I’m Told This Is Kate Upton

Now that we’ve tackled such serious topics as the religiously justified cover-up of child molestation and male politicians with strikingly pronounced vulvae, it’s time to get back to Famous People In Swimwear: How Do They Look? So here’s professional model Kate Upton on the set of The Layover where I’m not saying or implying anything more than the person wearing a swimsuit in these photos is professional model Kate Upton. Nor am I contemplating the quality of her appearance in regards to Charlotte McKinney, and how she almost definitely has The Glow now. You’ll never prove it. Unless you find all these sketches I just made, in which case, you got me, and I have the artistic right to make Hilary Duff say “Do me!” in the background of every fight. Art must fly free!

Photos: AKM-GSI