Kate Beckinsale is always working out

April 27th, 2006 // 92 Comments




  1. apocalypsist


  2. gogoboots

    this is her one addiction, besides the tight leather get-ups she wears for most movies she’s starring in…show of that flat ass baby!

  3. apocalypsist

    her eyes look like a weasel’s and make me want to punch babies

  4. jenny4a20

    She is in the bushes getting poo off her shoe.

  5. Captain Awesome

    You gotta stay fit in Hollywood. You dont want to turn into a fatty like Scarlett or that whale Charlize.

  6. dirtypiratehooker

    Wow, she works out…what a fatty.

  7. BigJim

    Just lugging these things around all day is a workout all by itself:


  8. BigJim

    I like sweaty chicks, as long as I’m the one who made them sweat.

  9. Erin

    Does she ever keep her mouth closed?

  10. Land-Man

    My Land-Balls are slap, slap, slappin on her chinny-chin-chin. Prepare to fire the Land-Cannon.

  11. apocalypsist

    can you say “adobe photoshop”?

  12. Sienna Miller said in an interview that Kate has it written into her contract that she can’t be filmed bending over because the fake titts ride up and look unatural.

    heh heh, thats a good bitchy starlet, now tell us something about Angelina.

  13. Jacq

    Her boobs are sooo fake and sooo high. I’ve seen the Awful Plastic Surgery site and they’re damn nasty.
    Just checking – are people still doing step aerobics?

  14. Chrystal03

    I used to think she was cute but now, without make up, she looks like a rat. Anyone got any cheese….

  15. TaftHartley

    She also smokes like a chimney….Girl just wants to stay skinny for that no talent husband of hers.

  16. mmmBitch

    Hollywood sucks. No one is normal. I can’ t wait for the backlash against all this ridiculous dieting and exercise craze… like when they all get cancer for having a diet of cigarettes and coffee.

  17. TaiTai

    Why would you have your publicist have you photographed working out? Hmmm, because you aren’t really “working”? Good effort, Kate, keep on workin’ those abs.

  18. TaftHartley

    So?… Nobody “would HIT IT” yet????

  19. playahater101

    Doesn’t she smoke, too? Maybe she’s preparing to possibly be the next Wonder Woman.

  20. smokin

    awww i think she’s purty…

  21. BigJim

    Boo-fucking-hoo. sherry-cumbucket called me a slimy slug for outing some fat fatty as a whack job scientologist on the “Angelina is real purdy” thread.

  22. Angela

    I think she is absolutely beautiful. Her body is definately something to be admired.

    Also I went to that link and her breast just clealry have stretch marks. It is just when the skin stretches when I first started developing my breasts looked exactly like that but then after the skin had some time to catch up they went away. Same thing happens when women get pregnant. It’s possible she got them from surgery but it’s a heck of a lot more likely she got them while she was pregnant as they are extremely common during and soon after pregnancy. Either way they will have gone away a couple months after that picture.

  23. pinky_nip

    Do you ride a short bus?

  24. spatz

    i hate t his bitch.

  25. DirtyVinylPusher

    wow- I thought black was supposed to be slimming- what a fatty. She needs to pick up the pace if she wants to achieve that waif thin coked out sexiness that lindsay oozes… on second thoughts maybe thats not sexiness shes oozing

  26. ifihadahifi

    Is that scoriasis (sp?) on her right elbow? Nothing hotter than that.

  27. BigJim

    scientology sucks tiny Land-wench cock.

    sherry-cunt is a brainless fuckwit whore.

    The lower case use of “s” was intentional in both instances.

  28. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hooray! I’m not banned!
    Kate Beckinsale likes Bush in ’06!!!

  29. LookMaNoHands!!

    I’d hit it!
    Finally, I’m first at something.
    Nobody can take this away from me!!

  30. LookMaNoHands!!

    and #28: what??..banned..bush…WHAT???

  31. shankyouverymuch


    yes I agree, YUCK!!! that’s too bad, she is a pretty hot chick it sucks that someone fucked up that bad on her boobies. stretch marks like that are permanent, I know cuz I

  32. pinky_nip

    Ever have one of those days at work where it feels like everyone that your dealing with is MeganHarris? TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!

  33. BigJim


    Uh, you do realize I’m a guy, right? A hetero guy, who doesn’t really care about the size of your wang, unless you want to tell me about ass-pounding Edna with it.

  34. Fisher55

    26: psoriasis

  35. Lou

    She used to be beautiful before she got all whored up. Check out this picture from 1995.


  36. vsminimoose

    It’s almost as if she wants the world to know she has a problem with exercise bulimia

  37. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    32 – So, you came to work today and everyone was standing around drinking herbal tea and talking about global warming and how much they love the “Breakfast Club” because of its kitch appeal, while Fiona Apple played softly in the background and the air was filled with the stench of clove cigarettes, patchouli, and hemorrhoid ointment? That sucks, dude.

  38. DirtyVinylPusher

    #30 Oh how I’d love to hear those two words start a news headline:
    BUSH BANNED…FROM PLANET EARTH – he is forced to live in Tom Cruise’s emergency space shuttle for when the little green aliens attack…you know – the ones that visit tom in his dreams

  39. Lou

    #38 Apparently trash talking Bush gets your liberal rocks off but give it a rest. This is not a political forum.

  40. becca11

    in the ugliest breasts in hollywood picture, i think that is tape, not stretch marks.

  41. Fisher55

    OMG oshkosh, i’m listening to the new Fiona Apple album! (but i’m fairly sure you stole that line from Cohen on the OC)

  42. tits_on_snack

    Didn’t she weigh 200 lbs at one point?

  43. DirtyVinylPusher

    #39 Oh I’m sorry am I in the wrong forum- I thought this was the one where I could say whatever the fuck I wanted! Oh and by the way I’m Australian – so theres nothing like a little Bush bashing

  44. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    41 – OMG I don’t watch gay shows for faggots! SOM LOLOLOL LMNOP bitch!

  45. Fisher55

    sure you don’t

  46. Lou

    #43 – My bad. Had I known you were just some dumbfuck wannabe American enviously putting down our president I wouldn’t have spoken up.

  47. DirtyVinylPusher

    #46 good point…Bush is definately a president to be envious of… he has a hell of a way with words…

  48. Iambananas

    Maybe she has an eating disorder like Paula Abdul used to have and thinks she has to exercise all the time… or maybe she works out like 3 times a week and they only take pictures of her then, lol. Where’s Edna?

  49. shankyouverymuch



  50. Edna Bambrick

    No thanks, shank. I’m one of a number of Edna’s, all probably fake. Some can’t spell, some are holier than thou and some just have nothing better to do.

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