Victoria’s Secret Put Kate Upton In Their New Catalog Without Telling Her

May 29th, 2013 // 36 Comments
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Here’s the back cover from the new Victoria’s Secret catalog that’s been going around making everyone think they signed Kate Upton after absolutely trashing her last year. Turns out they just went ahead and used old photos of her without telling her and thought that would go over well. Page Six reports:

The VS photos of Upton in a black bra surfaced yesterday, and buzz spread that the blond babe could be the next Angel, joining Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. But, “The pictures are from 2011,” sniffed a source. “Kate’s not currently contracted to work with Victoria’s Secret, and they didn’t contact her before they used these images.”

And just to refresh your memory, here’s what Victoria’s Secret model broker Sophia Neophitou said about Kate right before she made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Twice.

“We would never use Kate… She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

In Victoria’s Secret defense, there is a specific look they’re going for, and it’s spectacular asses with tiny breasts. That said, it’s kind of shitty to say Kate Upton’s not their type then turn around and reuse old photos of her to make money. What kind of asshole does that?

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  1. Model releases: how do they work??

    • Usually the company owns the photo, not the model. Some of the supermodels negotiate better contracts so that their photo can be used by a company only for a limited amount of time in a specific context.

      Kate comes from a rich family so maybe she had good lawyers who negotiated that kind of contract for her, but I’m guessing that since Kate wasn’t as popular in ’11 as she is now, VS owns that photo and all international publication rights until the Sun burns into a cinder or Ellen DeGeneres becomes heterosexual, whichever comes first.

  2. Tiggles

    I’ve been using her picture without telling her too.

  3. Ariella

    She really isn’t Victoria’s Secret’s type. They like to have really fit girls, and Kate is skinny, but she’s not fit at all. They do need to get a model with big boobs though. Marissa Miller was my favorite angel.

    • Rico Jones

      So true about her not being fit. She looks good now because she is still young but she basically has the body consistency of veal. If she doesn’t start working out and toning her body she will be one saggy old broad.

    • Mr. Sensitive

      That’s the way VS is now. They used to be about voluptuous models – all lingerie modeling was – and Kate Upton would have fit in just fine. But then somebody realized it’s the girls who buy the stuff, not the guys. So VS went the runway fashion model skinny route, just like everybody does who wants to sell clothes to not-old, not-fat women. Guys would prefer Kate but their response to VS ads is splooge, not money.

      • I’m a woman, a bit older than Kate (I’m 23) and I relate to the way she looks (naturally curvy) than to any of the super-perfect VS models. My friends feel the same way.

        Regardless, I love VS lingerie and especially their swimwear. I buy 2-3 new VS bikinis every summer and already snagged two so far this year for beach season! I don’t really care who they do or don’t get to model their stuff.

    • I agree, she definitely does not fit the MO of VS with the plethora of overly toned models they promote…she’s got like 25-30 pounds on most of the VS angels. but they know Kate Upton sells and it all comes down to money

  4. I don’t give a fuck as long as I see the tits and ass.

  5. Rico Jones

    They don’t need to ask for her permission to use the photos if they own the rights to them. But fuck them for bashing her and then using her image.

  6. So wait, does this mean Leonardo DiCaprio is going to start fucking Kate Upton?

  7. Kate, I feel the same way. I see my picture on the covers of muscle magazines everywhere.

  8. Don’t worry, Kate. Them twig bitches ain’t got shit on you.

  9. “Victoria’s Secret Put Kate Upton In Their New Catalog Without Telling Her”

    This seems like something that falls under “rich white girl problems”

  10. JC

    I like how the VS broker basically paraphrased the comments you always see on here. “Meh, Kate Upton is nothing special. If it weren’t for her pretty face, fantabulous rack, and pleasant demeanor, she’d just be a regular chick that nobody cares about.”

  11. Robb7

    She’s warm and luscious, like a caramel — oh, yeah!!

  12. Hilarious considering the old witch of a casting director at VS claimed they would never hire a girl like Kate because she is “generic and looks like a football players wife” talk about hypocrites. Anyways, she look nice on this page, but they photoshopped away half of her breasts and waist. She is A LOT wider than this.

  13. Boo

    They own the pic so they can do whatever they please with them. She should be happy, more press for her.

  14. Pat C.

    Since they really did use her pictures, evidently the only purpose of that woman’s statement was to insult Kate Upton.

  15. Veronika Larsson

    I hate it when my two year old photo is used on the back over of an internationally famous lingerie/swimwear catalog. HATE HATE HATE IT!

    *dives into her money bin and swims around like Scrooge McDuck in her new VS white bikini*


  16. Kate Upton Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, just read the comment from Sophia for the first time. Doesn’t she know that her models are dating/married to actors, singers and athletic players? To make a comment like that when all your models are doing the exact same thing is absurd. Also, she is insulting a beautiful woman who comes from a very distinguished family. And I feel like it’s a backhanded comment to football players and all of their wives on top of it all-way to go insulting the American public’s favorite past time! What an idiot she is-VS should fire her.

    • My younger brother (he got the looks in the family) is a professional model (has been in A&F, J. Crew, etc) and that heartless, cruel remark by Sophia Neophitou is not only how she acts all the time, but the way almost everybody who casts or makes decisions in the modelling “world” acts.

      In the modelling world, you’re not a person, you’re a product, a thing. Things don’t have feelings. And being a hateful bitch is considered an asset in your work. That’s just the way it is.

      FWIW, Kate Upton is a Size 4. That’s hardly fat when the average American woman is a Size 14 and Marilyn Monroe was (by today’s sizing standards) a Size 4 as well (although Monroe had a 22 inch waist and so was much trimmer in that respect than KU).

  17. She is better than 90% of their models. Miranda Kerr is the only one I ever cared about.

  18. kimmykimkim

    She looks like the kind of girl that would have a chronic yeast infection. Like you could smell that shit through her jeans.

  19. Kate Upton Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    That hair in her face and the fake mole looks fukn stupid

  20. Kate Upton Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I ALSO believe that I can ever have sex with something even close to this, ever. When this woman inevitably begs me to have sex with her, I will inform her that her ass is just not good enough and give her a kleenex to wipe her tears away.

  21. Kate Upton Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    If she could magically eliminate 4-5 inches off her waist, and leave everything else the same, she’d be pretty darn attractive…. as long as she throws the makeup away.

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