Kate Beckinsale hits the beach

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  1. oh my god, I just saw the photos of her on her knees, SHE TOTALLY TRIPPED in those idiotic wedges. Has someone else already said this above? (sorry…)

    no. 50 — I think the guy in the photos is her husband :)


  2. mw

    Hey #20/#24 go take your meds. Girls can’t be fags. Anyway, your dad is the only fag around here and I saw him fucking that horse you were talking about earlier.

    As for your spelling lesson, thanks so much. Coming from someone who can’t even spell bitch right, that means a lot.

    Eat me biatcho.

  3. biatcho

    aawwww, little girlie MW…did I touch on something to piss you off? Like the fact that the loser you used to date left you for the captain of the men’s basketball team because your repugnant mangina chased him away to the land of cocks & balls?

    I am not really sure what “horse” you’re referring to but you could be thinking of the basketball game called “Horse” that your exboyfriend played with el capitan. You see whenever he makes a basket he sucks a dick.

  4. luanne

    #20 – You should know better. A 31 year old woman shouldn’t have such a foul mouth, you are extremely vulgar.
    #38 Ever heard of freedom to express yourself? People in the US have poor dress sense. Girls wear wedges on the beach. you guys are like soooo yesterday.
    #46 You make me laugh. How can anyone say her ass is sagging? Are you aware of ‘gravity’? bodys are not designed to last forever. I can see why you chose your screen name. I bet your girls ass looks like the moon.
    All the girls that have slated Kate, seriously need to keep it real. You Americans are all plastic, a real woman has curves and texture – even if you are a size 8 (UK) not like you americans, make you think you’re slimmer than you are? Crazy!
    Girls you’re all jealous of such a beautiful lady. Don’t be haters all your lives. Have a great day!! (in a breathy little girl accent)

  5. biatcho

    Luanne – juding by the sound of your name you must be from the South and therefore are one of those chicks who claim you are a “lady” but take it in the ass by a waiter in the country club bathroom. I, too, do this, but at least i admit it.

    And you speak of the freedom to express ones’ self yet you judge me & my vulgarity… it’s called a sense of humor so grab daddy’s credit card & go buy one.


  6. jrzmommy

    54–Luanne–and you British are all rotted-tooth, hairy-armpitted, tea-sucking royal-ass-kissing fucking cunts. Have a jolly good day, bitch!

  7. biatcho

    Is it British? I guess if I had actually read its whole comment I would have seen that. What’s worse… being from the South or being a slimey limey? I can’t decide, total toss up. Regardless, they should all be shot execution style.

  8. luanne

    Are you are friend of Charles Roberts? Used to live in Nickle Town, Pennsylvania. It’s a coincidence that you suggested that the british should all be ‘shot execution style’ those poor little Amish girls were shot dead in that way on 3rd October (Tuesday). It is not a joke nor is it amusing to even have those thoughts. You sound like a very angry person, maybe you should see someone? Sort out the aggression you have pent up inside you. I feel sorry that you feel so violent and angry. It can’t be pleasant feeling like all the time. You seem to have a very short fuse that could one day get you in trouble.

    E?ek, forgive me for asking but what is a Country Club? I have no idea what a slimey limey is either. I am not from and do not live in Britain. Why do you hate the British so much? I mean they fight your battles for you. Are you not appreciative of that? I assumed the name Luanne from an American singer. I used this name as you wouldn’t know how to pronounce mine. You thought you were clever didn?t you. It’s not attractive to use that language. in relation to your comment of ‘Freedom of speech’ you can swear, of course you can, but there is a time and a place. Others may not want to read your horrid thoughts. This is the reason the website advertises the fact that the comments are monitored, although it would seem that it hasn’t (if at all) been monitor lately.

    Since when did offensive manners and vulgar language become humorous? Perhaps you were raised in a trailer park and are aka trailer trash? I have witnessed your species on Jerry Springer. Baba doesn’t use a credit card, he has everything he needs. I earn my own money. You should think about getting out more. It’s fun having a life.

    P.S. This website is obviously not monitored as I have been harassed by a woman (claims to be) who believes adding an ‘o’ to biatch is exotic! She has made nothing but loathsome, hateful, horrible, intolerable, detestable comments on this site.

    Comments will be moderated and obnoxious or promotional comments may be removed – this is false! Someone please banish this revolting malicious full of hatred woman from submitting comments.

  9. luanne

    E?ek = Esek

  10. JW as 2 U

    Her body is not that great… what happened to spandex? She looked like she sucked the damn life out of that poor bastard; he turned fricken purple. Wish she sucked my life right the frig out!

  11. yeah, it’s actually good to see a non-disgusting star out and about

  12. Geenar

    she has a brilliant figure.
    How can any of you say a women with a bum a toned waist and good sized boobs isn’t gorgeous.
    the camera adds ten pounds
    and I think she’s gorgeous.

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