Kate Beckinsale hits the beach

September 27th, 2006 // 63 Comments













  1. chinadoll724

    um, ok? boring

  2. combustion8

    Looks like those intense workouts have paid off… not.

    I’d still hit it tho.

  3. Boring yes. Nice looking woman though. And the lawn/deck chairs look very comfortable too.


  4. blueballs

    What happened to her ass? God damn movie FX makes her ass to be this nice bubblicious thing and in real life it’s floppy and flat!!!

  5. morokolli

    those photos are not new, she was talking about them on the GLAMOUR issue of december 2004. I think it was her honeymoon or something, and she was asked about wearing cork shoes to the beach…

  6. jrzmommy

    Those must be the most comfortable shoes to go beachcombing [pic 1]!! Usually when I go to the beach I wear my Gene Simmons/KISS boots…..they’re perfect for walking in all that sand.

  7. Who makes out like that on the beach? I mean, really? It looks like they’re gonna shoot a porn. Which is OK, as long as it’s available on the internet for free.

  8. PunjabPete

    Your just trying to make up for the Dustin Diamond thing aren’t you Fish… Well, I partially forgive you. Just partially….

  9. morokolli

    well, she said that the sand was boiling hot, and besides, cork shoes elongate legs. And they are making out wildly ‘coz it’s their bloody honeymoon!

  10. In Rem

    That dude she’s with is PURPLE! It’s like he has color change skin like Zartan or something…

  11. She’s had so much plastic surgery I’m surprized she didn’t
    melt on that hot sand! Have all the surgery you want but
    don’t lie about it when people can access your “before”
    pictures and see for themselves that you look totally
    different! If you want to see what she used to look like,
    find Cold Comfort Farm-she was adorable and natural!

  12. That guy she is with is a fucking sexless pussy. If she was parading around looking like that with me, I’d have her face down in the sand so fast…and probe for corn all day long!

    3 Shaun….

    wow man, you are right, that IS some mighty comfy looking furniture. Thanks for pointing that out in what would have otherwise been a bleak session of masturbation while staring at this chicks fine ass. Good on yer, mate!

  13. BarbadoSlim

    There’s quite a bit of flab and cottage cheese on Mrs. ahem..*cough* *cough*..”Death Dealer.”

  14. mw

    Ok Einsteins, if you look really close at her ass, and past all of the “flab and cottage cheese” you claim to see, then you might notice that someone Bedazzled “Mrs. Weismann” on her bikini bottom. So those are obviously old pics becuase she has been married for a few years now. And is also a workout addict so there is no more cheese thighs.

  15. DiabetesExplosion

    She is pretty … although her husband is hot (although 10 has a point with the purple thing).

  16. Xopher.tm

    Weird. It’s been an awful long time since I’ve seen a woman’s ass without a lame billboard tattooed over it.

  17. LL

    I’m not a member of the Kate Beckinsale fan club or anything, but I don’t see any flab. Whether the pics are two years old or taken yesterday, that ass looks pretty good to me. Beats mine. Beats most people’s, actually. I don’t think people should have words on their ass, but that’s just me. If you want to see a chick looking not so hot in a bikini, see Lohan or Britney. Kate’s got 10 years on both those hos and her ass beats theirs hands down. So I guess what I’m saying is, she has a nice ass and I wish mine looked half that good. She SHOULD have a nice ass, as often as we’ve seen her working out in front of 7-11 or wherever. Apparently, she doesn’t actually go in the gym, she works out on the sidewalk in front of it. Maybe that’s her secret. Look for the DVD “Sidewalk Sweatin’ with Kate Beckinsale.” I’d buy it.

  18. BigJim

    Kate smokes, and is therefore not worthy of masturbation.

  19. biatcho

    Hey #14 you faggot – If you can read the “bedazzle” then you would know his last name is “Wiseman” not the jew-way you claim it to be spelled. Get off your horse & go fuck one.

