Kate Beckinsale has vampire sex

January 30th, 2006 // 25 Comments

The video quality is terrible and you can’t really make anything out, but I figure you’d still be interested in seeing Kate Beckinsale’s sex scene from Underworld: Evolution. Just to be safe I’ll mark this NSFW, though technically there’s no actual dirty parts revealed. And just a little tip for all the foxy ladies out there: there’s nothing sexier on a woman than that arch in the lower back. If you want to drive a man insane with lust, just arch your back as far as you can. And if your spine breaks in half, that just means you’re doing it right.



  1. spamnews

    Looks like she has to arch ’cause she left her ass in her other pants.

  2. Sheva

    Didn’t quite see the ass but in her post workout photo with a cig, she looked pretty healthy.

    And I like the way Kate looks, especially the arch. Oh how I love the arch. Especially when she is motivated to fling my weight up to the sky.

    Then it feels like I’m only touch the earth by the end of my penis.

  3. Binky

    Pretty erotic…if I was like – nine. Too dark, looks like it was lit by her husband…couldn’t even make out the ‘money shot’…dozing off…sorry…

  4. MortyFishbein

    Why do they always manage to sneak sex into any movie they film? Does it advance the story? No. I loved Underworld, it being one of two movies I never saw before buying it. I didn’t watch it and say, “This movie would be better if someone would arch their back and maybe simulate fucking. Dammit.”

    The only time I wanna see sex is in a porno. Because then you see EVERYTHING.

  5. QuiteFrog

    Ok, only in hollywierd can a dirctor get 100 million to make a porn movie starring his wife and it become number one at the box office…LOL
    and were those her pelvic bones sticking out…that’s just gross..what kind of men like having sex with a stick?

  6. MrPloppy

    Tragically I

  7. jujucabana

    really does every sci-fi sex scene have to be posted?

  8. QuiteFrog

    Oh I know damn, can’t you just picture her husband standing behind the camera yelling “Higher, get your ass higher”


  9. HollyJ

    I wonder how it feels to watch your spouse do it with someone hot right in front of you…?

  10. Kelly

    Well it looks more like he is humping her torso. He is not even between her legs, how can this simulate fucking? Must be kinky to be like “honey, do it like we did it lst night but arch nyour back.” Now act like you want him.

  11. WillJay

    Ok, but if she’s a vampire, than her vagina would be all icy cold inside–which is why I don’t understand the appeal of vampire sex and which sort of cancels out the hot ass factor, right?

  12. QuiteFrog

    Hey Hey now it was hot when Buffy had vampire sex with Angel…even if it was hotter with Spike…and I don’t think Spike’s…thing was icy LOL

  13. This woman is ridiculously hot.

  14. Average

    I agree with xAgonyxScenex, Kate is one of those rare female actresses that I would think about going lesbo for.

  15. Average

    ok, I lied, I wouldnt have to think about it…

  16. Saw the movie, loved it. Hated the sex scene. It was pointless. We didn’t get to see that sweet popozao.

  17. Ya..women…when having sex…please do arch your back like that. Because yes it does drive us c-c-c-c-crazy!

  18. Georgia

    Why doesn’t scott speedman have a penis? I know this is an American movie, and Americans cannot deal with genitals! But if you are going to show me a profile of a man who is supposedly having sex, and I can’t see an erect penis…

    I mean I know she is a vampire, maybe he is of a race of men with magical invisible penises.

    SHOW ME THE PENIS!!!!!!!!

  19. escapevelocity

    #10: lolz, thought i was the only one who noticed that. while watching the movie, i thought to myself, “geez, was everyone on/behind this movie blind or was this an attempt to start a new fad on a new sexual position wherein pelvic connection was a non-issue?”

  20. Average

    There is usually a pillow or two between the actors and you can tell when they get carried away with the padding because it ends up looking like this.
    Understandable considering the director.

  21. princess373

    I thought the chemistry was good when they were kissing but when he started hunching her naval they lost me.

  22. nichole

    Nothing like a hot sex scene to start your day off right! Great daaay in the morning! (I for one love sex.)

  23. Pointless sex scenes are the best. We need more of them.

  24. MystressJade

    Saw the movie also, and thought the sex scene was OK, but I admit, I wanted to see more. Maybe Kate would come over and we could revise the scene. Her hubby and mine can watch.

    I’m very generous like that…

  25. A resounding “meh” from my corner. And I thought she was Michael Jackson the first time I saw the promos for this movie.

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