Kate Beckinsale has fat ass days

beckinsale-fat-ass.jpgKate Beckinsale says that there are days she feels so fat that she refuses to leave the house.

“It feels like I have somehow managed to cover up the mis-shapen strange child for an evening and fooled everybody. But I have days when I feel great and then I have days when my ass won’t fit in my jeans and I won’t leave the house. I guess when you become an actress you hope those fat ass days will go away, but of course, they don’t.”

I know there are a bunch of fat women out there thinking, “Wow, Kate Beckinsale is just like one of us!” But then you have to keep in mind that when she says she has trouble fitting into jeans, she’s talking about a size 0 and not XXL sweat pants. Have you seen her recently? Calling Kate Beckinsale fat would be like calling Mary-Kate Olsen the 2006 Pie Eating Champion. It’s just not true.