Lily trick or treating last night. So what exactly is their kid supposed to be? The southern Belle love child of Satan? I don’t get it. What I do get is that Kate Beckinsale should wear tight leather outfit at all times. Somebody needs to make that a law. For the, uh, good of the country. Maybe it’ll boost the economy. I dunno, I’m not a doctor. Just a man with a dream.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. taylor

    Satan’s Handmaiden

  2. Auntie Kryst

    I think she looks smoking. You twats over the pond, you can keep Madonna, we’ll keep Kate.

  3. Merry Thanksgivoween, everybody!!!

  4. Makemepuke

    Kate you can suck on my neck any day of the week you gorgeous vampire chick you..did you see her in Van Helsing, holy shit what a bad girl she is..Kate I luv you …call me……you are the perfect woman….

  5. It is nice to see how “the little kid” inide a person, is coming to life when HALLOWEEN arrives!!

  6. Thank you Sir, may I have another?

    One of my friends is 31 and only 4 ft 11 inches and every Halloween she gets all decked out and goes trick or treating with her kids, not as an adult, but as one of the kids. She puts on her cute little girl voice, and everyone thinks she’s just a busty 15 year old.

  7. funkycrime

    Its a walk off.. the wga is on strike..

  8. ZEN

    Nice to know
    so many Slutty moms spawning TRAIN WRECKS to come
    keeps it up!
    I mean keep it up !

  9. Xan

    #50: That party on Cedar Springs was a Hoot this year!!! Did you go, Tranny? Nothing quite says, “It’s Halloween” like a 6’5 Dorothy complete with full beard and platform ruby boots!

  10. Dick Richards

    I have nothing but praise, and an erection for Kate. She is so irresistable. I read that Kate was anerexic when she was in her late teens. Boy, I would let her throw-up all over me. No problem. How about feeding her a handful of laxatives?! She could release her watery stool all on to my bare genitals. Agh, shit!

    P.S. Kate’s daughter looks just like this junky-girl that I know. It’s uncanny.

  11. Reesa L.

    I’m sure they will get some alternative uses out of those costumes.

  12. selina

    how special she looks, but i do not like tjis picyure, i like her phoro on a celebrities &millionaire site called sugarcupid.com.

  13. Paul M

    She is a goddess!

    She has to be the single most attractive female celeb.

    A dream threesome would be Kate and Megan Fox!!! Sweet dreams

  14. It is good!
    I think he’s just dumb or high enough to have let the truth slip to impress his crush Jimmy Kimmel.

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