    Oh & a few others already pointed out earlier that these are her honeymoon pics so, as I said, go fuck horsecock.

  20. I had written a smashingly hilarious post, but when i hit POST YOUR COMMENT the Fish went down faster than Lindsey on a first date.

    Now my kick-ass semi-humour is gone. Lost to the Ether.

    Fucking Lohan.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    I stand by my previous statement, and there’s not a damned thing anyone of you internet nerds can do about it.

    yeah, DO SOMETHING!

  22. # 20 – I like you, kid.

    You have a deep streak of unbridled anger and vicious hostility. Reminds me of myself as a young lad. *sigh*

    # 14 – Look closer, it actually says “I Want Ferret Inside Me.” jeez.

  23. biatcho

    #23: kid? I am a 31 year old woman. Nice try though Jacko!

  24. Brain Embolism

    21 Ferret- “smashingly hilarious post”, what did you do, join forces with Guy-Pierre & Aleksandr Q. Dukakis???

  25. I find the shoes funny, I can’t imagine walking in high platforms on the beach. Shi shi la la.


  26. endometriorama

    what does her ass say?? it’s driving me nuts. “the” woman?

  27. Hey Kate, does your ass hurt?

    No you say.

    Well, do you want it to?

  28. skilzaw

    you assholes have been staring at Nicole Richie pictures too much. Kate is smokin’ hot. that body is tight.

  29. twice. I just wanted to reinforce that


  30. dataBody

    if people are wondering about the platforms,
    pic 1: with the platforms.
    pics 3: without.
    she’s secretly really, really tiny!

  31. dataBody

    if people are wondering about the platforms,
    pic 1: with the platforms.
    pics 3: without.
    she’s secretly really, really tiny!

  32. mulva

    That woman is hot! I’m a straight woman, but if I ever switched teams, she’d be my fantasy.

  33. LoL@ the screen-name Mulva……


  34. 18 BigJim

    Where the fuck you been?! I thought some horrible tragedy involving Big black hats, polar bears, maple syrup and a mutant beaver must have befallin you?

  35. Dory

    What sort of Dickhead wears platform shoes in the sand… whoever it is she must be shooting “Babes on the Beach- The Ultimate Orgy” cause porn stars NEVER take their shoes off.

  36. Cruzadas

    damn, what color is that guy?!

  37. checkyourshorts

    finally. a celebrity i outattract. unless you count nicole richie, micheal jackson, and the hoff.

  38. HollyJ

    I think she looks great–except I have to agree with the masses that the fucking cork heels in the sand are ridiculously stupid.

  39. RichPort

    Mr. Fish finally made me laugh. As did #31 & 32. But that only because I wacked off to the pictures before I read the comments… after three hours of sex, a full day’s work including two in-bathroom-stall tug jobs, and that triathlon. I’d spank that ass like a stepfather who’s stepchild who just dropped his stepgrandmother’s urn full of ashes off of the stepmantle. Shit that’s one too many steps.. fucking weed…

  40. RichPort


    you figure out where it was supposed to go…

  41. Laurie1122

    The top pictures are of a plain white bikini with writing on the ass and the bottom few are of a white bikini with pink trimming and tie. Weird?

  42. Skip Smith

    Who’s the double amputee in pictures 2 and 3?

  43. HELLpenis

    ^^^^ amputee LOL
    Her ass is sagging. Aside from that she’s smoking hot.

  44. faygored


  45. poker_n_d_rear

    all i have to say is i admire this womans commitment to looking sexy, shes wearing what looks to be huge fucking platforms on soft sand, in the meantime im too lazy to get a drink, but because of her dedication i will make sure i rub one out in her honor

  46. I just love that she’s wearing wedge heels to the beach. Where are the follow up pics of her face planting in the sand?


  47. amos1981

    Not like it matters, but if it IS her, then the fella she is with really should take off his wedding ring. Sheeesh. (see the 2nd picture, yep that would be his left hand)

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